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  • Smarter Sales Execution to Guide the Buyer Journey
    Smarter Sales Execution to Guide the Buyer Journey
    David Kriss, Senior Director Strategic Consulting, SAVO Recorded: Dec 11 2013 45 mins
    One of the biggest challenges sales organizations face is harmonizing their go-to-market strategies with their sales process and the buying process their buyers expect, and often, demand. Despite a heavy investment in internal sales process development and seller training, many commercial organizations still lack the ability to reconcile their strategic revenue initiatives with their sales execution.

    Join David Kriss, Sr. Director of Strategic Consulting at SAVO, learn more about the pragmatic way to uncover the customer buying process or “sales motion” and connect it with the intentions and actions of the go-to-market teams to eliminate execution gaps.
  • Revenue Attainment
    Revenue Attainment
    SAVO Recorded: Nov 22 2013 4 mins
    Successful companies do hundreds of things right. They understand market dynamics. They offer products and services that fill needs. Some innovate. Others take the familiar and build it better. They expand. Or stay small and focused.

    But all the different ways that companies achieve success devolve to one attribute that separates the winners from the losers.
  • Smarter Forecast Accuracy
    Smarter Forecast Accuracy
    Bill Zarilli, CFO, Richardson, Debbie Antonelli, CSO Richardson, and Joellen Sorenson, Director Solutions Marketing, SAVO Recorded: Oct 15 2013 58 mins
    Learn how to make reliable sales forecasts based on hard data, not guesswork. This one-hour webinar will prepare you to diagnose the health of your sales pipeline. Recognize deals that are on track… and deals that need intervention. Improve the consistency of your sales process/methodology and make a positive impact on the business bottom line.

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