Behind the Scenes: Bringing Better Webinar Registration to Life

Paige Bidgood Azevedo
Senior Manager, Product Management & Marketing
May 16, 2023
Paige Bidgood Azevedo
Senior Manager, Product Management & Marketing
May 16, 2023

An interview with the lead Product Development Manager of FastReg

Over the past four months, the BrightTALK team has been focused on how we can help customers be most effective in their content marketing and demand generation efforts, through the registration process.

With the new registration functionality now released, we are thrilled to be able to get a deep dive into the development process, ease of use and the results that customers can expect!

We sat down with David Babakhanyan, the lead Product Development Manager of FastReg, to get a better understanding of BrighTALK’s exciting new product release, that is expected to increase content registration by 300%. Here are some highlights from that conversation.

Where did the idea for FastReg come from? 

Form conversions are an often-overlooked area of the marketing arm, yet it is the most critical aspect of the user journey. Marketers often focus on email opens, clicks and impressions, yet none of those areas have an actual impact on lead generation unless a form has been filled out. And form experience is an area that marketers simply have the least control of – after all, there are certain fields that must be required to become a qualified lead regardless of the effect it has on the bounce rate. So instead, all the focus is shifted on getting the most people to the registration page to subsequently generate the highest number of qualified leads.  

At BrightTALK, we always focus on making the marketer's job as easy as possible and with over 10 years in experience in demand gen and content marketing, we took all our learnings to try to solve this problem for our customers. We want our customers to focus on what they do best – creating amazing, engaging content, and promoting it through their channels, while we focus on the hardest part of the user journey.  

How did you decide which features to include in the product?

As a product manager, you always look at the problem you are trying to solve. And those were easy to pinpoint (but certainly not easy to solve for):  

  1. Conversions: I want the highest possible number of leads generated.
  2. Data quality: I want the cleanest, richest and most up-to-date dataset generated from each lead. 

To solve these problems, we implemented data lookup and cleansing technologies working together in real time as the user fills out the form. This approach can shorten the registration process for the end user to as little as one field (email address). In addition, we have further simplified the registration experience with FastPass which only requires a single click by the user to confirm their registration. FastPass uses the data you already have in your marketing automation system to prefill the required data on behalf of the user, while still benefiting from the data cleansing technologies. This enables a seamless experience for your audience with conversions that are unmatched in the industry.  

Why did you feel it was important to update the registration process now?  

In today's economic climate, everyone is being tasked with doing more with less. Our goal is to help customers generate as much ‌pipeline as possible. We have done it successfully over the years by making it easy for customers to create and host live content, repurpose older content with use of replays, re-engage customer-driven audiences with additional webinars and videos natively through our platform, and even help generate new organic audiences to their content. Registration sits right at the center of it, and by helping customers get more leads through the door, we can effectively help them convert more leads to qualified opportunities and closed business.  

What were the biggest challenges you faced when developing FastReg?

Achieving the right balance between data collection and form conversion is the ultimate task. Implementing ‌data lookups and cleansing behind the scenes that works seamlessly as the user fills out the form has been a fun task. Collecting, cleansing and normalizing over 15 pieces of data in an efficient and performant manner with just a singular input by the user in the form of their business email address was not a simple task. But the payoff was well worth it. BrightTALK-generated data is the richest and cleanest in the market.  

What do you think customers will make of the new release? 

I am eager and excited to have our customers start leveraging the new FastReg process. I think they will be delighted to a point of shock on how much more effective their email marketing campaigns will be and how much more successful their webinar programs will become.  

What problem does FastReg solve? 

The fundamental problem of any “gated” campaign is: "I have so many people interested and yet I only have so few of them actually register." In any app or platform, user experience always aims to help the user do the least amount of work to successfully accomplish a task. With FastReg, we want the user to have the simplest and quickest path to registering for content, without jeopardizing the data quality. An individual's willingness to fill out a long and mundane form has absolutely no bearing on their engagement or probability of a follow-up call. Directors of IT, CMOs, HR Managers or other B2B professionals have only so much time on their hands and making their experience to register as simple as possible is the difference between capturing their engagement or losing them as soon as they land on the page.  

With FastReg, we are simplifying the registration experience to as little as a single click, helping professionals engage with relevant content easier and helping customers generate the highest number of qualified leads. This has always been BrightTALK's mission statement, and improvements to the registration process further solidify it.  

How does FastReg compare to average industry reg forms? 

The average industry reg form conversion is, frankly, abysmal compared to BrightTALK. Not only that, but the data collected from these forms is also extremely lacking in comparison. With the new FastReg process, we are seeing conversions that are up 7x higher than the industry average. In addition, the amount data collected is 2x higher than a typical form (which generally has between five or seven fields).

How easy is it for a customer to implement FastReg? 

FastReg comes with the BrightTALK Channel so it is available right away. One quick toggle to enable FastPass and customers can benefit from the “single click to register” experience for their audiences when promoting via their marketing automation system.

What improvements will customers see using FastReg (short term and long term)? 

Short term, I expect customers to see a significant uptick in their webinar registration and viewing. Long term, I see our customers generating a larger pipeline and more closed deals. Webinars are a critical part of the demand generation machine and getting more qualified leads through the door will help nurture prospects and move them down the funnel. 

FastReg provides viewers with a better registration experience, while increasing promotional email conversion rates and therefore registration. The project and product development was a key milestone of the BrightTALK roadmap, intended to provide clients with the tools to more easily hit their marketing goals. This new technology sets BrightTALK apart from industry averages for registration and sets a new standard for webinar marketing success.

Click here for more information on BrightTALK’s FastReg.

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