The Monthly Rewind: February 2023

Fiona O'Connor
Senior Content Marketing Manager
March 13, 2023
Fiona O'Connor
Senior Content Marketing Manager
March 13, 2023

A monthly recap for B2B marketers and sellers for what to watch, read and know

Curiosity can be a powerful tool for B2B marketers and sellers. For example, constantly asking about your buyers and their needs will help you to create more impactful outreach that resonates with your buyers. In this month’s Rewind we tapped into our curiosity and pulled together a collection of resources that can help you understand your buyer better, improve your content and much more.

What to watch

A Roadmap to Authentic B2B Webinar Content

With the rise in popularity of webinars, there's even greater competition to capture your audience's attention. Watch this webinar to learn the role successful webinars play in creating authentic, valuable connections with your audience. Webinar experts share a roadmap to creating authentic B2B webinar content that embraces your brand voice to more successfully engage your ideal buyer.

Tech Investors and Operators Series 

Investors in general, and venture capitalists in particular, have long played a highly visible role in supporting the remarkable history of innovation that characterizes the enterprise technology industry. While many of us have had indirect experience with VCs, few have had direct exposure to these experts. Follow this series to gain more exposure to what world-class venture capital firms are currently seeing, doing and recommending to everyone in the enterprise tech ecosystem.

Intent: Competing with Better Data

To be in the best competitive position possible, B2B organizations need access to the best possible data on their markets and accounts. Now available on-demand, explore 9 sessions from our virtual event where 20+ B2B experts share insights to help you chart, evolve and accelerate your efforts to drive greater impact and value for your company.

What to read

Rev Up Your Webinar Lead Engine

In today’s digital environment, webinars can be an incredibly powerful tool for lead generation. But to get the most out of a webinar program, particularly when it comes to lead generation, teams need clear processes across their GTM organizations to successfully move webinar leads through the funnel. This e-book discusses three critical areas of webinar lead generation and how teams can optimize performance to successfully contribute to and grow pipeline.

Understanding IT Buyers' Behaviors: Insights to Improve Sales and Marketing Performance

The sales and marketing landscape for IT solutions is changing rapidly. Unfortunately, many GTM teams still use outdated assumptions about IT buyers that no longer reflect today’s buying team dynamics. Read this e-book to take a closer look at results from a recent study around IT buyer behaviors in EMEA and hear perspectives from real IT buyers and marketers.

3 best practices for B2B ABM marketers

"Knowing who among your prospects is showing intent for the related products will help you prioritize the prospects your business should target." In this blog from MarTech, you’ll hear best practices for ABM marketers to leverage intent data to engage top B2B accounts and prospects.

What to know

Using Data to Create Effective B2B Content

Today’s buyers are looking for factual information supported by empirical data to guide their purchase decisions. Organizations that can provide will have a competitive advantage. In this infographic, you’ll learn why including data in your content makes it more effective at engaging buyers, what types of data to include in your content, and how to develop data-centric content themes.

The 10 Biggest Intent Data Mistakes For B2B Marketing And Sales

Read this blog from Forrester Principal Analyst, Brett Kahnke, as he summarizes insights from their research on B2B intent data for Marketing and Sales.

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