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  • Great Customer Data: The Foundation to Successful Customer Engagement
    Great Customer Data: The Foundation to Successful Customer Engagement Salema Rice, Chief Data Officer, Allegis Group & Donal Dunne, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Informatica Recorded: Aug 17 2017 19 mins
    Trusted customer data is the difference maker between happy customers and getting blasted on social media. By using our contact data verification tools, you can quickly clean your customer contact data so that it can be relied upon for success. Whether the end goal is improved customer relationships or another data-driven digital transformation objective, clean contact data enables you to engage with your customers more effectively.

    During this webinar, you’ll hear from Salema Rice, Chief Data Officer of Allegis Group, on how great customer data has improved her customers' experience. You’ll discover the positive effects right from a CDO and learn about how you can get started in creating better customer outcomes.
  • Do Less Accomplish More | Radical new approach to Data Security
    Do Less Accomplish More | Radical new approach to Data Security Mukesh Kumar Marodia,Director, Product Management Informatica Recorded: Aug 9 2017 49 mins
    The traditional method of doing security create enormous amount of work for security team without desired outcome. Secure@Source is designed to transform cybersecurity from a concept or idea into concrete actions, with the awareness of where enterprise data resides, how much of it is deemed as confidential or sensitive, how this sensitive data moves and flows through the entire organization and who has access to it
    Join us for the webinars which focus on how to building a next generation security solution with using machine learning context, intelligent systems to aid companies like in mitigating external as well as internal threats.
    This webinar will cover the today’s security challenges how Informatica addresses these with data security intelligence and controls with:
    • Enterprise-wide visibility to sensitive data, providing 360 degree insights on data context, so that you can confirm what you know and learn what you don’t know about your sensitive data risks.
    • Detection of anomalous user activities to detect the unexpected insider threats.
    • Enabling the prioritization of data security investments based on a risk driven approach to continuously monitor sensitive data risks based on multiple factors.
    • Finally, automatically orchestrating the flow across the stakeholders within the organization to apply the needed data protection to close the loop on remediation.
    Join us to view the live demonstration and get ahead of the game!!
  • Data-Driven Digital Transformation - The Key to Effective Marketing & Analytics
    Data-Driven Digital Transformation - The Key to Effective Marketing & Analytics Don Nanneman, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Informatica Recorded: Aug 1 2017 29 mins
    Advances in marketing technologies, programs and processes have exploded over the past few years. To take better advantage of these innovations, you need to fuel them with trusted, governed, relevant and authoritative data. The results are deeper customer insights around relationships so that you can unleash differentiated customer engagement and personalized experiences.

    Businesses are drowning in a deluge of data collected from so many sources and in so many formats. To unleash the power of data, information needs to be intelligently shared by multiple applications across the business. However, the quality of the data can't always be guaranteed, resulting in errors and wasted effort. Equally important, analytics using bad data will produce inaccurate results leading to poor decision making. With the right technology and an intelligent data-driven approach, companies can effectively see, understand, and share data insights across their organizations.

    Trusted by over 4,000 Salesforce customers, the Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services offers the most complete suite of modular data management services for the Salesforce Sales, Service, Marketing, Commerce, IoT and Analytics Clouds.

    Attend this informative Informatica session, hosted by TechRepublic, and learn how:

    • Integrating your data and applications provides the foundation for more effective marketing campaigns and information sharing
    • Delivering great data quality will improve marketing ROI, analytics and improved customer experiences
    • Robust master data management, data hubs, and automation can provide more accurate, real-time data across all your business applications
    • Automation and best practices can significantly streamline repetitive and complex workflows reducing errors and saving time

    The key to data-driven marketing is entirely in your control.
  • Defining Enterprise Cloud Data Management for a hybrid world
    Defining Enterprise Cloud Data Management for a hybrid world James Humphrey, National Instruments and Forbes Analyst Joe McKendrick Recorded: Jul 27 2017 61 mins
    Is your company on a data-driven digital transformation journey?
    With cloud being a strong directive, managing the enterprise data across cloud and on-premises environments is a common impediment in this journey. However, you are not alone when facing this hybrid data management challenge.
    Join Forbes contributor and analyst, Joe McKendrick and James Humphrey, Principal Architect at National Instruments as they share critical business drivers, use cases and challenges shaping the success of the journey to cloud.

    In this webinar, you will learn:
    - Current digital transformation market trends driving the influence of cloud.
    - Role of hybrid data management
    - How National Instruments is growing at scale and reducing time to market for their products and services
    - How National Instruments is making cloud work for their Data Lake projects to scale cost-effectively and augment existing hybrid landscape
  • Architecting Data, Analytics, & Process Improvement with MDM at BJC Healthcare
    Architecting Data, Analytics, & Process Improvement with MDM at BJC Healthcare Nathan Rain, Group Manager of MDM, BJC Healthcare; Prash Chandramohan, Informatica; & David Lyle, Informatica Recorded: Jul 26 2017 61 mins
    Finding a champion is a critical success factor of any master data project. Nathan Rain, Group Manager of Master Data Management at BJC Healthcare, designed a roadshow to explain what, where, when, why and how to explain the relevance of MDM to stakeholders at BJC and Washington University School of Medicine.

    In this webinar, Nathan will walk through his “show me” approach to gaining buy-in for the capabilities of multidomain, end-to-end MDM and data governance. He will share where to start with MDM, what’s relevant when building a business case, and how to explain the value of enterprise MDM and data governance to your executives. Join us to learn tips-and-tricks for a successful start, evangelizing the MDM thought leadership, and how MDM can turn you into a hero.

    If you need your executives to champion a trusted data initiative that fuels intelligent disruption in your organization, you won’t want to miss this!
  • Enterprise Information Catalog 10.2 - Deep Dive and Demo
    Enterprise Information Catalog 10.2 - Deep Dive and Demo Deepa Sankar, Director Product Marketing; Gaurav Pathak, Director Product Management Recorded: Jul 25 2017 63 mins
    See an in-depth discussion of the new features and a demo of Enterprise Information Catalog10.2. Learn how this smart data catalog can manage and maximize the value and re-use of data assets across the enterprise.
  • How Cisco Uses Architecture to Drive Their Digital Transformation
    How Cisco Uses Architecture to Drive Their Digital Transformation John Schmidt Recorded: Jul 20 2017 46 mins
    Cisco has built their industry leadership over the years through an active M&A strategy. But as the organization transitioned into new businesses and new business models, the complexity left by M&A was slowing them down. We will describe how Cisco was able to accelerate business agility and implement new business models by taking an architecture-led approach. Even more importantly, he will discuss how they were able to connect their business strategy to their technical architecture to remove ambiguity and deliver exactly the results the business required.

    This session will include best practices and approaches to architecture that will drive measurable business results. Cisco also won an InfoWorld/Forrester industry architecture award for this work.

    Matt Sidden, IT Manager Enterprise Architecture, Cisco
    John Schmidt, VP Global Integration Competency Center Practice, Informatica
    David Lyle, VP Business Transformation Services, Informatica
  • Unlock Intelligent Engagement with Next-Gen MDM Customer 360
    Unlock Intelligent Engagement with Next-Gen MDM Customer 360 Monica Mullen, Prash Chandramohan, Oliver Reynold Soans Recorded: Jul 20 2017 63 mins
    If you want to disrupt your markets with transformative customer experience and engagement, join us for this live webinar and demo on July 20 to see how Informatica can help you:
    •Take a data-centric focus to customer experience
    •Streamline and centralize your customer onboarding processes
    •Visually explore and relate big data to your mastered customer information
    •Share trusted, governed, and relevant data securely
    •Strategically manage your customer information
  • Intelligent Data Governance Management at McGraw-Hill Education
    Intelligent Data Governance Management at McGraw-Hill Education Robbie Pape, McGraw-Hill Education; Patrick Dewald, Informatica; Thomas Brence, Informatica Recorded: Jul 13 2017 55 mins
    There are many reasons for automating a data governance program. Improved efficiency. Increased profitability. Reduced risk. Or all the above – and so many more. But building out an enterprise wide data governance program can’t be successful if it’s not powered by high quality, trustworthy data. With reliable data at your fingertips, and the right tools to help you get the job down, your team is able to meet your mission. That’s intelligent data governance and that’s what has been at the core of McGraw-Hill Education’s data governance program.

    Join us on July 13th to hear Robbie Pape, Data Governance Director at McGraw-Hill Education, share how having the right people, process and technology – including Informatica Axon - enables her team to deliver data fit for purpose across the enterprise.
  • Real World Lessons For Modernizing Data Management with Big Data Technologies
    Real World Lessons For Modernizing Data Management with Big Data Technologies Navin Parmar, Enterprise Data Management Industry Consultant & Murthy Mathiprakasam, Product Marketing, Informatica Recorded: Jun 29 2017 55 mins
    How confident are you about successfully using Hadoop for your data management needs? Despite 60-80% of organizations experimenting with new big data technologies, only a few have been able to successfully extract value sustainably.

    In this webinar, Navin Parmar, a highly experienced healthcare data management leader and longtime Informatica PowerCenter customer, will share the best practices he has gathered across multiple projects from modernizing data environments beyond traditional data warehousing and successfully leveraging big data technologies. Learn real world lessons from an experienced industry practitioner who has delivered compelling healthcare analytics outcomes, while ensuring regulatory compliance with completely trusted data.

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