We are building the largest global platform for B2B webinars and virtual events

Talk with experts

We believe that this experience is enhanced through a dialog between speakers and the audience.

Learn from the best

At BrightTALK, we believe people learn the most when they hear directly from those who know the subject best.

Use a platform designed for you

Our online event tools offer a dynamic and seamless experience that makes it easy for you and your audience to use.

It is the interactions we witness and the advancement of knowledge in our online communities that excites us the most.
Paul Heald, CEO, BrightTALK


BrightTALK brings professionals and businesses together to learn and grow


As we build a business we are proud of, we live by five values that shape our decisions and guide our actions:

We continuously test, learn, teach and improve. We empower each other with our ideas and experience. We work hard and support each other to be our best selves, to make an impact and to grow. We are intellectually curious and listen to each other in a blame-free, ego-free environment where it is OK to be wrong. We challenge ourselves constantly.
We are innovators, we think creatively, we think big and we build. We pursue our dreams with urgency, confidence and tenacity. We are passionate about our work and delivering value for our customers and users. We inspire each other and take calculated risks. We push the boundaries and we believe in a brighter future.
We hold ourselves and each other accountable and look for opportunities to succeed every day. We lead by example and bring a can-do attitude. We own our successes and our failures. We are generous with each other, ask for help and do our best work. When we think it can be done better, we take responsibility and do it!
We say what we mean and give each other the facts; good or bad. We are inclusive and approachable. We ask questions with open minds. We communicate meaningfully and candidly with our customers and users. We give and welcome feedback. We are genuine, loyal and true to who we are.
We work as a team, we are dependable and can be trusted by our teammates. We celebrate diversity and differences and show respect. We recognize the hard work of others and we empower each other to succeed. We are a family with a shared sense of purpose and recognize that we are better together.


Our leadership brings years of experience from entrepreneurs and industry experts

Paul Heald
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
Paul created BrightTALK in 2002 to help professionals advance their careers and learn from the expertise of global thought leaders. BrightTALK’s rapidly growing professional communities now stimulate a vibrant knowledge exchange between experts, companies and business decision makers.

As CEO, Paul has led BrightTALK to its current position as the leading video destination for business professionals. Before founding BrightTALK, he was the European managing director of Scient. Prior to Scient he ran Arthur D. Little’s e-business consulting group. Paul is an MBA graduate of Cranfield School of Management (U.K.).
Dorian Logan
Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder
Dorian has been involved in the development of enterprise scale applications for over 25 years. Dorian’s roles have crossed all aspects of technology from hardware and network support, to architecting and building enterprise systems and deploying internal communication systems.

Since 1996 Dorian has focused on new media and Internet technologies working for IBM and leading eBusiness consultancies to build some of the world’s most advanced communication platforms.
Ryan Ashburn
President & CRO
Ryan has 20+ years in sales and sales leadership with an unprecedented record of developing high performing teams and driving business growth while helping customers achieve their desired business objectives.

Ryan has rich sales and marketing expertise with his experiences from ADP, Eloqua and Oracle.
Paul Holden
Vice President of Operations and Security
Paul joined BrightTALK in 2005, establishing our live broadcast team and production formats. Using this experience and a desire to automate where possible he has influenced the evolution of the BrightTALK SaaS platform. He now provides leadership of our Technical Operations and Information Security teams.

Prior to BrightTALK, Paul project managed complex large display, camera and IT systems at global product launches, conferences and concerts.
Simon Lees
Chief Business Officer
Simon has over 20 years experience building content led, audience focussed b2b media businesses in two of the worlds leading professional and specialist information organisations, Reed Elsevier and Haymarket Media Group.

With technology platforms increasingly driving user content creation and distribution, and having worked in commercial and leadership roles on media brands across multiple market verticals and geographies, Simon joined BrightTALK in 2014.
Katherine Nachtwey
Executive Vice President of Customer Success
Katie leads a global team devoted to customer advocacy, partnering with leaders across our business to ensure that customers are at the center of every business decision.

An 11-year veteran of BrightTALK, Katie is one of the founders of our US business and has held a variety of roles since joining the company in 2007 including partnership development, account management, and sales. Her 20+ years of experience in leadership and customer-facing roles have helped her create a team focused on maximizing customer satisfaction and retention.
David Pitta
Chief Marketing Officer
David has 15+ years experience growing businesses with innovative go-to-market strategies and has spent the last decade in the video/web collaboration technology market.

He’s built teams of sales and marketing professionals that fuel predictable pipeline development and customer acquisition. David joined BrightTALK in 2008, after roles with ADP and WebEx, and continues to innovate our brand and growth strategies.
Vasu Ramachandra
Executive Vice President of Engineering
Vasu started as a software engineer with Infosys nearly two decades ago. He has been involved in the development of enterprise-grade distributed web applications for over 15 years. He has vast experience covering various aspects of the technology fabric – hardware, networking, architecting and building and deploying cloud-based applications.

His engineering expertise, building and fostering teams, have helped him create an amazing team of result-oriented developers at BrightTALK.
Peter Rance
Chief Product Officer
Peter joined BrightTALK in 2004. Throughout his time with the company Peter has lead the product development efforts to design and build a platform that helps professionals advance their careers and learn from the expertise of global thought leaders.

Peter is an engineering graduate from Nottingham University and completed his post graduate at Cambridge University. Before joining BrightTALK he held positions in Accenture and the London Stock Exchange.
Jenny Swisher
Executive Vice President of People Operations
Jenny has over 10 years experience in human resources, leading people teams in the enterprise and venture space prior to joining the BrightTALK team. She has a passion for building highly engaged, strong performing teams by driving company culture rooted in its values. She’s a true champion of people, building long-lasting relationships with a relentless commitment to staying current in the ever-changing people landscape to lead transformative strategy and corporate change.

Jenny’s unique background has given her the ability to make a sustainable impact, fast – she joined BrightTALK in 2015.