Creating a Memorable Marketing Message that Lasts

April 16, 2024 8:00 PM
Jann Martin Schwarz (Senior Fellow at LinkedIn and Founder of The B2B Institute) discusses the importance of customer promises, how to identify a promise customers will value and more.

In today’s competitive digital marketing landscape, it’s not enough to just tout the features and functionality of your product or solution. What buyers remember as they move through the purchase process is whether you’re able to meet their actual functional, emotional and social needs. In other words, what clear customer promise can you make in your marketing messaging that both adheres to those needs and is one you can keep?    In this new webinar series, B2B Content Brilliance we’ve gathered the best minds in B2B content and we’ll be exploring content from every possible angle, from using research to graphic design, and much more. In episode one, John Steinert (CMO, TechTarget) talks with Jann Martin Schwarz (Senior Fellow, LinkedIn and Founder, The B2B Institute) about the importance of customer promises, how insights can be used to identify a promise that customers will value and who needs to be involved to make sure the motion is fulfilled.