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  • NFV and SDN - Hype, Trend or Getting There?
    NFV and SDN - Hype, Trend or Getting There?
    Carl Moberg, VP Technology Recorded: Jun 4 2014 53 mins
    NFV and SDN are disruptive technology directions impacting today's telecommunications industry. Network Equipment Vendors are being challenged to adopt positioning and solutions to align to these technology streams.

    Based on the definitions we will look upon important requirements for physical and virtual network elements to be good citizens in an SDN and NFV world. As an equipment vendor, you will learn which features and characteristics that are expected and ways to implement them.

    In this webinar we look to address the following questions from the point of view of Network Equipment Providers:
    - What is the nature of the emerging SDN and NFV directions?
    - What is necessary to align networking products with SDN and NFV requirements?
    - Which hypes and trends are here to stay?

    Note well however, that there are several possible definitions in many cases, we will try to illustrate the most dominant.
  • NETCONF and YANG Tutorial part 3: YANG
    NETCONF and YANG Tutorial part 3: YANG
    Stefan Wallin Recorded: Mar 17 2014 51 mins
    An introduction to YANG with demos.
  • NETCONF and YANG Tutorial part 2: NETCONF
    NETCONF and YANG Tutorial part 2: NETCONF
    Stefan Wallin Recorded: Mar 17 2014 39 mins
    A NETCONF tutorial with demos
  • NETCONF and YANG Tutorial part 1 : Introduction
    NETCONF and YANG Tutorial part 1 : Introduction
    Stefan Wallin Recorded: Mar 14 2014 34 mins
    NETCONF and YANG introduction

    * Standards background, motivation and history
    * Operators’ management requirements captured in RFC 3535
    * Implications of transactional management

    * Demonstration of NETCONF and YANG
  • Multi-Vendor Service Provisioning for NFV
    Multi-Vendor Service Provisioning for NFV
    Michael Howard, Co-founder and Principle Analyst, Carrier Networks, Infonetics Research, Carl Moberg, Vice President of Techn Recorded: Nov 14 2013 75 mins
    Evaluations and deployments of network functions virtualization (NFV) are being driven by carriers’ desire for service agility resulting in faster time to revenue and operational efficiency. However, the NFV architecture does not include some critical elements that are required for provisioning NFV functions in live networks. These essential provisioning elements are now available in the form of service and network abstraction models. This webinar takes a look at actual NFV deployments using these provisioning elements and addresses what operators and vendors alike need to know to effectively deploy NFV in today’s networks.

    What you will learn:
    - The critical elements of the NFV reference architecture, and what’s missing
    - Why model-driven service and network abstractions are key to deploying the NFV architecture
    - Performing end-to-end multi-vendor service provisioning
    - Mixing and matching network function vendors to develop your own independent and unique service definitions
    - Activating transaction-based services, performing real-time provisioning, and updating and decommissioning services in a live network
  • A Realtime OSS-based SDN Approach
    A Realtime OSS-based SDN Approach
    Axel Clauberg VP, Aggregation, Transport, IP (CTO-ATI) & Fixed Access (CTO-FIA) Deutsche Telekom, Håkan Millroth CTO Tail-f S Recorded: Oct 15 2013 69 mins
    In this dynamic webinar you’ll hear from Axel Clauberg, who is responsible for Deutsche Telekom's IP Architecture and Designs for fixed and mobile networks. Mr. Clauberg is an outspoken advocate for the standardization of real-time OSS, and will reveal critical information for Network Equipment Providers, Service Providers and Systems Integrators. This webinar will demonstrate the importance of leveraging IETF standards of NETCONF and YANG, which can provide enormous cost savings, innovation benefits and vendor flexibility for Service Providers.

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