Intent Data: Changing the Future of Demand Gen

December 14, 2021 8:00 AM
Learn how to accelerate the sales cycle by leveraging intent data and reaching your ideal buyers more strategically.

As marketers are increasingly challenged to own more of the funnel, it’s harder than ever to identify the right buyers at the right time. Not to mention, the pandemic forced B2B marketing to go through a digital awakening where grandfathered tactics to find the right buyer, such as in-person events and conferences were eliminated overnight. 

With interactions overwhelmingly digital, intent data is forging its path as the secret weapon marketers can leverage to find the right data for the target buyer at the right time. Join us as we dive into the pain points marketers are facing today and how BrightTALK’s Intent data offering can help alleviate those challenges with accurate engagement signals and first-party data.