The Monthly Rewind: September 2022

Fiona O'Connor
Senior Content Marketing Manager
October 14, 2022
Fiona O'Connor
Senior Content Marketing Manager
October 14, 2022

A monthly recap for B2B marketers and sellers for what to watch, read and know

As the seasons change and we begin to look to the end of the year, we’re considering how we can become better managers of change. This month’s Rewind content explores the many changes going on in our ecosystem and shares advice on how to adapt to these changes, and even promote change for performance improvement.

What to watch

Intent Monitoring for Strategic Purposes

Early approaches to intent data centered around better targeting by enabling more efficient ad targeting and improved marketing and sales activities. But there’s a new way of thinking, where intent is used to derive strategic buyer insights to inform and optimize your GTM strategies. Watch this webinar to hear how this new intent data approach can help you improve ROI.

The Neuroscience of Memorable Content

Research shows that people forget 90% of your content after 48-hours. But you can do something about that. In this webinar, cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Carmen Simon shares the latest research into what we remember and why we forget. She explains how stronger focus and recall can be generated via messaging tactics and presentation design. Whether you’re a seller honing your pitches or a marketer creating assets, this session will give you immediate ways to improve your outcomes.

The MQL is Dead: Why and How to Focus on Buying Groups

As buyers have evolved, approaches like marketing qualified leads (MQLs) haven’t adapted to match the needs of the current B2B landscape. The result? Marketing and sales teams are leaving money on the table. Hear Terry Flaherty (Forrester) discuss where MQLs fail, how they can limit your teams’ revenue potential and what changes in thinking need to be made.

Partner Sales & Marketing: Driving Success at the Regional and Global Level

Successful partner programs require the strong support of their marketing and sales organizations. And whether delivering in a specific geo or executing globally, success depends on attention to specific nuances. In this panel discussion, you’ll hear how partner executives are gathering that support and using it to create impact at the regional and global level.

What to read

Adapting at the Speed of Change

Today’s B2B enterprise tech buyers and buying groups look and act dramatically different than they did a few years ago. And there’s great opportunity for companies who can successfully capitalize on the changing market. This eBook explores the biggest changes in the IT buying and selling landscape and how you can adapt your marketing and sales to better address these changes.

Warm Up Your Winners: Stoking Nurtures with Intent

High-quality intent data is revolutionizing lead creation because you can see the people most likely to be entering a buyer’s journey. And once you’ve found these in-market buyers, you want to keep them “warm” by building up the consideration that makes them open to your sales follow-up. This infographic examines how you can use purchase intent data to develop a more effective email nurturing strategy that better engages prospects.

What to know

The Secrets To Becoming An Effective Change Catalyst

“One of the truisms we wanted to dismantle … was that in order to drive change, you have to have the power and the authority; you have to control the teams, the budget,” Karagianni says. “To a degree, that’s true. But irrespective of authority and seniority … you can instigate change in the organization.” In this podcast episode, Forrester’s Meta Karagianni and Peter Ostrow discuss how B2B professionals can successfully initiate change.

Featured Webinar

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