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  • Building a State-of-the-Art Healthcare Network from the Ground-Up
    Building a State-of-the-Art Healthcare Network from the Ground-Up
    Jen Pulsifer, Healthcare Industry Principle & Chris Bridge, Sr. Network Architect, Juniper Networks Recorded: Jan 22 2014 62 mins
    When faced with a new healthcare build or expansion, there are a number of network considerations to address that will enable a hospital to deliver on the promise of a new facility- and ultimately achieve its goals of providing the latest advances in patient care delivery. In this webinar, we will discuss these requirements and their utilization in several new state-of-the-art healthcare facilities.
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  • MetaFabric Made Simple
    MetaFabric Made Simple
    Andy Ingram, Data Center Vice President, Juniper Networks Recorded: Dec 17 2013 33 mins
    Spend 30 minutes with Andy Ingram, Data Center Vice President at Juniper Networks, as he answers some of the most common questions about Juniper’s new MetaFabric Architecture and what it takes to build a new, more efficient data center. This session includes an interactive Q&A session if you have questions you would like to ask.

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  • Smarter Security in Healthcare: Beating Back Bad Actors and Data Breach Mishaps
    Smarter Security in Healthcare: Beating Back Bad Actors and Data Breach Mishaps
    Health Security Solutions & Juniper Networks Recorded: Nov 5 2013 63 mins
    Meaningful Use incentive programs. New HIPAA regulatory measures. Medical data explosion. Mobile health demands.

    Numerous factors are driving healthcare organizations to control who’s allowed to access the healthcare network and what resources –applications, data, patient records - they’re entitled to view or edit.

    But consider this: A doctor, who inadvertently picked up malicious code during a telemedicine event, can infect your entire network. A disgruntled employee can exfiltrate patient records. And cyber criminals are always looking for ways to steal and sell your valuable data.

    Is your network designed to identify the suspicious traffic and/or anomalous behavior to a specific user or device? Can your organization afford the painful penalties under the final HIPAA/HITECH omnibus rule due to a security breach?

    What happens next depends on the policies and controls you have in place to restrict and protect your assets and data from the vulnerabilities that openness and user mobility bring. Not to mention, the controls you need simply to comply with industry and government regulations.

    Take some time to join us for this free webinar. You’ll hear from Steve Spearman, HIPAA regulation specialist who will guide you through the in’s and out’s of the newly-announced Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. We’ll also provide an overview of Juniper’s network security portfolio, designed to help ensure secure, consistent access to data while reducing your risk associated with HIPAA and Meaningful Use mandates.
  • SDN vs. Network Automation – What Questions Should You Be Asking?
    SDN vs. Network Automation – What Questions Should You Be Asking?
    Abner Germanow, Juniper Networks Recorded: Oct 23 2013 46 mins
    In this webcast, we’ll cover some of the capabilities offered by connecting networks to IT automation tools such as Puppet and Chef as well as capabilities offered by SDN solutions such as Junos vContrail.

    The end result will be an understanding of the questions you can ask about your data center to determine if you need to employ one or both of these technologies.

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  • Key Steps To A Sustained DDoS Protection Strategy
    Key Steps To A Sustained DDoS Protection Strategy
    Johnnie Konstantas, Juniper Networks Recorded: Oct 18 2013 49 mins
    Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are not new, but terms like diversionary DDoS, slow loris and application layer DDoS offer ample evidence that DDoS has evolved. Attackers are clearly becoming more sophisticated at launching DDoS... Have your methods for mitigation kept up? Likely not.

    During this information packed session we'll explain the trends in DDoS attacks and mitigation tactics giving you a path for tipping the security scales back in your favor. Register now to attend!
  • Preparing a Secure Healthcare Network for BYOD and Beyond
    Preparing a Secure Healthcare Network for BYOD and Beyond
    Lynne Dunbrack, IDC Health Insights & Ryan Witt, Juniper Networks Recorded: Oct 1 2013 64 mins
    The proliferation of mobile devices in clinical environments is taking the network and network security into a new and potentially vulnerable era. Many healthcare organization’s existing networks are unable to keep pace with this new demand and IT struggles to protect the infrastructure, end points, applications and data that underpin patient care.

    Join Juniper Networks and IDC Health Insights for this live webcast on secure mobility in healthcare. Lynne Dunbrack, a recognized thought leader in Connected Health IT Strategies, will present industry research to help you define an infrastructure framework for mobile transformation in your healthcare organization. Ryan Witt, Managing Director, Healthcare Industry Practice, will introduce Juniper’s solutions to help you build a future-proof mobile network while ensuring the right level of security and risk management for your information assets.

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  • Improving Data Center Application Performance and Agility
    Improving Data Center Application Performance and Agility
    IDG and Juniper Networks Recorded: Sep 26 2013 41 mins
    Enterprises are looking at software-defined network (SDN) technologies and greater virtualization capabilities to improve application performance and agility in the data center. These solutions, however, won’t have the desired effect until something is done about the primary barrier to success: the network itself.

    Join IDG and Juniper Networks for a live webinar on Sept. 26 for insights into how you can remove this barrier through the integration of VMware NSX with Juniper platforms. Attendees will learn about:

    • the latest data center virtualization trends
    • how eliminating network complexity accelerates virtualization
    • data center network virtualization, including how to seamlessly interconnect physical and virtual networks

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