Good, Better, Best: How to Deliver Great Content Marketing Outcomes

May 21, 2024 8:00 PM
Explore the research-proven “customer promise” concept and learn actionable steps to improve your content and messaging.

Every time we communicate with prospective buyers, we’re making promises, consciously or unconsciously. Get them right, and you’ll grow buyer trust and brand affinity. Get them wrong, and you risk losing confidence and consideration. If your content isn’t delivering on your marketing goals, there’s a good chance that you’re either missing the mark on what your target audience is seeking or your content isn’t coming from a source that they trust. 

In this webinar, Susan Smith (Sr. Director, Product Marketing, TechTarget) and Dave Gruber (Principal Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group) will build on the research-proven “customer promise” concept (discussed in our Creating a Memorable Marketing Message that Lasts webinar), and provide actionable steps on how to improve your content and messaging. They’ll share proven near-term content options to bolster any tech marketing program, strategic approaches for developing promises that will resonate with target audiences, and a “good, better, best” framework you can put to work immediately to better understand and engage buyers, and build buyer trust in your customer promise.