BMO Global Asset Management

BMO Global Asset Management leverages BrightTALK for content marketing and to build stronger alignment between their marketing and sales efforts.

"BrightTALK is a crucial platform to get our content out there and gain more audience."

Saule Andriuskeviciute
Channel Marketing Manager
BMO Global Asset Management

About the company

BMO Global Asset Management is a global investment manager, offering an array of client-focused solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of institutional investors, advisors and their clients. Including discretionary and nondiscretionary assets, BMO Global Asset Management had US$260 billion in assets under management as of December 31, 2017.


Balancing the art and science of modern marketing can be complicated.

BMO Global Asset Management wanted to revamp their marketing strategy while clearly demonstrating ROI and how marketing contributes to the bottom line.


To address this challenge, BMO Global Asset Management needed a tool that would connect the dots between their content marketing efforts and its impact on revenue.

Saule Andriuskeviciute, the Channel Marketing Manager at BMO Global Asset Management noticed the vast adoption of BrightTALK by other financial services marketers throughout Europe.

“Most of the biggest asset management companies were already on BrightTALK, so we’d be missing out if we weren’t.”

A powerhouse combination of demand generation and video services made Andriuskeviciute confident in his decision to work with BrightTALK.

Combining BrightTALK’s demand generation platform with its Creative and Video Production services, BMO Global Asset Management has seen impressive results and established themselves as thought leaders in their space, drawing more than 1,300 investment professionals to their channel in just one quarter.


Demonstrating ROI had been a pain point for BMO Global Asset Management with past marketing tools. However, after adopting BrightTALK, they were able to easily reach new and relevant target audiences through content marketing, while also gaining valuable insights into viewer engagement and behavior. 

Tapping into BrightTALK’s community of over 550,000 Financial Services professionals has been an important differentiator for BMO Global Asset Management. The team leverages webinars and videos to acquire and inspire their ideal target audience.

“We found that BrightTALK is a crucial platform to get our content out there and gain more audience.”

In addition to reliable content publishing, BrightTALK has also helped BMO Global Asset Management align their marketing and and sales team. By leveraging BrightTALK's demand generation capabilities, sales reps gained access to highly engaged, quality leads.

“It’s a huge step forward,”

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