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Exploring how cloud technologies can drive business growth

The rapid adoption of cloud computing has far-reaching effects across the enterprise in terms of application development, IT architecture and platforms, systems and network operations, security needs, and cross-team dynamics. This monthly discussion covers all the factors organizations needs to consider and explores ways that cloud technologies can help them stay ahead of the competition.

Upcoming Episodes

All Grown Up: Edge Computing Today and its Role in Cloud Workloads
April 17, 2024
Edge computing is no new phenomenon. At first glance, it doesn’t seem that Edge would be a good match for current network needs. Yet fast forward to 2024 and some predict mass migration from the cloud to the edge. Why is that? During this latest episode of Cloud Cover, Jo Peterson and guests will explore that question and some of the up and coming trends around cloud and edge today.
Cloud and AI Integration: Optimizing AI Strategy for Real Impact
May 15, 2024
In today’s session we’ll explore:— Business and cloud specific goals— Data quality and availability— Technology selection— Outages, scalability, security, and contingency plans— Talent and expertise— Ethical and compliance considerations
Vertical and Regional Clouds: Why Now and What’s Next?
June 19, 2024
Tune in to the latest episode of Cloud Cover to hear Jo Peterson and her panel of expert guests investigate the growth – and potential – of regional and vertical clouds.
Solving Bloated Workloads: Is Automated Programmable Infrastructure the Answer?
July 17, 2024
Join Jo Peterson and a panel of experts in this latest episode of Cloud Cover, for a detailed discussion that will cover:the benefits of cloud automation, the difference between cloud automation and orchestration, how automation affects security and compliance, how cloud automation impacts the role of IT professionals.
Super-Cloud Me: Digging into the Promise of Next-Gen Cloud
August 21, 2024
Join us in the latest episode of Cloud Cover as Jo Peterson and her expert guests explore the promise of a unified architecture for managing data and services that can float across multiple cloud providers.
The Strategic 8: How to Navigate the Current State of Cloud Security
September 18, 2024
During this month’s Cloud Cover conversation, we’ll explore 8 of the best strategic practices to get you thinking about properly securing your cloud environment today.
Moving to the Lakehouse: Is this the Future of Data Architecture?
October 16, 2024
According to a recent Dremio survey of enterprise IT professionals, data lakehouses are now the primary architecture for delivering analytics, with 65% running a majority of analytics on lakehouses. Tune into this episode of Cloud Cover to hear host Jo Peterson and her expert guests dig into the real value of the data lakehouse.
Carbon Intelligent Cloud: The Benefits of Making the Green Choice
November 20, 2024
In this session of Cloud Cover, Jo Peterson and a panel of expert guests will chat about the four key reasons why carbon-intelligent computing is a good thing for businesses; why it’s here to stay; and why you should take advantage of these fantastic enhancements for your business.
Cloud in Review: A Look Back at 2024
December 18, 2024
To help guide you through the most important takeaways from 2024, here is our final Cloud Cover episode of the year: “Cloud in Review.” Host Jo Peterson and her expert guests will look back on the year’s developments, ups and downs and determine what are the key lessons to take with you into 2025.

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