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Streamline content creation
from ideation to lead generation

Position yourself as an industry leader and generate high-quality, engaged leads by leveraging our team of content creation experts

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Content creation solved

Creating quality content doesn't have to be hard. Partner with BrightTALK to create your own exceptional webinar series.
Guaranteed content engagement

Build a following and pipeline from premium content, designed for turn-key demand generation

Data-driven editorial

Editorial and branding strategy based on behavioral insights from our 29 million+ users

Repeated brand exposure

Create a flagship webinar series with top notch production and branding designed to build your following

Content for demand

Consistent demand, made turnkey

Expand your pipeline with engaged leads from rich media content without the effort of content creation.

“Quarter after quarter, BrightTALK consistently sits in the top three demand generation activities and delivers significant ROI,”

subscribers steadily contributing to sales pipeline
Craig Chappell
Head of Digital

Repeat engagement

Viewers want episodic content

Viewers connect with your brand and the custom branding established for your series. We will work with you to create your bespoke visual identity to capture your share of audience, and keep them coming back.
of viewers prefer episodic content
Higher re-engagement rate
Greater lead volume than non-episodic content

Custom editorial planning

Leave the heavy lifting to us

From IT security newscast, to fintech gameshow, and everything in between.
Whatever your vision, BrightTALK can help you develop your editorial, branding, and execution, to deliver killer content that stands out in a crowded space.
Our findings on overcoming digital fatigue

Original Series Structure

Guaranteed leads, sized to your budget

BrightTALK Original series are sold by episodes and guaranteed lead volumes for the whole of your series. Coming in 3, 6, and 12-episode packages.

Reach more buyers

Inspire your audience, discover ours

Your custom content will be engaged with by BrightTALK’s opt-in community of 29 million professionals.

Overall BrightTALK audience
Active users
Monthly Interactions

Trusted by companies large and small

Our customers create over 30,000 webinars on BrightTALK each year, generating millions of engagements to drive growth in their businesses.

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“Webinars have shown a really high rate of conversion compared to all of the digital channels. And with BrightTALK, I always refer to it as the YouTube for business professionals, that's where we have decided to place our webinars.”

Alexandra Kory
Director, Demand Generation
For Business Professionals
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"We found a huge increase in the number of registrations per webinar but also the quality of people coming in was better."

Jess Bahr
Senior Director, Growth Marketing
the audience per webinar
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"BrightTALK is a crucial platform to get our content out there and gain more audience."

Saule Andriuskeviciute
Channel Marketing Manager
investment professionals reached in a quarter
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"BrightTALK worked with us to create exactly the event we imagined, and we achieved 4x our revenue from the previous year's event. Incredible!"

Tim Garon
Member Programs Content Manager
last year's revenue
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"We love the team, we find the application very easy to use...we also like how there is a bundled-in audience."

Erik Archer Smith
Marketing Director
the modern feature sets
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"BrightTALK has massively impacted the volume and engagement of Yellowfin's inbound leads. These leads have a much greater conversion rate. This highly engaged audience spent an hour engaging with that topic, as a result have exceptionally high conversion rates."

Peter Baxter
SVP of Global Sales
of total inbound demand
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