Keeping Up with Evolving B2B Demand Gen Thinking and Practice

Fiona O'Connor
Senior Content Marketing Manager
May 6, 2022
Fiona O'Connor
Senior Content Marketing Manager
May 6, 2022

The thinking around B2B demand gen strategy is rapidly evolving. Until recently, demand gen organizations were laser-focused on lead volumes – how to identify, convert and qualify them. The thinking is changing. That focus has expanded to consider buying groups, personalized buying experiences and more. If you want the highest-performing demand gen programs from now into the future, you need to stay up to date on the latest thinking and assess potential gaps in your strategy and capability end-to-end.

To illuminate the latest in the field for all practitioners, BrightTALK is hosting a virtual summit, Driving Demand: Build Authentic Connections with Buyers, on May 12. During this one-day virtual event, industry thought leaders will share insights on how they more effectively target, engage and convert the buyers out there into pipeline for their own or their clients’ companies. Below, you’ll find a preview of each summit session, to help you and your team identify which ones might be the most useful.

Like Tetris™ for B2B, How to Win in the Building Demand Game

The fundamental building blocks behind a great demand generation strategy require a complex interweaving of great planning, continuous forward thinking and quick adaptation. Learn how to build a flexible game plan for B2B ROI success as Artur Trapizonyan, (Dell Technologies), Claudia Freudenberg (Neptune Software), and TechTarget’s Byrony Seifert and Juozas Statnickas share their top tips to incorporate into your own demand capture model.

Engaging With Increasingly Larger and Fragmented Buying Centers

In a crowded B2B tech market, buyers are facing an incredible challenge to identify, assess and purchase the solution that will best meet the needs of their company. And they have more stakeholders than ever involved in the decision-making process. Buyers need help. Hear from Winfried Schultz (Teradata) as he discusses how teams can use and evolve their content to better meet the shifting needs of buying centers throughout the buying journey.

Data-Driven Marketing with a Human Touch

Today, B2B marketers have access to incredible amounts of data and automation to simplify and scale like never before. But with this these new insights and capabilities, marketing teams need to be careful not to leave the human element of buying behind. Join BrightTALK’s Olivia Dassler and Alex Stern as they explore how can teams can weave the human touch end-to-end through buyers’ journeys, even when scaling and automating the process.

CDPs Power the Journey That Drives Demand

With most B2B buyers’ journeys online, personalized content plays a critical role in guiding the buyer through the buying experience. To create that content, teams need access to high quality data and the ability to draw useful buyer insights from it. To help, Marianne S. Hewitt (The Growth Strategy Group) will share how you can create and maintain a unified profile of your customers with a Customer Data Platform (CDP).

Why Return: The Surprising New Science of Win-Back Conversations

There are many reasons a loyal customer may decide to leave, such as service failure, supply chain challenges, or better price at a competitor, just to name just a few. But that doesn’t mean it’s the end of your relationship. Using insights from a new behavioral study, Doug Hutton (B2B DecisionLabs) will explore if it’s possible to win back former customers and what the most effective approaches are to re-engage lost customers.

Creating Moments that Matter: 3 Strategies You Can Adopt to Build Amazing CX

Customer experience (CX) has become a critical differentiator between competitors, but a lot of companies are still not getting it right. Accenture estimates 48% of consumers have left a company’s website and made a purchase elsewhere due to a poor experience. So, what gives? In this session Karen Naves (Tealium) will explore how teams can develop a successful CX strategy and the role data plays in it.

Why Connection Is the New Currency: Meet Customers When It Matters

In our always-on digital world, the refrain: “serve up the right message at the right time to the right person” is always at the forefront. But how do you achieve this? Erin Fitzgerald (CloudKettle) will discuss why a single point of contact is not enough to cultivate buyer relationships and how approaches that generate awareness, grow recognition and build trust over time are more effective. You’ll learn how clean data, meaningful content and customer authenticity come together to drive a successful demand generation strategy.

Beyond the Buy: Using ABM to Keep and Grow Accounts

Account-based marketing (ABM) has become an incredibly popular strategy across the B2B landscape because of its potential to grow revenue within a selection of high-value accounts (target accounts) – including customer accounts. In this webinar, hear from Hannah Shain (Smartbug) and Jill Brock, (RollWorks) as they share four tactics to deepen and grow your relationship with customer accounts.

Maximizing Marketing Impact: Great Content Combined with Great Distribution

To break through in today’s hyper-competitive markets – to turn active demand in the market into demand for your solution – you need content that both differentiates you from others and positions you to win with your most critical targets. To help maximize your team’s performance, Rebecca Kitchens (TechTarget) highlights key leverage areas to focus on in both your content development and your distribution approach that can ensure more buyers will buy from you.

Catch our upcoming Driving Demand: Build Authentic Connections with Buyers virtual summit on May 12th, a BrightTALK and TechTarget experience you won’t want to miss. Register here!

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