CISO Insights

Trends, insights and best practices from leaders in cyber security

Today’s security leaders are busy managing the increasingly complicated relationship between security and privacy. As the CISO role evolves, they're not only security leaders but strategists and negotiators, often working to keep other employees safe while ensuring their cybersecurity plans align with business goals. In this series we’ll highlight security trends and share insights from industry thought leaders on cyber security strategies, best practices, and important compliance regulations.

Upcoming Episodes

Electric Vehicles, Charging Station Infrastructure & Securing Future Mobility
July 9, 2024
In this latest episode of CISO Insights, hosts Dan Lohrmann and Earl Duby will be joined by expert guests to review the security concerns of electric transport – and discuss what it will take to protect it.
Defending the Ballot Box: What It Takes to Digitally Protect an Election
September 10, 2024
Join hosts Dan Lohrmann and Earl Duby in this election-themed episode of CISO Insights, to hear them and their expert guests take a sharp look at defending the ballot box.
Cyber Warfare: What We’ve Learned From Past Conflict
November 12, 2024
Join Dan Lohrmann, Earl Duby and their expert guests in the final CISO Insights webinar of 2024, for a thoughtful conversation around the key takeaways of cyber warfare to date.