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  • Big-Guy Security for the Little Guy
    Big-Guy Security for the Little Guy
    Claudio Scarabello Director Product, APAC FireEye Inc Recorded: Dec 13 2018 51 mins
    Threats Actors Target Vendors to Large Organisations

    We observe that state-sponsored espionage groups steal intellectual property for economic advantage. While the main players appear to understand this threat, many smaller supply-chain vendors and contractors may not. The targeting of third-party vendors and contractors is a tactic these threat actors are increasingly using to spy on hardened targets. A recent discovery of a treasure trove of openly available sensitive data is a reminder and call-to-action for many smaller enterprises to improve their cyber resilience. Attend this session to hear more about this case and threat actors potentially using these tactics.
    Join if you’re from a large organization that needs to understand third-party risk or if you’re from a small organization that needs to demonstrate due diligence to your largest customers.
  • Facing Forward: Cyber Security in 2019 and Beyond
    Facing Forward: Cyber Security in 2019 and Beyond
    Christopher Porter, Chief Intelligence Strategist, FireEye Recorded: Dec 11 2018 57 mins
    As the door closes on 2018, we walk away armed with knowledge about what’s to come in 2019 and beyond. We know attackers will attack and defenders will be tasked with stopping them, but there is a lot more we can do to be prepared for upcoming threats and ensure we’re innovating faster than bad actors.

    Join Christopher Porter, Chief Intelligence Strategist at FireEye, as he shares his thoughts about cyber security in 2019. During the webinar, Christopher will touch on various topics discussed in our Facing Forward: Cyber Security in 2019 and Beyond report, which was developed based on insights from our senior leaders, FireEye Threat Intelligence, Mandiant incident responders, and FireEye Labs. Tune in to learn about:

    •Threats to the aviation industry, including cyber espionage and cybercrime
    •What to expect from established and emerging nation states
    •How threat actors are changing their tactics to stay ahead of defenders

    Register today to learn what lies ahead and stay one step ahead of cyber security threats.
  • 通過網絡取證揭示隱藏的網絡威脅
    洪文輝 Manfred Hung, FireEye 技術顧問 Recorded: Nov 22 2018 40 mins
    許多現代網絡攻擊通常繞過防火牆和其他外圍防禦,讓資安人員發揮“打擊鼴鼠”的作用,盡可能快速有效地擊敗威脅。 網絡取證策略可以讓資安團隊了解網絡流量,並讓他們快速找到隱藏在其網絡中的威脅。
    Manfred Hung技術顧問將詳細介紹:
  • 人工智能和未來的網絡衝突
    蕭松瀛, Nicholas Hsiao, FireEye 技術顧問 Recorded: Nov 15 2018 42 mins
    在網絡世界中攻擊者使用人工智能(AI)將導致攻擊更具針對性,影響更多人,並造成更大傷害。 資安專業人員必須了解這沖突對未來攻擊有什麼含意。
    Nicholas Hsiao 北亞技術顧問在人工智能系列的最終回講解以下議題:
  • APT38: Un-usual Suspects
    APT38: Un-usual Suspects
    FireEye Recorded: Nov 15 2018 42 mins
    APT38 is a newly identified cyber-crime organization that has attempted to steal over $1.1 billion by attacking more than 16 financial organizations in 13 different countries – many of them located in the Asia Pacific region. This North Korean regime-backed group is careful in its planning and often lives in a compromised victim environment for months before initiating their fraudulent banking transactions.

    Please join the FireEye experts for a detailed discussion on the tactics, techniques and procedures used by APT38 and what you can do to defend your organization.
  • 智慧端點防護的新境界: 超越一般防病毒產品
    智慧端點防護的新境界: 超越一般防病毒產品
    洪文輝 Manfred Hung, FireEye 技術顧問 Recorded: Oct 25 2018 52 mins
    數十年來,防病毒(AV)保護已成為端點安全的基礎,儘管存在已知的防護差距。 為了應對不斷變化的威脅,組織需要一個可以加強防禦的集成端點解決方案。
    Manfred Hung技術顧問將詳細介紹:
    •FireEye Endpoint Security解決方案如何以單一控制台,能夠快速地從檢測到調查和修復
  • Connecting the Dots: the Importance of an Integrated Security Solution
    Connecting the Dots: the Importance of an Integrated Security Solution
    Misha Sokolnikov, Director of Product Marketing, FireEye Recorded: Oct 24 2018 51 mins
    As cyber threats continue to proliferate and expand, so does the arsenal of tools organizations employ to protect against the attackers. With most security solutions equipping to solve only narrow problems, it has become the norm for organizations to deploy an unbearable amount of technologies. Join Misha Sokolnikov, Director of Product Marketing, FireEye as he provides:

    • An overview of why security solutions today are not integrated and cause complexity, inefficiencies and excessive alert noise
    • The tactics that threat actors use to take advantage of disjointed, complex security technologies
    • The most critical threat vectors and how the consolidation and integration of security tools can help you improve your security posture

    Register Now!
  • Executive Panel | Financial Services: Cyber Threats on the Horizon
    Executive Panel | Financial Services: Cyber Threats on the Horizon
    Kevin Taylor, EMEA VP; Sandra Joyce, VP, Global Intel Operations; Stuart McKenzie, EMEA Mandiant VP; Simon Moor, NEUR VP Recorded: Oct 24 2018 25 mins
    Cyber threats plague the financial services industry:
    • Advanced persistent threat (APT) actors seek to support economic reforms and reach state goals
    • Financial threat actors seek financial gain through the direct theft of funds or the sale of stolen information
    • Disruptive threat actors and hacktivists seek to gain publicity, divert banks' attentions, or demonstrate a political motive

    Any one of these threats would increase activity in an industry, but the presence of all three likely accounts for the large number of intrusions in financial services organizations.

    Join us for a live video panel and get executive insights for critical topics relevant to the financial services industry, including the:
    • Nature of threats, as well as their motivations and tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs)
    • Ripple effect consequences of geopolitics
    • Cost of a breach and importance of risk awareness in the boardroom
    • Need to keep GDPR a high priority
  • Autopsy of a real ICS case – TRITON
    Autopsy of a real ICS case – TRITON
    David Grout, Director Technical, South EMEA, FireEye Recorded: Oct 24 2018 47 mins
    Mandiant responded to an incident in 2017 at a critical infrastructure organisation where an attacker deployed malware designed to manipulate industrial safety systems. The targeted systems provided emergency shutdown capability for industrial processes. This malware, called TRITON, is an attack framework built to interact with Triconex Safety Instrumented System (SIS) controllers.

    Join David Grout, our Technical Director for South EMEA, for a live session and get insights into the technical framework details and the potential outcomes.
  • The Double-Edged Sword of Cloud Security
    The Double-Edged Sword of Cloud Security
    Shashwath Hegde, Solutions Architect, APAC, FireEye Recorded: Oct 24 2018 31 mins
    In many ways, public cloud is more secure than a traditional data center. And yet, assets on the public cloud are still being compromised just as those stored in traditional data centers. Mandiant, the industry leader in incident response consulting, estimates that 15 percent of all of its incident response involves public cloud assets. So, if the cloud is more secure, why is it still getting hacked?

    In this session, we will discuss
    • the challenges in Cloud Security
    • how to design an effective strategy to tackle them

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