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  • Coffee Chat with Cricket Liu
    Coffee Chat with Cricket Liu
    Cricket Liu; Krupa Srivatsan Recorded: Mar 6 2019 33 mins
    Discover How DNS Security can Provide Scalable Protection Anywhere

    Join us for “A Coffee Chat with Cricket.” A foremost expert and author on DNS, Cricket Liu leads this timely discussion on how Infoblox Next Level Security can provide scalable, simple and integrated security that can catch threats in today’s dynamic environments, including IoT environments. DNS is critical to the fabric of the internet and any IP based communication (on-premises, cloud, and IoT environments). It serves as the perfect foundation for security because it is simple to deploy, ubiquitous in networks, and can scale to the size of the Internet. Turn DNS into your most valuable defender and enforcement point.

    Who Should Watch:
    -Anyone who wants to keep their network safe from sophisticated threats like ransomware and data exfiltration, and want to streamline their security operations.

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  • DTC: High-Value, DNS-Based Global Server Load Balancing
    DTC: High-Value, DNS-Based Global Server Load Balancing
    Bob Rose; Joe Briante Recorded: Mar 6 2019 64 mins
    If your network isn't available or connecting with your applications isn't immediate, how long will your customers wait? How many times will they try again before they check your competition? And what about your employees? Efficiency, effectiveness and employee satisfaction depend on fast, reliable access.
    Servers and data centers can fail, and when they do, you need a way to keep applications running. The Infoblox DNS Traffic Control global server load balancing (GSLB) solution integrates with the Infoblox Grid™ to:

    -Speed application response time and web performance by automatically distributing traffic to optimal servers and data centers
    -Enable disaster recovery and business continuity
    -Reduce costs by consolidating DNS and GSLB onto a single platform

    Watch this demo as part of our Tech Demo Series and learn how Infoblox DNS Traffic Control (DTC) can deliver next level GSLB functionality at a fraction of cost.
  • NetMRI Advisor: Join the NetMRI A-Team
    NetMRI Advisor: Join the NetMRI A-Team
    Ingmar Van Glabbeek Recorded: Mar 6 2019 54 mins
    NetMRI now comes with heroic assistant named Advisor that helps you be the hero of your network universe. Network vendors release critical CVE's almost every day. How do you quickly and easily understand which devices in your infrastructure are affected? How quickly can you deploy fixes or workarounds to those devices?

    Use NetMRI to discover all devices from any vendor in your network. Combine that data with Advisor’s continuously updated feed of vulnerability, End of Life, and End of Support announcements and you have the perfect team.

    Not only will NetMRI + Advisor allow you to see every device and configuration on your network. Advisor will tell you which devices you should patch first and NetMRI makes the circle complete as it allows you to perform patching in an automated way.

    No more reading up on multiple vendor websites or hearing “oh did you see that CVE announcement!”.
    Watch now to see the core functionalities of NetMRI and dig deeper into how to use Advisor to manage vulnerabilities and lifecycle of infrastructure devices.

    Deploy NetMRI & Advisor: Join the A-Team!
  • Infoblox Reporting & Analytics: Critical DDI Reports
    Infoblox Reporting & Analytics: Critical DDI Reports
    Bob Rose; Craig Schukar Recorded: Mar 6 2019 58 mins
    Full, real-time visibility is the foundation of Security. It enables infrastructure protection to help teams detect vulnerable network devices, uncover DNS attacks, and share alerts and intel. It empowers data protection to reveal what’s on the network, spot infected devices, show where they’ve been, assess the impact, establish the context for prioritization, and prevent and stop data exfiltration. And it promotes malware mitigation so teams can catch threats faster, access context quickly, assess risk, prioritize alerts, share intel and speed incident response.

    In this dynamic and information-rich webinar, we will show customers:

    -How to gain complete visibility to their network anytime from any place
    -What is important to know about network infrastructure and data vulnerabilities, and gain visibility to mitigate malware impacts
    -How to detect DNS-based threats and solve problems faster with current and historical views
    -See how the top pre-built reports and dashboard integrations can combat security threats

    Register now for the technical demo to see how the top security reports and integrated dashboards can give you actionable insight and make you a better manager.
  • Infoblox IPAM QuickStart: Visibility, Automation & Control
    Infoblox IPAM QuickStart: Visibility, Automation & Control
    Bob Rose; Bob Kloak Recorded: Mar 6 2019 61 mins
    In the world of infrastructure management, visibility, discovery, automation and control are essential. Yet today’s network and Microsoft professionals are challenged with IP conflicts, DHCP and network outages, uncertainty about non-Windows network endpoints, manual data, spreadsheets, siloed premises and hybrid-cloud-based tools.

    Authoritative IP address management (IPAM), discovery, automation and ecosystem integration can answer these challenges, enhance the value of your existing Microsoft DNS/DHCP infrastructure, and provide the control you need for better network management.

    Watch this informative webinar to learn how to:

    -Gain visibility and avoid IP address conflicts across infrastructure, Microsoft and hybrid cloud environments
    -Automatically discover network assets and manage troubleshooting, component syncing and provisioning
    -Realize time and process savings through cross-team collaboration and automation
    -Engage ecosystem integrations with leading security vendors for deep threat intel and remediation
    -Access real-time and historical data, support audits, see key metrics and forecast IPAM resource needs
  • Enterprise Grade DDI for Hybrid Clouds
    Enterprise Grade DDI for Hybrid Clouds
    David Veneski; Sailesh Kumar Giri Recorded: Mar 6 2019 57 mins
    Increasingly, the success of your hybrid cloud strategy hinges on the reliability and agility of core network services, including DNS, DHCP, and IP address management.

    These services, collectively known as DDI, have always played a vital role in modern network connectivity. But as your network continues to expand across private and public cloud infrastructure, they become even more crucial. And harder to manage using traditional DDI solutions.

    Watch this timely webinar as we explore how enterprise grade DDI is uniquely suited to helping you meet key challenges in multi-cloud deployments, including:

    •Increasing visibility of devices and applications across physical, virtualized and hybrid cloud infrastructure
    •Centralizing and consolidating control of devices, apps, and other DDI-dependent network assets
    •Scaling DDI services rapidly and elastically
    •Integrating essential DDI services with leading cloud environments including AWS and Microsoft Azure
    •Minimizing TCO and maximizing ROI of existing infrastructure investments.

    Register now and learn how to raise DDI to the next level in hybrid cloud environments.

    Who should watch: Networking professionals in organizations involved in any stage of hybrid cloud planning, deployment or use.
  • Make DNS a Part of Your Cyber Security Strategy
    Make DNS a Part of Your Cyber Security Strategy
    Jonathan Abbe (Infoblox); Ven Savage (Morgan School District) Recorded: Mar 6 2019 63 mins
    The Domain Name System (DNS) is essential to connecting devices and applications everywhere. It also plays the leading role in the vast majority of malware such as ransomware and data theft. However, few organizations are aware of the role that DNS plays in cyber-attacks—and, more importantly, that DNS holds the key to stopping them.

    Join Infoblox for a webinar on the unique properties of DNS that make it the perfect enforcement point for stopping malicious malware in its tracks.

    The webinar also features special guest Ven Savage, Network Administrator at Morgan School District in Utah. Ven is a long-time expert and trainer of Infoblox solutions. He will share his expertise on the public education vertical and how many public-school districts do not see the full potential benefits of securing their DNS and more.

    Attend the discussion to learn:

    •Why DNS has become the vector of choice in more than 90% of malware
    •How your DNS infrastructure can enhance visibility, security and reliability
    •How DNS data can be used to automatically detect and stop malware
    •How public-school districts can enhance their cybersecurity posture via DNS

    Who Should Watch: Network and security professionals, especially those working in public education, charged with finding more efficient ways to successfully defend against malware, ransomware, and data exfiltration.
  • Taking Rapid Action to Combat New DNS-Based Threats
    Taking Rapid Action to Combat New DNS-Based Threats
    Cricket Liu; Ingmar Van Glabbeek Recorded: Mar 5 2019 40 mins
    On January 22, 2019, the Department of Homeland Security sent an emergency directive to nearly all federal agencies about a recently detected global cyberattack campaign that targets the Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure at numerous government organizations with the goal of hijacking DNS traffic for malicious purposes.

    The emergency directive gives agencies until February 5th to conduct audits of public DNS records to ensure they resolve to the right destinations, update passwords for accessing DNS record systems, and implement multi-factor authentication for accessing systems that allow changes to be made to DNS records.

    Join leading DNS security expert Cricket Liu to learn the steps your organization needs to take to comply with the directive and the reasons behind the urgency. During this timely discussion, you’ll discover:

    • How DNS hijacking works and the threat it presents to government networks and data
    • Why government DNS infrastructure is vulnerable to these and other threats
    • How to protect your network in a constantly-changing DNS threat landscape
    • How to unify and automate your DNS security response

    Learn why it’s more important than ever to raise network security to the next level.
  • Next Level Network Automation: Driving Infoblox DDI with Ansible
    Next Level Network Automation: Driving Infoblox DDI with Ansible
    Sumit Jaiswal, Sailesh Giri, David Veneski Recorded: Dec 18 2018 58 mins
    Network automation is no longer a question of if. It’s a question of when. The demand for speed and efficiency is unrelenting. Network and data center managers are eager to find a clean and open path to automate network services across sites, facilities and clouds.

    The integration of Ansible Automation with Infoblox DNS, DHCP and IP address management (DDI) provides that path. It enables networking teams to automate core network services using the power and elegance of Ansible Playbooks.

    With the recent launch of Ansible 2.7, the Ansible-Infoblox integration was expanded with more capabilities, more modules and inclusion in the Ansible Certified Content Program to deliver richer support to users of Ansible Tower.

    Attend this webinar and learn how to automate DDI and IPAM with Infoblox and Ansible. During the live event, you'll get:

    -How-to information on the new Ansible-Infoblox modules in version 2.7, as well as the associated lookup plug-ins and dynamic inventory scripts
    -An overview of Infoblox DDI and IPAM and what they enable
    -A live demo from Ansible and Infoblox experts with code examples

    Register now to watch the webinar.
  • Tear down barriers for a stronger cyber defence with DNS
    Tear down barriers for a stronger cyber defence with DNS
    Gary Cox - Systems Engineering Manager, UK and Ireland - Infoblox Recorded: Dec 13 2018 29 mins
    Businesses today are under an unprecedented level of pressure to ensure they get the balance between agility and security. Enterprise mobility and BYOD has meant there is a vast number of network and security devices – all generating their own incidents, but they don’t always share information.

    According to the ESG research report on Security Operations Challenges, Priorities and Strategies in 2017, keeping up with the volume of security alerts and lack of integration between different security tools are the biggest challenges related to security. Organisations are investing heavily in automation/orchestration of incident response to improve collaboration, prioritize alerts and shorten time for incident response.

    Join Infoblox on December13th to understand how you can enrich your security product stack with the power of IPAM & DNS. The topics we will cover include:

    • Provide better visibility across your entire network and remove silos
    • Improve agility and automate IT workflows
    • Enable faster remediation to threats

    Please join Infoblox for this key discussion on the integrated ecosystem -- taking your organisation to the next level of security.

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