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  • How Team Dynamics Influence Your Team Velocity
    How Team Dynamics Influence Your Team Velocity
    Richard de Boer, lead trainer and senior consultant, Pink Elephant Netherlands Recorded: May 15 2019 56 mins
    Organisations often expect a lot from self-supporting Agile teams in today’s world. Time to market is crucial and the velocity of your Agile team seems to be the only key performance indicator.

    The forming-storming-norming-performing model of group development has taught us that these phases are all necessary and inevitable for the team to grow, face challenges, tackle problems, find solutions, plan work and deliver results.

    The smoother the transition between storming and performing, the sooner an organisation will see results, which will have a positive effect on your team’s Velocity.

    During this session, Richard will help recognise what various group development stages are and what your strategy for each should be.

    Join Richard as he explains the following:

    • How to gain insight into the various stages of group development
    • Recognising the characteristics of each stage
    • How to develop a strategy for each stage
    • Understanding the importance of stable teams
  • Service Desk Challenges in Moving to 24/7 Operation
    Service Desk Challenges in Moving to 24/7 Operation
    Graham Herbert, Head of Professional Services, Pink Elephant SA Recorded: Apr 11 2019 50 mins
    Enterprises traditionally offered services in a daylight cycle that allowed their internal IT to follow a similar supportive operational alignment. IT has used the Service Desk as a Single Point of Contact to act as the IT interface to Business and its customers, with a linked business hours offering.

    Customer demands of the business have changed with many enterprises extending services and product support to an “always available” offering that moves the Service Desk from a weekday 6-till-6 to 24/7. This extension of the Service Desk operational hours has many challenges to be dealt with and decisions requiring answers.

    Join Graham Herbert from Pink Elephant as he walks us through how to gear up to this challenge and look at what decision points will have to be dealt with in order to move to 24/7 Service Desk support.
  • Successful CMDB Implementation for 2019
    Successful CMDB Implementation for 2019
    Peter Hubbard, Principal Consultant at Pink Elephant and Paul Yates Senior Technical Consultant at FireScope Recorded: Apr 3 2019 48 mins
    CMDB Implementation is one of the most complicated of any ITSM programmes an organisation can undertake. The difficulties in creating a toolset, capable of linking hundreds of thousands of interconnected bits of data together in a meaningful manner while also supporting a highly fluid environment with dozens of changes each week, are formidable indeed and that does not even count the ongoing workload of keeping the records up to date once the toolset has been created.

    Find out how FireScope approaches this problem with their Secure Discovery and Dependency Mapping tool, allowing you to have your CMDB always up to date and requires no up-keep

    Join Peter Hubbard, Principal ITSM Consultant at Pink Elephant EMEA and Paul Yates, Senior Technical Consultant at FireScope, as they discuss creating a CMDB in the real world in 2019.
  • Never waste a good disaster – Anatomy of a major incident
    Never waste a good disaster – Anatomy of a major incident
    Peter Hubbard, Principal Consultant at Pink Elephant EMEA Recorded: Jan 25 2019 52 mins
    In IT there are only 3 times that the business will notice us.

    When its new, when the bill comes due and when it's broken! As statistically speaking its most likely to break when its new there is a good chance that most of your high-pressure interactions with the business will be when something is broken!

    The way in which an IT department handles its response to a major incident is critical and poor communication, slow response and lack of updates are all major issues that cause friction between IT and the business at these critical times.

    Join Peter Hubbard from Pink Elephant as he walks us through how to create a Major Incident process, the dos and don'ts of how to manage them and uses a case study of a real-world major incident response to illustrate the learning that can happen.

    After all, no organisation should waste a good disaster!
  • The Process that ITIL Forgot: Security Incident Response
    The Process that ITIL Forgot: Security Incident Response
    Peter Hubbard & Mike Beckett Recorded: Jan 23 2019 61 mins
    For decades, the goal of Incident Response in IT has been increased user productivity. Get them back up and running as fast as possible. But, truthfully, Incident Management is usually more of a band-aid than a cure. We know how to eliminate existing incidents using root cause analysis & Kaizen.

    We know how to reduce incidents up front by improving the quality of changes. But what IT still struggles with is cyber or security-related incidents. Most service desks function as the frontline reporting structure for ALL types of incidents, but without a specific process for handling security issues.
  • How does a DevOps simulation work?
    How does a DevOps simulation work?
    Jaro Tomik, Channel Account Manager at G2G3 & Gijs-Jan Huisman, Managing Director, Pink Elephant EMEA Recorded: Nov 13 2018 41 mins
    With over 50% of large IT enterprises using or intending to use, a DevOps approach in the next year, less than half of those already using DevOps report any level of success.

    When asked to identify the biggest obstacle to adopting DevOps, most cite “people” challenges – as opposed to process, technology or information – as the greatest issue.

    The Answer: DevOps Simulation

    Accelerates adoption of DevOps across the enterprise
    Turns DevOps opponents into advocates
    Clearly communicates the DevOps case for change accelerates a positive DevOps culture
    Creates a shared understanding for Development and Operations around how to work together as a high performing cross-functional team
    Provides new practices that can be executed with immediate effect.
  • How to select an ITSM tool
    How to select an ITSM tool
    Eddie Potts, Principal Consultant Pink Elephant EMEA ltd Recorded: Jul 31 2018 38 mins
    ITSM tools are replaced too frequently because buyers fail to gain the expected benefits. This is because the buying selection process is ill-considered. In this vendor neutral session, Eddie Potts references his experience working with businesses and multiple platforms to prove why the flawed buying process is a major reason why ROI is not achieved.
  • Experiential Learning for Digital Transformation
    Experiential Learning for Digital Transformation
    Peter Hubbard and Aidan Hewitt Recorded: May 31 2018 60 mins
    Experiential Learning for Digital Transformation

    As our industry transforms and changes, the last century standards for cross-team communication and training changes as well. G2G3 and Pink Elephant know what makes people tick in this digital age, and use every creative tool at our disposal to help educate and inspire people towards positive action

    In this conversational webinar, Pink Elephant’s Peter Hubbard and G2G3’s Aidan Hewitt explore the challenges faced by Industry today when it comes to education and team building in IT teams.

    The value of business simulations:

    •Dynamic engagement and visioning from CxO level to IT Analyst
    •Cross organization understanding of business value
    •Accelerate alignment on the vision to achieve the “AHA!” moment
    •Powerful vehicle for engaging staff on the journey to future state
    •Reduce cultural and political barriers to organizational change
    •Increased buy-in, take up and advocacy for transformation
    •Reduced sales cycles and implementation times
    •Help your customer to deliver results, faster, improved customer satisfaction and increased revenues.
  • Managing The Cloud In The Digital Era
    Managing The Cloud In The Digital Era
    Peter Hubbard & Mark O'Loughlin Recorded: May 9 2018 55 mins
    Join Peter Hubbard a Principle ITSM Consultant at Pink Elephant and Mark O'Loughlin the Managing Director of the Cloud Credential Council as they explore how ITSM is affected by cloud computing.

    Cloud computing brings many business benefits ranging from increased cost efficiencies, business agility, improved use of resources, reduction of operational issues and capital expense but it also brings many challenges to address. How can ITSM ensure that cloud services are managed and deliver real business benefit for their organisations?

    Successful cloud adoption can enhance economic growth and have significant industry impact across the economy, but unsuccessful cloud adoption can open the organisation up to potential data breeches, cloud sprawl and loss of control.

    In this webinar Peter and Mark will discuss how to avoid the lack of control that blights many cloud adoptions in the digital era.
  • From Brick & Mortar To Virtual ITSM
    From Brick & Mortar To Virtual ITSM
    Dave Whyte, Operations Engineering Lead at Auto Trader UK Recorded: Apr 12 2018 50 mins
    In 2007, the IT department of AutoTrader was at the lowest of the low, untrusted and not seen as a true partner to the business. As the organisation transitioned from a brick and mortar printing organisation to an online digital organisation, they needed their IT department to step up and deliver more reliable and better-aligned IT services, while the rate of change would double and then double again. During this session, Dave will translate theory into practice and show how the IT department moved from a traditional ITSM implementation based on traditional ITIL to one that blends DevOps, Lean IT and ITIL together. He will discuss the bumps encountered along the way and how they were overcome. The IT department is now seen as a trusted business partner and has been invited to assist in major business improvement initiatives as the organisation hopes to replicate their internal successes for the business as a whole.

    Join Dave as he discusses:

    - The importance of a solid foundation and how ITIL gave them that foundation to accelerate improvement
    - How to handle Change and Release Management in a DevOps environment
    - Why shared monitoring with Operational and Development teams is critical to the success of DevOps
    - How they have embedded ITSM within the culture of the organisation itself

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