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  • Why It’s Time to Make Network Traffic Analysis A First-Class Citizen
    Why It’s Time to Make Network Traffic Analysis A First-Class Citizen Eric Ogren, 451 Research & Brian Dye, Corelight Recorded: Sep 25 2018 60 mins
    Since nearly all cyberattacks must cross the network it’s an essential source of truth for threat hunters and incident responders, yet many organizations today have limited network traffic analysis capabilities.

    Why? The root of the problem lies in common sources of network data, which are difficult to analyze at scale. Security operators often find themselves stuck between the unwieldy firehose of full traffic capture and the frustrating information desert of network logs like Netflow that offer only a minimal amount of detail. Simply put, it’s either too much, or too little network data.

    A goldilocks alternative exists, however, in the Bro Network Security Monitor. This open source framework transforms network traffic into high-fidelity logs that summarize activity on the wire at less than 1% the size of full traffic capture and can automate traffic analysis tasks via Bro’s unique scripting language. Thousands of organizations rely on Bro to achieve comprehensive, scalable network traffic analysis and Corelight makes Bro easy and ready to deploy at enterprise scale. In this webinar, Eric Ogren, Senior Analyst at 451 Research, and Brian Dye, CPO at Corelight, will demonstrate how Bro can help organizations achieve comprehensive, scalable network traffic analysis and accelerate their threat hunting and incident response workflows.
  • Second Wave Mobility: The Enterprise Mobile Communications Revolution Begins
    Second Wave Mobility: The Enterprise Mobile Communications Revolution Begins Raul Castanon-Martinez, 451 Research & Andrew Bale, Tango Networks Recorded: Sep 20 2018 61 mins
    Enterprises seeking the productivity benefits of a mobile workforce have been forced to do so with mainly consumer-oriented mobile services.

    The “First Wave” of mobility over the past 20 years was focused on consumers, with the features and service configurations that mattered most to individual, private users.

    But enterprises are demanding change, and a range of new services, feature-sets, and delivery models are characterizing what Raúl Castañón-Martínez of 451 Research has dubbed “Second Wave Mobility.”

    This webinar will explore the advent of enterprise-focused, Second Wave Mobility, including:

    •Moving control over services and policy enforcement into enterprise IT’s hands.
    •Integrating mobile communications with enterprise applications such as Customer Relationship Management, Workforce Optimization, Customer Experience Management and others.
    •Mobile Unified Communications, “Mobile Native” and “Mobile First” communications strategies.
    •Capturing, recording, logging and archiving mobile voice and text communications for compliance.
    •Managing multiple user identities and personas, for separating business and private communications.
    •Advanced applications such as sending and receiving text messages using business numbers.
    •Cloud-based mobility architectures, private wireless and mobility models such as Private LTE.

    The webinar will feature analysis and market trend data presented by Raúl Castañón-Martínez, Senior Analyst, Workforce Collaboration and Communications, of 451 Research.

    Andrew Bale, General Manager of Cloud Services for Tango Networks, will present case studies and use case examples of Second Wave Mobility, including unveiling Tango Networks’ new enterprise mobile communications service and messaging application.
  • Bring Your Sales Process to Life with Sales Engagement
    Bring Your Sales Process to Life with Sales Engagement Sheryl Kingstone, 451 Research & Laila Kimiagar, ClearSlide Recorded: Sep 19 2018 50 mins
    Many companies have focused investments on systems of record such as CRM that manage internal processes and transactions — but they're realizing these tools don't actually help reps sell. Complementary Sales Engagement technologies are "in the room" with sellers and provide insight and guidance with every buyer interaction — so the right message is used for the right prospect, across formats and channels. This webinar will provide an overview of how to utilize Systems of Engagement to improve win rates, including:

    · The differences between systems of record and systems of engagement
    · Best practices to move beyond activity tracking to measure actual buying signals
    · How to use intelligent automation to improve data relevancy contained in CRM or SFA

    Start the fall with fresh insight about how to improve sales efficiency and impact using the latest developments in Sales Engagement. Register now!
  • Don't Acquire Open Source Risks You're Not Aware Of
    Don't Acquire Open Source Risks You're Not Aware Of Daniel Kennedy, Research Director - Information Security, 451 Research; Phil Odence, GM – Black Duck On-Demand Recorded: Sep 19 2018 49 mins
    Modern applications are constructed using open source components. Most organizations understand they’re using open source. What they likely underestimate is its prevalence in their homegrown applications and the potential security and license compliance risks they assume if they’re not continuously monitoring those libraries. When companies merge or are acquired, that unknown risk is transferred, potentially to organizations with greater regulatory exposure. Join Daniel Kennedy, Research Director, Information Security, and Phil Odence, GM, Black Duck On-Demand, for a discussion of these risks and how to address them.
  • Using Automation to Digitally Transform Business
    Using Automation to Digitally Transform Business Sheryl Kingstone of 451 Research, Ryan Duguid of Nintex and Steve Roberts of Liberty Mutual Investments Recorded: Sep 19 2018 59 mins
    Rivalry and empowered customers are forcing enterprises to reconsider how they do business. ‘Digital transformation’ has emerged as a means to craft engaging customer experiences, automate business operations and fend off threats from rivals. It’s driving the need to rethink how enterprises engage and interact with customers, partners and their workforce.

    To cope, business and IT leaders must conceptualize new means to align business strategy and operations with modern IT automation platforms that can create new competitive advantages.

    Sheryl Kingstone, Research Vice President at 451 Research, joins Nintex Chief Evangelist Ryan Duguid and Liberty Mutual Investments Principal Technical Engineer Steve Roberts to discuss the strategic thinking and technical apparatus needed to enable new competitive advantage by:
    •Describing the fundamental techniques needed to craft compelling digital transformation strategy.
    •Revealing how next-generation automation platforms come together to enable and support digital business.
    •Discuss how automation platforms are pragmatically applied in real-world financial services use cases.

    Attendees will learn the strategy and practices needed to become digital businesses by mastering process automation as means to continuously create new competitive advantage.
  • Global Unified Commerce Forecast: Top Trends Reshaping Retail
    Global Unified Commerce Forecast: Top Trends Reshaping Retail Sheryl Kingstone, Research Vice President, and Jordan McKee, Research Director Recorded: Sep 18 2018 58 mins
    The confluence of new technologies, new entrants and new consumer demands has catapulted retail into a state of flux. These market shifts are influencing not only the way in which shoppers choose to obtain their desired goods and services, but how and where they spend their money. Join Research Vice President Sheryl Kingstone and Research Director Jordan McKee as they share key findings from 451 Research’s recently launched Global Unified Commerce Forecast. The webinar will hone in on insights derived from the forecast, pinpointing major market shifts occurring in retail.
  • Can we do it? Renewable energy and data centers
    Can we do it? Renewable energy and data centers Daniel Bizo (451 Research), Gary Cook (Greenpeace), Erik Krause (SMUD) & Phillip Sandino (RagingWire) Recorded: Sep 13 2018 48 mins
    There is no question that one of the most important initiatives around the globe is the use of renewable energy. This is especially true in the data center industry. Given the amount of power that data centers use, it is absolutely crucial that sustainable energy options are implemented as soon as possible. So what needs to be done to make renewable energy in data centers a standard modus operandi rather than an exception?

    The webinar “Can we do it? Renewable energy and data centers” will bring together energy experts from the worlds of data centers, utilities, and analytics to discuss topics including: today’s global picture of renewable energy in data centers, obstacles to widespread renewable energy deployment, a case study of a successful renewable energy implementation, and forecasts for renewable energy adoption in the near and far-term.
  • How to Simplify Life in a Hybrid Cloud World
    How to Simplify Life in a Hybrid Cloud World Carl Brooks, 451 Research & Ben Bolles, Pivot3 Recorded: Sep 13 2018 54 mins
    Public clouds have been promoted as an easy way to augment your on-premises infrastructure, allowing you to back up your data without buying more storage, move workloads to speed development or even fast track new business initiatives. But many don’t stop to consider the potential challenges of leveraging the public cloud, such as managing data and workload migration or standing up a cloud-based DR site. The complex reality of managing a hybrid cloud environment can feel overwhelming!

    Join the 451 Group, a preeminent information technology research and advisory company and Pivot3, a leading hyperconverged infrastructure and hybrid cloud provider, to learn how to simplify the deployment and management of a hybrid cloud environment using automation and intelligence.

    In this webinar you will learn:
    •The pros and cons of a hybrid cloud model
    •What defines an intelligent hybrid cloud
    •How to use a hybrid cloud model to optimize IT operations
    •How new automation technologies can simplify workload and data mobility
  • MDM as an enabler for Digital Transformation
    MDM as an enabler for Digital Transformation Matt Aslett, 451 Research & Shyam Potta, Riversand Recorded: Sep 13 2018 53 mins
    Master Data Management has been around for many years, and has historically earned itself something of a bad name as a silo that is the preserve of the IT department, and – when badly applied and enforced – a bottleneck that slows innovation. However, there are fresh and new approaches to consider that mean that - when properly applied and enforced – MDM can serve as the basis for enterprises becoming more data-driven as part of digital transformation initiatives. For example, baking MDM into new enterprise applications turns one of the traditional criticisms of MDM on its head by directly linking MDM to the delivery of business value and directly involving the users most likely to benefit from it.

    Join Matt Aslett, Research Vice President, Data Platforms and Analytics at 451 Research and Shyam Potta, Vice President of Product Management at Riversand as they explore how MDM can help establish data as a foundation for digital transformation efforts.

    In this webinar you will learn:
    •Current trends in the MDM market and how MDM enables digital transformation initiatives
    •The role of data – and more importantly, how organizations can leverage data to create better and faster business outcomes
    •Collaborative, self-service data management approaches that lead to insights
  • Key Management as a Service – Cloud, Compliance & Control
    Key Management as a Service – Cloud, Compliance & Control Garrett Bekker of 451 Research & Imam Sheikh of Equinix Recorded: Sep 12 2018 58 mins
    As enterprises strategize and execute their digital business transformation, security and control are crucial to success. Encryption key management is an effective control and plays a critical role. However, compounding factors like using Software as a Service and deploying multicloud architectures create additional data security challenges. 451 Research Analyst Garret Bekker and Equinix’s Imam Sheikh will discuss how cloud, compliance and total key control impact encryption key management, especially as enterprises embark on digital transformation journeys to drive competitive advantage.

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