Building Basic Email Nurturing Skills

Powerhouse Promotions
July 14, 2022 8:00 AM
In this new BrightTALK series, Powerhouse Promotions, we'll provide a comprehensive overview of how you can leverage email nurtures to see increased ROI from your webinar programs.

Whether you're focused largely on one-touch email approaches, or you’ve evolved towards a nurture-based methodology, it’s clear that a structured approach to promotions is necessary to maximize your webinar program.

Join BrightTALK and TechTarget’s marketing experts as they share best practices for building and rapidly evolving your email nurturing strategy. Together, they'll discuss how to identify the correct type of nurture to fit your needs and walk you through the basic steps of building a successful nurture strategy that sets you up for success. You’ll also learn tips you can implement immediately to improve your bottom line and elevate your baseline outcomes.