A Guide to Webinar Lead Generation

Fiona O'Connor
Senior Content Marketing Manager
May 18, 2023
Fiona O'Connor
Senior Content Marketing Manager
May 18, 2023

Webinars are an incredibly powerful tool for lead generation. This video-based format offers excellent scale for demand gen teams looking to engage a specific audience, break down complex topics, and build a sense of community with buyers. A successful webinar program requires advanced planning and coordination across your entire commercial team, from topic conception to lead follow-up and beyond. For best practices on how to execute every stage of a webinar program, we’ve tapped into BrightTALK’s closely integrated marketing, sales and customer success leaders. Let’s take a look at the steps we’ve adopted here at BrightTALK to deliver on our own demand gen goals and drive the maximum revenue potential from video-based engagement.

#1 - Create more pipeline with better content 

A successful webinar is based on more than just an engaging topic – it requires the thoughtful implementation of many different elements, from the title to promotion plan. We’ve established a recipe for creating compelling webinars without overburdening your marketing team. Most critical to developing a high-quality webinar engine is establishing a repeatable content production process to make your webinars appeal to your target audience. 

The recipe for the perfect webinar

  • Plan webinar series to drive maximum results.
  • Develop an attention-grabbing title and abstract. 
  • Choose the best day and time for your audience. 
  • Increase visibility on BrightTALK with relevant content tags.
  • Consistently publish webinars to grow subscribers. 
  • Deliver a unified brand experience and visual identity.

Download BrightTALK’s Pre-Webinar Checklist for best practices you can adopt to create a smooth webinar experience that will improve your program success.

Like any quality piece of content, webinars do take time to create, so you want to ensure you’re getting the most out of them. Here are a few additional tips to help grow registration and extend the impact of your webinar.

  • Leverage several channels to maximize your content programs' reach, including social and email.
  • Begin webinar promotions four to six weeks out from the webinar air date to give you ample time to promote the webinar to your audiences through your own channels and take full advantage of the BrightTALK network. 
  • Repurpose webinar content across multiple formats, like e-books, blogs, infographics and short-form videos, to extend the longevity and impact of your webinar content.

#2 - Operationalize webinar engagement

The hand-off of leads from Marketing to Sales is often where processes can break down. Once you’ve scheduled your webinar and started to generate engagement, you’ll need to score, segment and standardize the lead data before sending it to your sales development reps (SDR) or sales execs. You can then use the relevant demographic information about individuals and accounts to qualify prospects and provide Sales with useful information to personalize their follow-up.

This information can also be blended with other behavioral signals, like purchase intent data. By leveraging your purchase intent data to segment your database, you can continuously drive marketing programs success. Here are some programs you can use to further qualify a prospect before handing them over to SDR: 

  • Use nurture campaigns to further warm leads up until they are qualified and are ready to hand over.
  • Engage leads by inviting them to relevant webinars and virtual events that match their interests.
  • Use display ads or create retargeting campaigns to keep your brand top of mind with leads.
  • Plan and implement ABM expansion strategies.

As soon as the prospects are qualified, you can hand them over to your SDR to identify your activation approach. You may want to filter your prospects directly to sales development if their purchase intent signals are particularly strong. And whenever the handoff takes place, coordinate with your commercial team regarding how to convey the topic or “lead context,” previous engagement and relevant content.  

#3 – Activate sales outreach 

When we think about lead follow-up, we should understand their engagement journey to create messaging that will be relevant and engaging. By looking at what webinars and additional content an individual has engaged with, you can get a better sense of what their business problems are and what solutions they’re interested in. Whether they watched for 30 minutes or five, they have shown interest in the topic. If you want to hold their interest, sellers will need to connect the dots and establish what would make this lead want to receive your pitch. To do this, you need to develop a valuable statement and then craft a call-to-action directly aligned with your company's value proposition that shows how your product or service can make their lives easier.

Digital clues to help build a strong message

Developing a proven messaging structure helps you craft effective outreach quickly before following up with leads or prospects who have engaged with your content. At the very minimum, an SDR should know:

  • What does that account sell, and to whom? 
  • How do they describe themselves and their products?
  • Has the prospect published any content (e.g., LinkedIn posts, blog articles) or spoken on panels, events, or webinars? If so, leverage these clues for better personalization. 
  • What content do they engage with and comment on? 
  • How does the prospect describe themselves on their LinkedIn profile? 

Calling also remains an essential form of outreach, but sellers should plan on an interactive discussion, and use a call structure (which is more fluid) rather than a set script. This allows you to adapt to ever-changing conversations and makes you sound more human than a robot. In this way, you can work with a pattern to prepare you for a truly customized conversation with your prospect. 

To truly maximize revenue from webinars, organizations need end-to-end alignment and collaboration. By involving and enabling all key stakeholders early in your webinar planning process, you’ll set your program up to drive more leads.

For more insights on how to use webinars to effectively drive lead generation, watch The ABCs of Webinar Lead Generation, a session from BrightTALK’s flagship event, Reach: Intent. Content. Demand.

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