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IBM Nordic Predictive Analytics

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  • IBM Sales Performance Management - automated solution and strategic advantage
    IBM Sales Performance Management - automated solution and strategic advantage
    James Mulligan, Solution Sales Manager, EMEA, OpenSymmentry & Jon Clark, Strategic Services, EMEA, OpenSymmetry Recorded: Oct 2 2015 31 mins
    This webinar will focus around the What, Why and How of Sales Performance Management (SPM) and Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) automation.
    Learn What SPM can do for your organisation, its benefits and real life stories of other organisations and how they are thriving in a new, more automated world. Based upon research, you will also be exposed to the answers as to Why organisations embark on the journey to automation. Finally, you will be shown a demonstration as to How an automated solution can be used to enhance sales performance, reduce administrative headaches and allow your organisation to move from a day to day survival mode of calculation to using IBM’s ICM solution as a strategic advantage.

    What Is OpenSymmetry?

    OpenSymmetry is a trusted leader and global advisor that delivers Sales, HR and Finance solutions to drive accelerated business performance. With a leading success rate across more than 20 industries worldwide, you can count on OpenSymmetry to deliver the comprehensive solutions you need for a proven path to rapid results.


    James Mulligan - James has been working in the SPM industry for over 9 years. With experiences across numerous products and platforms, as well as multiple implementation and selling roles, James has the knowledge and experience to speak to every level of the SPM engagement. James joined Varicent (now IBM ICM) in June 2006 as an Implementation Consultant and held numerous roles at both Varicent and IBM, before moving to OpenSymmetry in 2014 to lead sales in EMEA.

    Jon Clark – Jon joined OpenSymmetry in 2009. He leads the Strategy Services practice for EMEA, which focuses on Smarter Sales development, incentive plan design, business case for automation and future state design. In addition, Jon has experience in wider reward and performance management design.
  • What's New in IBM SPSS Modeler
    What's New in IBM SPSS Modeler
    IBM SPSS Technical Solutions Expert, Dusan Magula Recorded: Jun 10 2015 51 mins
    IBM SPSS Modeler extends the value of Big Data through algorithms purpose-built for massive scale analytics, introduces geospatial analytics and continues to expand accessibility to and usability of advanced analytics.

    Join our Technical Solutions expert, Dusan Magula, for a demonstration with live Q&A and learn about:

    * SPSS Modeler Personal Edition that puts predictive power in the hands of an individual user
    * New algorithms for Big Data and Geospatial analysis
    * Predictive Extensions that bring the flexibility and power of R to SPSS Modeler users “code-free”
  • What's New in IBM SPSS Statistics
    What's New in IBM SPSS Statistics
    Murali Prakash, Market Manager, IBM & John Norton, Systems Engineer, IBM Recorded: Mar 4 2015 58 mins
    IBM SPSS Statistics continues to increase accessibility to advanced analytics through new ways to analyze data including geospatial analytics, new and improved algorithms, and support for more data types and better reporting, including the next generation of web reports. Watch this live webinar to view firsthand how you can:
    - Uncover hidden casual relationships among large number of time series using temporal causal modeling (TCM)
    - Use geospatial analytics to find trends over time and space and also to create association rule that incorporate geospatial attributes
    - Utilize specialized techniques to improve flexibility and productivity

    The webinar also includes a live demo of IBM SPSS Statistics version 23.
  • What's New in IBM Predictive Analytics
    What's New in IBM Predictive Analytics
    Jane Hendricks, Product Marketing Manager, IBM and Mary Fenelon, Program Manager, CPLEX Optimization Studio, IBM Recorded: Feb 25 2015 57 mins
    IBM is taking predictive everywhere, making it more accessible, more capable, and speeding time to value. New capabilities are expanding the kind of analysis that can be done, opening the door to new users, and helping make the vision of “Predictive Everywhere” – a reality. Join this live webinar to hear first-hand how you can:
    - Solve complex business problems with optimization with the latest toolkit for mathematical and constraint programming.
    - Integrate predictive and prescriptive analytics to transform insights into targeted planning and scheduling, supply chain and asset utilization actions that generate competitive advantage.
    - Leverage the cloud for deployment, extensibility and scale through the latest cloud offerings and community assets.
  • Text Analytics for Surveys
    Text Analytics for Surveys
    Megan Williams Recorded: Feb 3 2015 38 mins
    Text Analytics for Surveys Webinar

    Unlock information from open ended survey responses

    In this presentation we explain how you can gain insight from your open ended responses without having to read them word for word or manually code them with IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys.

    We demonstrate the potential of text analytics for uncovering themes and sentiments in open-ended survey responses and how to easily make your text survey responses usable in quantitative analysis.

    You will see how text mining enables you to

    automate the process of categorizing free text responses
    identify major themes without reading responses word for word
    distinguish between positive and negative comments easily.
    After categorising the free text you will see how you can report back on the new categories created through text mining and how, by combining with other data we have collected, it can be used to create detailed reports on respondents opinions.

    Save time and gain more insight about what your respondents are really saying with Text Analytics for Surveys.
  • IBM Webinar: Predictive analytics for unions & non-profits
    IBM Webinar: Predictive analytics for unions & non-profits
    Mikhail Lakirovich, Market Manager IBM Predictive Marketing, Alexander Oftelie, Subject Matter Expert Non-Profits, IBM Recorded: Jan 29 2015 55 mins
    Unions and Non-profits share a common core: success is critically dependent on their ability to maintain active and involved supporters as well as continuously attracts new participation. With increased competition for support and limited resources available, organizations must be smart and efficient with their outreach efforts.. This can be made possible with predictive analytics - a tool that unlocks the hidden insights and patterns in your organizations' data and allows you to make strategic decisions that are best-fit for your organizations needs.

    Join us in this webinar on IBM Predictive Analytics Solutions, as we:
    - Discuss the relevance of predictive analytics to the needs of your organization
    - Demonstrate the ease of use and value of IBM Predictive Analytics
    - Help you understand how to engage and retain your members
  • Direct Marketing Webinar
    Direct Marketing Webinar
    Hannah Bauling Recorded: Nov 27 2014 45 mins
    From a marketer’s perspective, by looking at why a customer is valuable to us, we can understand the characteristics of our most valuable customers and use this to predict which new customers we should target. Join this session to understand how predictive analytics can help you to target those only most likely to respond to offers, identify which offers to send to these customers and tailor your products and offerings towards customers’ specific needs.

    Hear how IBM SPSS Direct Marketing can help direct marketers to gain deeper customer insight and improve the profitability of marketing campaigns, by:

    Identifying which customers are likely to respond to specific promotional offers.
    Developing a marketing strategy for each customer group.
    Comparing the effectiveness of direct mail campaigns.
    Boosting profits and reducing costs by mailing only to those customers most likely to respond.
    Identifying by postal code the responses to your campaigns.
  • Get Started with Data Mining & Text Analytics
    Get Started with Data Mining & Text Analytics
    Dusan Magula Recorded: Nov 19 2014 62 mins
    Unlock insight from almost any type of data and find the answers you need.

    Organisations of all sizes rely on data mining and text analytics to reveal insights hidden in their data to help them..

    Improve patient care and treatment plans
    Anticipate, prevent and solve crime
    Attract and retain profitable customers
    Forecast and plan ahead more accurately
    Detect and prevent fraud
    Predict customer buying behaviour
    Reduce asset downtime and improve product quality
    Improve customer, employees, citizen, patients satisfaction.
    In this presentation we explain how these technologies work and show you how you can easily get started with data mining and text analytics with IBM SPSS Modeler as it requires no programming.

    You don't need advanced analytical skills to be able to build predictive models in the visual, interactive interface that guides you through each step and automates predictive modelling. Professional analysts can build sophisticated streams with the advanced modelling capabilities.

    Whats's hidden in your data? Find out with data mining and text analytics.
  • Predictive Customer Intelligence Webinar
    Predictive Customer Intelligence Webinar
    Vivian Braun Customer Solutions Marketing, Big Data & Analytics Group Recorded: Nov 13 2014 27 mins
    Learn how you can use IBM's Predictive Customer Intelligence to deliver valuable insights, increase satisfaction and drive revenue growth, both for you and your clients!
  • Step Beyond Spreadsheets
    Step Beyond Spreadsheets
    Megan Williams Recorded: Oct 23 2014 37 mins
    A spreadsheet is a wonderful invention and an excellent tool – for certain jobs.
    All too often, however, spreadsheets are called upon to perform tasks that are beyond their capabilities.

    Whether you are a basic business user, analyst or programmer IBM SPSS Statistics will help you move beyond spreadsheets to find the answers you need to run your business better, faster, more efficiently and more profitably.

    Join us for this 40 minute webinar and see how you can easily
    • Import and merge data from different sources
    • Manage large data sets - millions of rows in fact.
    • Eliminate costly sorting jumbles and identify duplicate or missing records.
    • Automate reports, analysis or charts and update them with a single click.
    • Use words instead of numeric code - no more guessing what variables means.
    • Use advanced analysis techniques.

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