How F5 Leveraged BrightTALK Series to Enhance Engagement and Lead Generation in EMEA

"BrightTALK has been instrumental in elevating our campaign strategies and yielding impactful outcomes in lead generation and audience engagement."

Rahwa Desta
Digital Marketing Specialist

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An interview with Rahwa Desta, Digital MarketingSpecialist at F5

F5 is a multi-cloud application services and security company committed to bringing a better digital world to life. F5 enables organizations to provide exceptional, secure digital experiences for their customers and continuously stay ahead of threats.

As a Digital Marketing Specialist at F5, Rahwa is responsible for driving and monitoring growth for paid media channels, including webinar content promotion in Europe,
Middle East and Africa.

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Leveraging BrightTALK for Enhanced Engagement and Lead Generation

What prompted your decision to work with BrightTALK?

From the start, our objective was to expand our reach, cultivate a community of engaged professionals, and fortify connections with our customers and prospects. While we already had an active network, we needed to find a solution to help us achieve these additional goals. We aimed to leverage the BrightTALK platform to amplify our reach, particularly targeting new audiences. Additionally, we were looking at creative ways to enhance engagement with our webinar content, reaching new personas and larger buying groups. The BrightTALK channel offered us a consistent platform to publish our content and extend our webinars to a broader audience, ultimately converting those viewers into leads into our database.

What prompted your decision to adopt the Series functionality?

Even before the Series functionality was available, we were already creating episodic content and promoting it within our channel, which proved successful for us. When the Series functionality launched, it seemed like a natural progression for us since we were already promoting episodes within our channel.

The Series feature provided a dedicated page where we could publish our serialized content, aligning seamlessly with our content strategy. Since its launch, we have seen great success utilizing the functionality and continue to create content specifically for Series.

How have you integrated Series into your content and Lead Generation Strategy?

Our content strategy focuses on technical content, with the aim of educating audiences about our Application Security and Delivery solutions. The Series feature allows us to showcase different topics and themes over multiple sessions, enabling us to address specific technical business challenges and provide valuable insights to our audience. This approach ensures consistency and alignment with our go-to-market strategy across various media channels and enables us to easily reengage with the audience.

How do you optimize and promote your Series?

We consistently monitor content performance, making necessary adjustments to optimize engagement and attract our target audience. We also schedule content at optimal times to maximize viewership and leverage trending topics to boost audience numbers. To extend our reach, we promote our Series content through paid Content Lead campaigns on BrightTALK, leveraging targeted promotions to drive audience engagement. This allows us to gain net new leads and foster content reengagement, moving prospects down the marketing funnel faster.

What does your follow-up process with BrightTALK Leads look like?

We equip our BDRs with relevant resources linked to the topics/themes covered from the activity and brief them before each webinar to facilitate meaningful conversations with leads. This approach helps them understand the audience journey and more effectively connect with prospects.

What impact have you seen by using BrightTALK?

Overall, BrightTALK has been instrumental in elevating our campaign strategies and yielding impactful outcomes in lead generation and audience engagement. Our key performance indicators (KPIs) focus on converting net new names into our database, progressing quality leads down the funnel, and amplifying re-engagement levels. The results speak volumes, with remarkable achievements including converting 70% in net new names into our database from our content lead campaign and an impressive 54% reengagement rate. These metrics underscore the effectiveness of BrightTALK in driving audience interest and interaction, particularly in our Series sessions.

A big thank you to Rahwa for sharing this success story with us. We look forward to hearing about more of her wins using BrightTALK in the future!


F5 wanted to amplify their reach and attract engaged and  net new leads


F5 has developed a content strategy leveraging the BrightTALK Seriesfunctionality


F5 has seen significant results from their content strategy, includingconverting 70% in net new leads and a 54% reengagement rate.