A Short Guide to Webinars for Demand Gen

Learn how to better fuel your demand gen engine with strong webinars that reach more in-market buyers.

About the E-Book

The content you select for your demand gen programs plays a critical role in progressing potential customers through their buyer’s journey, particularly as B2B buyers defer to a digital-first process that places sales far too late in the game. This presents a huge challenge and opportunity for demand gen marketers.

Teams that can successfully create and distribute high-quality content are much more likely to end up on a buyer’s short list. In this e-book, we’ll look at how tech marketers can better fuel their demand gen engine with strong content to reach more in-market buyers. You’ll learn:

  • What content formats are the most effective.
  • Why video content should be at the forefront of your content strategy.
  • Best practices to grow the impact of webinars within your content engine.
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