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Symantec Website Security for the Enterprise

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  • Bridging the Trust Gap for Identity Services Based Market Growth
    Bridging the Trust Gap for Identity Services Based Market Growth
    Joni Brennan, Executive Director, Kantara Initiative Recorded: Mar 30 2015 48 mins
    In the age of digital transformation trust is key to the growth of services in both the public and private sectors. With more and more services evolving and innovating around digital identity there is a universal need to bridge and balance business incentives with government requirements. At Kantara Initiative we see the transformation cycle as a 4 stage process: strategy setting, innovation, deployment, and assurance. Few, if any, organizations can succeed at all of the strategic stages of change and innovation in isolation. We invite you to join us to discuss how trust frameworks will evolve to bridge the digital transformation of identity assurance.
  • Optimize SSL Certificate Management with Symantec and A10 Networks
    Optimize SSL Certificate Management with Symantec and A10 Networks
    Frank Agurto-Machado, Pre-Sales Engineer, Symantec; John Gudmundson, Senior Manager, Product Marketing, A10 Networks Recorded: Feb 25 2015 57 mins
    Managing a secure SSL environment is getting complex. Recent industry standards and security vulnerabilities required IT to migrate from SHA-1 to SHA-2 hash algorithm, find alternatives for certificates with non-fully-qualified domain (FQDN) names and replace certificates impacted by the Heartbleed vulnerability. In addition, initiatives like Google’s “HTTPS everywhere” or always-on SSL on Google search may increase the deployment of SSL certificates in an organization. All these changes add to the challenges of managing SSL certificates.

    In the meantime, IT managers have to continue to provide optimal system performance to meet their users’ needs while staying within their budget.

    Attend this exclusive webinar to:

    - Discover recent changes and challenges with SSL certificate management
    - Learn how you can minimize time and resources in monitoring and managing SSL certificates with Symantec Certificate Intelligence Center (CIC)
    - Find out how you can optimize the performance of SSL encryption and decryption with the A10 Thunder Application Delivery Controller (ADC) from A10 Networks
  • Application of Cryptography for Enterprise Security
    Application of Cryptography for Enterprise Security
    Dr Michael H. Goldner, Dean of EC-Council University, EC-Council University Recorded: Dec 17 2014 113 mins
    Cryptography is the practice and study of techniques for keeping secrets. While the practice of keeping information hidden, or secured, has been around throughout the history of mankind, Modern Cryptography has evolved into much more. Now we use various algorithms (a fancy word for mathematical formulas) to not only keep information secured (Confidentiality), but also to authenticate the message and the originator of that message (Authentication); to stop the sender of the message from denying they sent it (Non-Repudiation); and to make sure that the information has not accidentally or purposely altered or corrupted (Integrity). This basic workshop will explain the basic concepts discussed above, as well as the differences between Symmetric and Asymmetric encryption. We will discuss Steganograhy, Digital certificates, Public Key Infrastructure and Digital Signatures. Although the workshop is to enhance basic understanding of these concepts, anyone studying for one of the major certification examinations in information security, such as the recently launched EC-Council Certified Chief Information Security Officer (C|CISO) will need to have a good grasp of these important concepts.
  • Stay Secure During the Holiday Season
    Stay Secure During the Holiday Season
    Jeff Barto, Trust Advocate, Symantec and Craig Spiezle, Online Trust Alliance Recorded: Nov 19 2014 56 mins
    On Cyber Monday, your organization’s employees will return from the Thanksgiving weekend, ready to kick off the online holiday shopping season – from their desks and devices. Last year over 500+ million identities were exposed via breaches. And with malware and phishing also in the news, join us to find out how you can protect not only your business but your employees’ personal information as they shop-from-work during the season.

    Learn more about the proactive steps you can do for protection including:
    · How you are the first line of defense when it comes to protection – password management and user access
    · When and how data should be encrypted
    · How to fight social engineered exploits: malicious web sites, malicious look-alike mobile apps and deceptive emails
  • Internet of Things - One Size Doesn’t Fit All
    Internet of Things - One Size Doesn’t Fit All
    Kevin Haley, Director, Product Management, Response and Jeff Barto, Trust Advocate Recorded: Nov 18 2014 59 mins
    Vendors are priming a great future when the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes a reality. The reality is that the Internet of Things is here today. IoT has been with us in various incarnations over the last ten years or so. To protect yourself, your network and your business you need to think of the larger picture of securing the device to the network and back again.
    IoT today is in its infancy, even though it’s been around a long time. There are no standards overall and there are industry nuances that further complicate security.

    View this recorded webcast to learn:
    · What the IoT means today
    · What devices have been hacked and what have not
    · Practical approaches and best practices for dealing with the security issues that IoT creates
  • Discover the Secrets of Successful Online Businesses
    Discover the Secrets of Successful Online Businesses
    Jeff Barto, Trust Strategist, Symantec Recorded: Oct 28 2014 53 mins
    It is extremely challenging to maintain a successful online business. The landscape is crowded and competition fierce. It is not enough to just have a good product; companies really have to stand out to attract online shoppers. On top of that, news of stolen identities from cybercriminals add yet another barrier as shoppers become very cautious about which online sites to trust their information to.

    View this recorded webcast to learn:
    · How to drive traffic to your site
    · What do you need to turn shoppers into buyers
    · How to increase buyer loyalty
  • Digital Privacy: Always on SSL & Perfect Forward Secrecy
    Digital Privacy: Always on SSL & Perfect Forward Secrecy
    Jeff Barto, Symantec; Craig Spiezle, Online Trust Alliance; Stephen Ludin, Akamai Technologies Recorded: Sep 23 2014 54 mins
    Last year brought a lot of news about government snooping and public attacks against certain encryption and hash algorithms. These developments should concern anyone that values data privacy.

    View this recorded session with the Online Trust Alliance and Akamai Technologies to discover the current best practices in securing your website and internal infrastructure. Learn how to implement Always on SSL (AOSSL) and Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) to better secure your data.

    Join us to learn:
    · How to implement AOSSL and PFS in your environment
    · What precautions you need to take to protect your website and intranet infrastructure
  • The Internet of Things is Coming: What Can Possibly Go Wrong?
    The Internet of Things is Coming: What Can Possibly Go Wrong?
    Jeff Kalwerisky, VP of Information Security & Technical Training at CPE Interactive, Inc Recorded: Sep 23 2014 53 mins
    The buzz phrase du jour, the ‘Internet of Things’, – AKA the “Internet of Everything” – refers to a myriad of everyday devices which are being connected to the Internet, each with its own IP address. The IoT will comprise large numbers of such low-cost “smart” devices, up to 26 billion by 2020, according Gartner. They range from “smart” watches (Hi Apple!) to microwaves, and heart monitors to “smart” power grids.

    Predictably, the hype about the future benefits is in full force. And, yes, some of these benefits may actually happen. However, based on past disruptive trends, we can be certain that: (1) hackers, crackers, and attackers will not be slow to spot new opportunities for badware; (2) the IoT will generate gigantic amounts of data at very high velocity, with associated privacy concerns, and (3) boring stuff like updates and patches are going to be tough to do.

    The question, “What Can Possibly Go Wrong?”, must temper out enthusiasm for this immersive new environment so that we can avoid some of the security disasters of the past, particularly in sensitive industries, like healthcare and nationwide utility grids. This session will review the IoT from the viewpoint of cybersecurity and data privacy and develop some guidelines for the pragmatic and cautious user.
  • Symantec Private Certificate Authority Webinar
    Symantec Private Certificate Authority Webinar
    Dave Corbett – Technical Product Manager Recorded: Sep 18 2014 24 mins
    Today’s enterprises are challenged to maintain and secure large intranet networks and to keep them compliant with changing regulations. Securing communications within these environments presents any number of security, financial, and personnel concerns. Solutions range from single-domain intranet SSL certificates, Wildcard certificates to Self-Signed Certificate Authorities (CA). Symantec™ Private Certification Authority (CA) provides a hosted private SSL certificate hierarchy and end-entity certificates specifically built to secure your internal communications. Consolidate your public and private SSL certificates onto one management console, Symantec™ Managed PKI (MPKI) for SSL.
  • Symantec Secure App Service Webinar
    Symantec Secure App Service Webinar
    Dave Corbett – Technical Product Manager Recorded: Sep 2 2014 34 mins
    Join us to learn about Symantec Secure App Service - a better way to sign code and secure applications.

    Traditional code signing provides a way for software publishers to assure their customers that the apps and files they have downloaded are, indeed, from them and have not been tampered with. Unfortunately, inadequate controls around this process can lead to malware propagation.

    Compromised certificates make news headlines and can lead to poor reputation for your company, and revoking these certificates could result in your distributed applications to suddenly appear as untrusted.

    Symantec Secure App Service is a cloud-based code signing and management solution with a complete range of services to help enterprises control and secure their code signing activities and keys easily. Services include vetting and approval of software publishers, code signing, key protection and revocation, administrative controls, reporting and audit logs.

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