The Monthly Rewind: Future-Proof Your 2024 Planning

Fiona O'Connor
Senior Content Marketing Manager
November 14, 2023
Fiona O'Connor
Senior Content Marketing Manager
November 14, 2023

A monthly recap for B2B marketers and sellers for what to watch, read and know

No matter your role in your business, you’re likely working through 2024 planning. In this month’s Rewind, we’ve pulled together a collection of resources to help you think more deeply about the new and old tactics to bring into the next year. From evolving your lead gen strategy to adapting to an AI-driven future, explore the resources below to apply more holistic thinking and approaches to your GTM teams.

What to watch

Content, Context and the AI-Driven Future

Generative AI has marketers and buyers rethinking what the future of content and buyer engagement will look like. It undoubtedly will be even harder to break through to in-market buyers. In this webinar, we explore where we’re at as an industry and as GTM professionals, what’s coming next and how we can prepare.

What’s After Omnichannel? How to Think Holistically About Performance

As B2B marketers, succeeding at omnichannel marketing could seem like the key to reaching your strategic goals. And yet, no business can succeed on great marketing alone. Hear from GTM Partners CEO, Sangram Vajre, and TechTarget CMO, John Steinert, as they share the holistic GTM approaches they are actively championing.

17x the Competition: Utimaco’s Guide to Exponential Webinar Growth

It is a tough time to be a marketer in the tech space, yet Utimaco, a global leader in providing trusted cybersecurity and compliance solutions and services, has cracked the code, using the power of video to captivate their audience. Watch this webinar to hear how the Utimaco team grew their webinar audience 800% year-on-year.

What to read

A Better Toolkit for Finding and Converting More Real Leads

Over the last two decades, lead generation has become a foundational element within many B2B go-to-markets. Yet, it’s known to have fundamental flaws. Now, in combination with a better understanding of lead type differences, the intent data revolution is injecting massive change into the situation. Download this e-book, to discover three key areas for driving better yields from your lead generation approach. 

Steal from B2C for a More Exciting Video Strategy

If you consume any content across social media, you’ve likely lost many minutes (or hours) watching short-form, highly engaging videos. And while employing the same B2C tactics doesn’t quite make sense for B2B tech companies, there’s much that can be borrowed and adapted for B2B objectives. Read this blog to learn five tactics you can “borrow” from B2C video to spice up your own strategy.

What to know

Using Data to Get B2B Sellers Back on Track

Many sellers have struggled to pivot their tactics to address changes in how buyers are doing business – and there’s more organizations can do to support their sellers to get them back on track. It all starts with better data and insights! Check out this infographic, for recent survey results that shed light on where sellers are struggling most and how data can help them overcome these challenges.

Beyond the GenAI Hype

Generative AI (GenAI), has the potential to revolutionize the way organizations interact with customers, create content and automate tasks. To better understand the current state of GenAI in enterprise organizations, download this report, featuring insights from 600+ IT and business decision makers involved in generative AI initiatives at their organizations.

Featured Webinar

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