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  • Marketing Data Quality: Four Roles, One Goal
    Marketing Data Quality: Four Roles, One Goal John Donlon, Senior Research Director, SiriusDecisions Recorded: Sep 21 2017 55 mins
    The marketing team’s goal is to acquire new customers and grow existing customer spend. To do this, they must have customer data that is relevant, timely and trusted. Data-driven marketers don’t just manage their new marketing applications; they actively manage their data as a strategic asset. And, as with all strategic assets, that means putting in place rigorous systems of governance to define key dimensions and the metrics to control the data that defines them.

    In this session, John Donlon, Senior Research Director, at SiriusDecisions discusses a seven-step process required within the marketing department for auditing, cleansing and managing data that is sustainable and delivers tangible results.
  • MDM Reimagined: Secrets of a Winning MDM Strategy
    MDM Reimagined: Secrets of a Winning MDM Strategy Tom Gottweis, Head of Data Strategy, Winsupply Recorded: Sep 21 2017 34 mins
    Winsupply sells residential and commercial construction and industrial supplies to their B2B customers via one of their 580 wholesaling locations or on their ecommerce site. The leading wholesaler’s home grown ERP system had evolved over the years, leaving its data disconnected with data quality issues and workflow challenges that would slow future growth. By centralizing and standardizing its data management, Winsupply is constructing a foundation of trusted product and customer data.

    Join in to learn the approach the company adopted including the key success factors and lessons learned to more efficiently on-board products, improve product data quality and classification capabilities, and enhance e-commerce product search-ability.

    This session will touch on several critical success factors that are common to all MDM implementations. We will explore activities that lay a strong foundation to minimize the cost and maximize value.
  • Don’t just move data. Learn how to ensure data quality, security, and governance
    Don’t just move data. Learn how to ensure data quality, security, and governance Anthony Smith, EMEA Head of Technology, JLL and Forbes Analyst Joe McKendrick, McKendrick Research Recorded: Sep 20 2017 48 mins
    The journey to cloud is an evolution not a revolution Data management issues get amplified in the cloud because of a complex landscape across cloud and on-premise applications. When you are moving data around, data security, data governance and data quality should be a top priority. Join Joe McKendrick from Forbes and Anthony Smith, Head of Technology Solutions at JLL to discover:
    •How to get the architecture right and understand what data goes to cloud and what stays on-premises, and what data management brings to the table around data quality, data security, and data governance.
    •Best practices on embracing both cloud and on-premises to scale flexibly and innovate faster to meet with accessible, secure and relevant data
    •How JLL is embracing both cloud and on-premise worlds for flexibility and faster development of best of breed solutions irrespective of where they are hosted. Hybrid is about digital innovations at JLL helping us scale flexibly and innovate faster to meet our customers’ needs with innovative solutions.
  • Detect and Protect for Digital Transformation
    Detect and Protect for Digital Transformation Rusty Feldman, VP, Data Security, Informatica; Gary Patterson, Director of Product Management, Data Security Recorded: Sep 19 2017 54 mins
    Most organizations today do not have an effective way of identifying sensitive data risks and where to apply proper data protection. This missing insight of sensitive-data risks challenges IT, compliance and security teams who need to provide and support data visibility, compliance, security and audit.

    Secure@Source Version 4 provides breakthrough capabilities for identifying, analyzing, protecting and monitoring sensitive data. Version 4 provides visibility and control across unstructured and structured data for cloud, big data and relational data stores.
  • B2B Managed File Transfer - Overview and Roadmap
    B2B Managed File Transfer - Overview and Roadmap Alan Lundberg, Eran Benanyun - Informatica MFT Product Manager Recorded: Sep 19 2017 33 mins
    As part of the B2B product suite, the brand new Managed File Transfer (MFT) brings new capabilities and features to enhance the user experience. Tune in to this webinar to hear Informatica Product management present the highlights of the new MFT functionality and the upgrade / migration options for the latest release.
  • MDM Reimagined - MDM Best Practices
    MDM Reimagined - MDM Best Practices Ron Matusof, VP, MDM Advanced Customer Engineering, Informatica Recorded: Sep 7 2017 21 mins
    Live at 10:30 am PT | 12:30 pm CT | 1:30 pm ET | 6:30 pm BST | 7:30 pm CEST

    To implement an MDM solution successfully and fuel business-level initiatives that deliver business value, you need to follow best practices. Find out what they are from Ron Matusof, VP of MDM Customer Success and Advanced Customer Engineering at Informatica.

    Ron has more than 30 years of industry experience, including more than a decade in all aspects of MDM. Ron has worked with hundreds of customers over the years and will share his breadth of knowledge to help you ensure your MDM project is on the right path.

    We will cover these specific topics:
    • Understanding usage scenarios
    • Choosing solutions that meet those scenarios
    • Evaluating master data consumption patterns
    • Defining a solution data model
    • Defining a solution architecture
    • Applying system requirements (NFRs) to the solution
    • Monitoring, governing, and continuously improving the trusted data system
  • MDM Reimagined - Panel Discussion
    MDM Reimagined - Panel Discussion MDM experts: Swati Gokhale, ZS Associates and John Parker, Manouj Tahiliani, and Prash Chandramohan, Informatica Recorded: Sep 7 2017 29 mins
    Live at 10 am PT | 12 pm CT | 1 pm ET | 6 pm BST | 7 pm CEST

    Master Data Management (MDM) allows companies in every industry to strategically manage their business-critical data, build a data foundation required to unleash hidden insights, and address the most pressing business problems.

    This panel discusses the changing data landscape, how successful companies approach MDM, and why it is time to reimagine MDM. You will also learn best practices and step you can take to unleash the disruptive power of master data.

    If you are just starting your MDM journey, finding ways to enhance your approach, or just MDM-curious, this panel will set you on the right path and help you fine-tune.

    - Prash Chandramohan, Principal Product Marketing Manager, Informatica (Host)
    - Swati Gokhale, Associate Principal at ZS Associates
    - John Parker, Sr. Director, Strategic Business Development, Informatica
    - Manouj Tahiliani, Sr. Director of Product Management, MDM Solutions, Informatica
  • MDM Reimagined for Intelligent Engagement - Keynote
    MDM Reimagined for Intelligent Engagement - Keynote Suresh Menon, SVP & GM, MDM, Informatica; Patrick Lesandrini, Enterprise Data Governance & Quality Applications Mgr, PayPal Recorded: Sep 7 2017 45 mins
    Live at 9 am PT | 11 am CT | 12 pm ET | 5 pm BST | 6 pm CEST

    Our interconnected world of data is disrupting how customers and companies interact and do business. Reimagined MDM makes it easier for leading companies to push the envelope of intelligent engagement to deliver exceptional customer experiences, nail down regulatory compliance, optimize critical business processes and make smarter decisions. In this keynote, Suresh Menon, SVP and General Manager of MDM at Informatica will share how Informatica is setting the pace for the next generation of intelligent MDM and unleashing new MDM solutions to deliver great customer experiences, comply with changing regulations, optimize employee efficiency, and drive growth.

    You will also get a chance to see Intelligent Master Data Management in action with a demo that shows how reimagined MDM unleashes the power of trusted data, simplifies your master data strategy by supporting your journey to cloud, and fuels forward-looking strategies with intelligent recommendations.
  • Cloud Integration Hub Salesforce Accelerator Deep Dive and Demo Webinar
    Cloud Integration Hub Salesforce Accelerator Deep Dive and Demo Webinar Scott Hedrick, Director Product Marketing, Etty Afriat, Director Product Management, Amit Vaswani, Product Specialist Leader Recorded: Sep 6 2017 55 mins
    Are you starting to build up difficult to manage data integration spaghetti as your cloud data integrations proliferate? Organize and simplify multi-point cloud data integrations with Cloud Integration Hub, the modern publish/subscribe solution for efficiency and productivity. Reduce data transfer and API charges by removing redundant Cloud synchronizations with Informatica’s Hub for data. Jumpstart your use of the Cloud Integration Hub with the new Salesforce Accelerator. Existing Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services Premium and Advanced customers can get started right way with the one year of basic Cloud Integration Hub with their subscriptions.

    In this webinar we will:

    •Provide a technical overview of the key capabilities and value of Cloud Integration Hub by Informatica experts
    •Demo the latest version of Cloud Integration Hub including the new Salesforce Accelerator
    •Show how existing Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services customers can get started with the one year of basic Cloud Integration Hub included in their subscriptions.
  • Red Hat’s Adoption of Cloud Analytics Architecture
    Red Hat’s Adoption of Cloud Analytics Architecture Ian Firman, Red Hat; Andrew McIntyre, Informatica; Meera Srinivasan, Informatica Recorded: Aug 31 2017 62 mins
    Enterprises adopt cloud for their analytics architecture to support high scalability, speed to value and timely analytics. Join Ian Firman, Data Warehouse Architect at Red Hat, to go under the hood and understand how they drive massive scale and performance of their analytics environment, deal with huge volumes of data across cloud and on-premises, and deliver trusted data for advanced analytics, data modeling and deep learning using Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services and Amazon Web Services Redshift.

    During this webinar, you will hear:

    • The challenges of the traditional data warehouse and how to overcome them with a cloud data warehouse
    • Architectural best practices to manage data across hybrid environment using an enterprise data warehouse on-premises and in the cloud
    • How Amazon Redshift helps in scaling, performance and speed to value

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