Introducing BrightTALK Insights

Trent Warrick
Senior Digital Marketing Manager
September 25, 2019
Trent Warrick
Senior Digital Marketing Manager
September 25, 2019

BrightTALK is pleased to announce the launch of a new audience insights feature for all clients. Insights provides you with a view into the vast amount of activity happening on BrightTALK every day. For the first time ever we are giving you a real-time window into the topics being discussed on BrightTALK with a view of the companies and professionals exhibiting the most buying behavior.

This tool allows you to benchmark your performance for a certain topic amongst the other content creators on BrightTALK. Researching your audience on BrightTALK is as easy as entering the key topics related to your business, content, and prospect buying behavior.

Applications of Insights

Insights is designed to augment the efforts of our clients in acquiring and inspiring their ideal audience. Insights helps inform how to leverage our content and audience products for maximum effect.

Intent Lead topic selection and ongoing program optimization

BrightTALK’s Intent Lead clients now have the ability to leverage Insights in order to select and refine their best buying signals.

  • Fine-tune topics in your Intent Lead program program
  • Explore what companies are interested in what topics
  • Assess the depth of engagement for a particular term

Benchmarking for client performance based on topics

Insights includes a content creators grid to provides clients visibility into whom is creating content on their topics and the response they are seeing.

  • Channels producing content with your selected topics
  • Viewings with a particular topic
  • Drill down into a particular geography or company size

Discover which topics resonate with your audience

Use insights to identify:

  • Your ideal audiences (geography, seniority, company size)
  • Company profiles displaying high buying intent
  • Individuals in a buying cycle aligned with your topics

Find new partners and unknown competitors

Leverage content creator Insights to:

  • Uncover partner webinar opportunities
  • See what other content is being created for your topics
  • Identify and benchmark against competitors

Are you a BrightTALK customer?

Log in to BrightTALK Demand Central and access Insights now.

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