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  • Security Management: Reducing Your Attack Surface with Risk Analytics
    Security Management: Reducing Your Attack Surface with Risk Analytics
    Gidi Cohen, CEO and Founder, Skybox Security Recorded: May 1 2014 25 mins
    There is a huge imbalance between the time and effort it takes a security manager to find and close attack vectors, versus the time it takes an attacker to exploit a security gap. A security team may need weeks to scan a network and fix vulnerabilities, while attacks can be successful in minutes. Time is of the essence, and risk analytics convert security data into actionable intelligence fast.

    In this presentation, recorded at InfoSecurity Europe 2014, Skybox Security CEO and Founder Gidi Cohen explores the popular approaches for IT security management and why common methodologies are no longer effective at reducing the attack surface. He also reviews practical ways to leverage security data and risk analytics tools to shrink the attack surface every day.
  • Risk Analytics: Using Your Data to Solve Security Challenges
    Risk Analytics: Using Your Data to Solve Security Challenges
    Michelle Johnson Cobb VP, Product Marketing Skybox Security Recorded: Dec 5 2013 49 mins
    Today’s enterprise is driven by measurements, metrics and data analysis, and enterprise security infrastructure is no exception.
    •How secure are we?
    •What's our strategy for advanced threats?
    •How do we manage changes?
    •What should we focus on?
    •How is risk changing over time?

    The answer is in your data – risk analytics is critical to answering the questions you face every day. Risk analytics eliminates reviews of the 300-page vulnerability scanner report and sifting through mounds of firewall device configuration data. Risk analytics open new paths to find and prioritize vulnerabilities, quickly find firewall rule errors, and determine potential threats before they can be exploited.

    This webinar is targeted at network security professionals looking to add security metrics and analytics into their security program. In this webinar, we will:
    •Cover the popular approaches, processes and technologies for IT security, and look at why existing methods get less effective over time
    •Examine what’s missing and why it’s difficult to make security decisions that keep up with evolving threats
    •Discuss risk analytics and tools that can be leveraged for day-to-day security decision support
    •Highlight ‘before and after’ risk analytics case studies

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