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  • If You Can See It, You Can Protect It: Visibility & Cybersecurity
    If You Can See It, You Can Protect It: Visibility & Cybersecurity Jeff Harris, Ixia -- Glenn Chagnot, Ixia -- Zeus Kerravala, ZK Research Recorded: Feb 16 2017 61 mins
    Where business security is concerned, IT needs to move with speed and without hesitation. Visibility can make all the difference.

    Join our experts from Ixia and ZK Research as they discuss the critical nature of unobstructed visibility in network security. Viewers will learn:

    · The building blocks of the Digital Enterprise and Digitization

    · Why the current state of IT Security is not scalable and how businesses are falling behind

    · How Visibility can tip the Security Scales in IT’s favor by exposing persistent threats and enabling the ability to “see” insider threats.
  • Testapedia + Ixia: Test and Measurement - Five Hot Buttons for 2017
    Testapedia + Ixia: Test and Measurement - Five Hot Buttons for 2017 Cory Tinkess Recorded: Feb 10 2017 64 mins
    2017 will be a year of significant change for many operators. Efforts to virtualize network functions and increase levels of automation; projects to upgrade fixed and mobile networks with new access technologies; and the need to manage evolving types and patterns of traffic will all leading to significant infrastructure upheaval. Against this backdrop, operators still need to ensure customers are getting what they pay for, which means their test and measurement activities need to alter too. Meanwhile, the T&M industry itself is being subjected to some of these changes: for instance, replacement of hardware probes with virtual probes, and the automation of test procedures.

    This on-demand webinar will look at hot themes in test and measurement in the coming year, and what these will mean for operators.
  • Real Life Threat Reduction
    Real Life Threat Reduction Scott Register Recorded: Feb 9 2017 52 mins
    We have all seen the headlines about major data breaches at Yahoo, the Veterans Administration, Target, Anthem, and more, but have you ever stopped to think—those companies all had firewalls, IPS, SIEMs, and security pros on staff… how did the attacks get through? With Ixia’s ThreatARMOR, you can make your firewall and security team more efficient and effective.
  • Ixia and Mentor Graphics Networking Webinar
    Ixia and Mentor Graphics Networking Webinar Ron Squiers and Aniket Khosla Recorded: Feb 9 2017 34 mins
    The integration between Mentor Graphics and IXIA offers networking customers the ability to seamlessly integrate an IXIA virtual environment into an emulation-based verification flow, bringing the powerful advantages of emulation to the lab environment. This allows the reuse of traffic flow generation scripts for greater efficiency and improved debug, faster time-to-market, and gives design teams the ability to de-risk the challenges of complex chip designs.
  • Testapedia: Test in the Era of Vitualization
    Testapedia: Test in the Era of Vitualization Pierra Lynch, Ricardo Torres, Alistair Scott, Mats Nordlund Recorded: Feb 9 2017 62 mins
    Communications networks are being virtualized because virtualization provides remarkable benefits. Virtualization complicates operations, however. The responsibility for dealing with many of those complications falls on test & measurement companies.

    Even some of the network operators who are virtualizing as quickly as technology allows have not anticipated some of these issues. In this one-hour discussion, four leading T&M companies will not only identify the hidden pitfalls of virtualization, but talk about some of the best ways to side-step them. Industry collaboration is key to developing NFV testing and validation techniques that provide carriers with the assurance needed to move virtualization technologies from the lab to production. The importance of active, software-based test and service assurance becomes even greater as operators must ensure that their services are delivered right the first time and any issues can be detected in real-time in an end-to-end manner. Automation will be a key enabler of service agility. And at the end of the day -- or more accurately, at the edge of a virtualized network -- signal integrity will remain critical.
  • The 4 Keys to Improving Security Threat Detection
    The 4 Keys to Improving Security Threat Detection Jason Landry, Dario David, and Greg Copeland Recorded: Feb 9 2017 58 mins
    You can't have network security monitoring without visibility to network data. You can't have visibility without context or you risk overwhelming security tools with irrelevant traffic. You can't add context to data without the performance to apply it at line rate. And you can't have performance without resilience to protect security tools and paths.

    In this webinar, we will show how to combine the four keys to improving security threat detection into a Security Fabric to deliver greater context and intelligent distribution to monitored traffic. You will learn how to create actionable threat intelligence specific to your organization and increase the value of your existing security tool infrastructure.
  • 2016 Cloud Megacast
    2016 Cloud Megacast Christophe Olivier Recorded: Jan 4 2017 33 mins
    What if you could learn about the various cloud models and also gain insight into some of the leading products in each of those models? That’s exactly what you’ll get with the 2016 ActualTech Media Cloud MegaCast

    This is your unique opportunity to learn about:

    -What’s happening in across the cloud spectrum

    -Solutions to some of your most complex data center issues

    -Seven leading vendors how they’re driving positive outcomes for their customers.
  • Tap More. Worry Less
    Tap More. Worry Less Jonathan Petkevich Recorded: Dec 15 2016 37 mins
    Today’s networks are increasingly powerful and diverse but can suffer from significant blind spots making them difficult to audit and verify traffic. All too often, seemingly inexpensive solutions end up being unreliable or costly to deploy, or they do not scale as the organization grows.

    Watch this webcast to learn:

    • How Ixia Taps ensure compliance and security

    • Why quality matters

    • The breadth of the Ixia tap lineup
  • Build Resilient Security Right into your Network
    Build Resilient Security Right into your Network Lora O'Haver and Jason Landry Recorded: Dec 1 2016 61 mins
    You need 100% data access and visibility, and the intelligence to evaluate vast volumes of network traffic, without slowing or disrupting your network. A resilient security fabric does all this and helps scale your security infrastructure as needs change.
  • Resilient Security Monitoring: One Step at a Time
    Resilient Security Monitoring: One Step at a Time Lora O'Haver and Jonathan Petkevich Recorded: Dec 1 2016 52 mins
    Your security architecture was designed to protect your business, but does it have the resiliency to deliver results in the event something doesn’t go as planned? Resiliency is attainable – even on a budget – when you take it step by step.

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