With BrightTALK, Zerto amplifies the the reach of its marketing programming while generating relevant sales leads.

“We generated leads in areas we wouldn’t have targeted from Summits we wouldn’t have known were a good fit”

Nate Gagne
Field & Channel Marketing Manager

About the company

Zerto helps customers accelerate IT transformation through a single, scalable platform for cloud data management and protection. Built for enterprise scale, Zerto’s simple, software-only platform uses continuous data protection to converge disaster recovery, backup, and data mobility and eliminate the risks and complexity of modernization and cloud adoption. Zerto enables an always-on customer experience by simplifying the protection, recovery, and mobility of applications and data across private, public, and hybrid clouds. Zerto is trusted by over 9,000 customers globally and is powering offerings for Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, AWS, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and more than 450 managed service providers.

Case Study


Zerto, the definitive platform for IT resilience, identified webinars as a key tool to grow their business. They developed webinar programming featuring knowledgeable IT experts, partners, and industry analysts but failed to meet their lead generation goals.

They needed a platform that would help them generate demand from the right audience.


Zerto was impressed by BrightTALK’s focus on B2B marketing challenges and their leadership in online industry events. The BrightTALK platform offered Zerto a number of unique advantages, including the ability to tag their content into relevant online communities, promote their content to engaged audiences, and showcase their expertise at world-class online Summits.

With BrightTALK, Zerto had the opportunity to deliver on their content and lead generation goals, simultaneously.

Unlike other webinar vendors, BrightTALK can deliver leads to events, saving time and energy managing vendors and campaign results.

Zerto could also optimize their webinar programs by not only creating new content for the professionals on BrightTALK, but also by repurposing their previously recorded webinars on the BrightTALK platform to attract additional audience to that content.


For Zerto, BrightTALK leads outperform all other webinar programs. In addition, professionals who use BrightTALK are more engaged with Zerto as a company, so when a lead is passed to sales, the sales cycle is much shorter.

“We generated leads in areas we wouldn’t have targeted from Summits we wouldn’t have known were a good fit.”

In addition to helping sales effort, implementing BrightTALK has provided Zerto with valuable insights into the reach of their marketing programs. Impressions are a key metric for Zerto’s marketing team, and with BrightTALK they can prove how they are successfully extending their reach to new audiences.

“Using BrightTALK, the sales lifecycle is much shorter, and leads convert 40% better than webinar leads using other methods.”