5 Webinar Promotion Tips to Engage Your Audience

Dan Cagen
Senior Manager, Content Marketing
November 30, 2023
Dan Cagen
Senior Manager, Content Marketing
November 30, 2023

Building a high-quality webinar requires significant time and energy – you need to choose a meaningful topic for your audience, recruit expert speakers who are eager to dive into the latest trends, design engaging visuals and write a compelling script that incorporates storytelling.

But to see maximum ROI on this investment, you need to build and execute a webinar promotion strategy that consistently drives interest.

There’s no need to be intimidated – our teams at BrightTALK have reviewed countless webinar promotion strategies, and we’ve compiled a handful of best practices that will put you in the best position to boost webinar visibility and engage your potential prospects and customers.

#1: Write a compelling title, abstract and CTA.

You can have the best webinar possible and a compelling email – but you still need to get prospects over the finish line on your landing page. There are three key areas you need to address to avoid this:

  1. Create a title that cuts through the noise. Showcase the value of your webinar clearly, succinctly and dynamically. A “boring” webinar title won’t drive interest – brainstorm creative ideas that will intrigue your audience and tease exactly what they’ll receive in the webinar itself.
  2. Write a resonant abstract. Your audience wants to quickly understand exactly what you’re offering in this webinar – and how it can help them better understand and/or solve their issues. Understanding the market trends and priority needs of your targeted audience is critical to a compelling abstract (a great use of Priority Engine data).
  3. Don’t forget a strong call to action (CTA). Ending your abstract with a weak CTA, such as “Register here,” isn’t enough. Dig a little deeper to get registrants over the finish line and show why registering is valuable.

#2: Start promotion early and often.

Waiting until the week before your webinar to kick off your promotions – which inherently limits outreach opportunities – is the surest way to limit your ability to engage your total addressable market (TAM). 

It’s optimal to begin webinar promotions 4-6 weeks before the webinar air date. This provides adequate time to support a multi-channel campaign involving email marketing, social media and other channels – and enables you to maximize visibility across the BrightTALK network as well as your own network.

In addition to featuring the webinar prominently on your website (like embedding the webinar on the landing page), consider a weekly cadence of outreach that combines dedicated emails with social media promotions to reach folks who have engaged with you previously and those new to your brand, across multiple channels.

For more tips on how to make your promotional emails sing, explore our tips and tricks for writing effective email copy and creating engaging subject lines (such as limiting to 60 characters or less and frontloading the most critical keywords in the subject line to ensure they are highly visible).

Keep in mind, once a user registers for an upcoming webinar, there’s still work to be done to ensure they show up. Be sure to send reminder emails leading up to the live date and follow up with an on-demand promotion if they miss it. Luckily, BrightTALK’s automated emails do the legwork for you – just be sure to keep the feature turned on!

#3: Activate your workforce to amplify promotions.

Your sales teams love to follow up on webinar attendees, but their involvement shouldn’t be exclusively after the webinar. They can also help drive higher registration and attendance rates. 

Once the campaign is live, share the abstract – alongside easily personalized email copy – with your sales reps and customer success managers. They can forward the webinar to their prospects and customers, amplifying your webinar promotion and giving sellers additional opportunities to connect with their networks.

The same can be said of webinar speakers – whether they are internal employees or external experts –  encourage webinar speakers to promote the webinar to their social media networks to raise awareness and draw interest from their followers.

#4: Make the registration process easy.

Your audience’s time is valuable, and no one wants to spend their day filling out a lengthy form or clicking through multiple pages to register for a webinar. Once you’ve hooked them with a great email or abstract, you’ve done the hard work – Don’t lose them at the final step!

Consider strategies to make the registration process itself as easy as possible. That’s why BrightTALK created FastPass, which helps our customers drive more registrations faster, increase audience exposure and boost ROI. 

With FastPass, when a potential registrant enters their email into the form and clicks proceed, FastReg looks up their email across our 30M+ subscribers and leading external databases and uses the data to autocomplete the form nearly instantly. This reduces the time commitment for each registrant while ensuring that you get the data you need to add the prospect into your database.

#5: Promote the webinar as long as it’s relevant.

Some marketers attach a stigma to on-demand webinars, asserting that they are not as relevant or friendly to the audience since they are not live, and attendees can’t interact with the speakers. This is often a short-sighted view that limits the long-term value of your webinars. If the webinar contains relevant information that engages your audience, it’s worth continuing to promote the recording as an on-demand webinar.

Consider whether your webinar has evergreen messaging that will continue to be valuable to your audience for the foreseeable future. For example, if your webinar focuses on survey data that is published on an annual basis, it can make sense to continue promoting that webinar until the next version of the survey is published. Alternatively, if your webinar discusses a recent news story, it will quickly loose relevancy, so can only be promoted for a short time as an on-demand webinar.

On BrightTALK campaigns, our teams build this into our strategy, promoting on-demand webinars as a key part of the webinar promotion lifecycle. 

Building and executing a robust webinar promotion strategy doesn’t have to be intimidating – by following these simple steps for compelling emails, landing pages, promotion amplification, ease of registration and ongoing promotion of on-demand webinars, you’re well on your way to driving more and registrants to your webinars.

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