Engines of Alignment: People, Processes, Data and Measurement

September 6, 2023 7:00 PM
A panel of B2B marketing and sales operations experts they share insights, experiences and methodologies that help their teams maximize impact and improve business outcomes.

Great execution requires well-thought-through processes. And achieving great execution at scale requires that teams adhere to them. But stack complexity, systems choices and more can make things hard. So, while data and measurement should be a critical input for reaching high-performance, too often they become part of the problem.

In this replayed session from BrightTALK's Align Summit, TechTarget CMO, John Steinert, hosts a leader from the RevOps solution side and an operating guru from a super-scaled up tech vendor. They’ll share challenges they’ve experienced and methodologies they’ve developed to help teams achieve alignment for maximum business impact.