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  • Informatica MDM: Provisioning Tool – A Closer Look
    Informatica MDM: Provisioning Tool – A Closer Look Hazik Afzal, Product Manager, MDM, Informatica, Prash Chandramohan, Director of Product Marketing, MDM, Informatica Recorded: Jun 22 2018 48 mins
    Join us for this webinar as we take an in-depth look Business Entity, Business Entity View, and Layout configuration options available in Informatica MDM Provisioning Tool.

    During this webinar, Informatica MDM product experts will cover following topics:

    - Discuss Business Entity concept and review configuration options.
    - Understand Business Entity View and how to create transformations.
    - A walkthrough of the layout design and create data view layouts.
  • Designed for Speed: Providence Health Plan's Enterprise Data Management Roadmap
    Designed for Speed: Providence Health Plan's Enterprise Data Management Roadmap Jaydeep Ghosh, Director of Data Services, Providence Health Plan & Monica Mullen, Solutions Marketing Manager, Informatica Recorded: Jun 21 2018 58 mins
    Providence Health Plan has grown organically over the last 30+ years. With the adoption of the Affordable Care Act as well as growth in other lines of business, the organization was at a crossroad. As new applications and vendors were introduced into the ecosystem to respond to the business’s need, system complexity had increased substantially. The result was a data management challenge that would limit ongoing business success if it remained unsolved.

    Join Jaydeep Ghosh, Director of Data Services at Providence Health Plan, and Monica Mullen, Principal Solutions Marketing Manager at Informatica, as they discuss the enterprise data roadmap that the organization put together to address the current state, position the health plan for future growth, and address these top challenges:

    • Time to business value
    • Multiple, but incomplete, versions of the truth
    • Overall lack of trust in data
  • Reimagine Data Governance: Collaboration, Integration, Automation & More
    Reimagine Data Governance: Collaboration, Integration, Automation & More Andy Joss, Head of Solutions & Data Governance, Informatica & Giuseppe Mura, Principal Architect, Informatica Recorded: Jun 20 2018 61 mins
    As organisations are seizing the opportunity to become more agile and enable transformation by intelligently using data, the need to act to defend against being disrupted by market, business, and technology forces has never been greater. With data increasingly becoming a business asset, organisations are looking to more intelligently deliver Data Governance as a way to maximise the value of their data.

    During this webinar Informatica will explore three fundamental requirements for Intelligent Data Governance:
    •Collaboration around data, across an organisation
    •Integration of organisational knowledge around data
    •Automation of the discovery of data, across an organization

    By combining these three requirements, plus more, Informatica will show how Intelligent Data Governance is rapidly changing the way organisations govern their most precious asset: their data.
  • Next-Gen PIM: What AI can do for Product Data
    Next-Gen PIM: What AI can do for Product Data Christian Farra, Product Specialist MDM, Informatica Recorded: Jun 12 2018 33 mins
    Organizations across many different industries, producing, selling or distributing products and services and investing in omnichannel customer experience and digital transformation initiatives are challenged to improve operational efficiencies, reduce costs and speed-up time to market. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) can be a game-changer in helping them achieve their goals.

    In this webinar, Christian Farra, Product Specialist MDM at Informatica will share insights how companies can leverage AI for product information management (PIM) taking the next step to intelligently fuel their data-driven digital transformation.
    Join this webinar to hear how AI, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and ML can simplify your product data enrichment process while reducing costs. This will be showcased based on use-case examples like auto-classification, attribute extraction or image classification.
  • Informatica Hero Session - Mastering your Data
    Informatica Hero Session - Mastering your Data Joseph Sullivan,Senior Solution Specialist - APJ, Informatica Recorded: Jun 6 2018 44 mins
    Become a hero in your office.
    Informatica has evolved. In our 25th year, and with a number of latest best-of-breed solutions, we want to ensure you continue to be an Informatica Hero in your business.

    This year we are launching a 5-part series, where we will take your current skills on Informatica combined with the latest business imperatives to take your skills to the next level.

    In this session Master Data Management (MDM) expert, Hany Eid from Informatica will cover:
    * How does MDM help drive your digital experience
    * How can MDM Improve customer experience?
    * What are the trends in customer, product, supplier?
    *What are the current key drivers for MDM within organisations
  • JLL: The Modern Approach to Managing Multiple Integration Environments
    JLL: The Modern Approach to Managing Multiple Integration Environments Pankit Patel, Senior Architect, JLL & Keshav Ramarao, Principal Product Manager, Informatica Recorded: May 30 2018 60 mins
    Data is the fuel and key differentiator for Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), global financial and professional services firm that specializes in commercial real estate services and investment management. Delivering valuable, actionable insights based on its voluminous data - at its clients’ fingertips - is their mantra.

    Managing multiple integration environments that combine data coming from back-end building management systems, Internet of Things sensors and public data, which is spread across on-premises, big data and cloud environments is not a trivial task.

    In this webinar, Pankit Patel, Senior Architect at JLL, will share how JLL is leveraging machine-learning-based operational monitoring and analytics to get predictive insights and recommendations across all their deployments and assets, thus maximizing resource utilization with better capacity planning and optimizing costs, while improving business SLAs.

    In this session, you will hear about:

    •How JLL is unleashing the power of their operational data and analytics to drive IT productivity and business success
    •Lessons learned by JLL in managing multiple integration environments to deliver data into the hands of their clients
    •Optimally planning for the future to drive better business outcomes
  • Address Verification 5.13 – What’s New?
    Address Verification 5.13 – What’s New? Amarpal Sohi, Donal Dunne Recorded: May 17 2018 31 mins
    The Spring release of Address Verification will be available in May. Come and learn about the new capabilities available in Address Verification 5.13, which will add value to your organization and help you make more informed decisions.
  • Data Preparation Done Right
    Data Preparation Done Right Davinder Mundy, Specialist Big Data Technologies, Informatica Recorded: May 9 2018 45 mins
    How do you avoid your enterprise data lake turning into a so-called data swamp? The explosion of structured, unstructured and streaming data can be overwhelming for data lake users, and make it unmanageable for IT. Without scalable, repeatable, and intelligent mechanisms for cataloguing and curating data, the advantages of data lakes diminish. The key to solving the problem of data swamps is Informatica’s metadata driven approach which leverages intelligent methods to automatically discover, profile and infer relationships about data assets. Enabling business analysts and citizen integrators to quickly find, understand and prepare the data they are looking for.
  • Adaptive Biotechnologies: 5 Steps to Growing your Startup with Self-Service Data
    Adaptive Biotechnologies: 5 Steps to Growing your Startup with Self-Service Data Cyrus Virdeh, DW Architect, Adaptive Biotechnologies & Vaidy Krishnan, Product Marketing, Tableau Recorded: May 8 2018 60 mins
    Adaptive Biotechnologies is a thriving biotechnology startup, headquartered in Seattle, and playing a major role in the immunotherapy approach to curing cancer. Adaptive Biotechnologies has been growing in leaps and bounds, both organically and through acquisitions - and amassing vast amounts of data in the process. They realized that unleashing the power of this data would hold the key to further accelerating their growth and maturing as an organization. It was time to become data-centric!

    In this interactive session, experts from Adaptive Biotechnologies, Informatica and Tableau will chat about how embracing a data-centric approach is a key to the company's growth in a highly dynamic and competitive market. Adaptive Biotechnologies' architect will share their approach to data management and self-service analytics to achieve success as a growing startup. They wiill discuss their present and future data management and analytics architecture and share best practices.

    In this session, you will learn how to:

    • Implement a cloud analytics architecture, from scratch, with Informatica and Tableau.
    • Combine cloud data warehouse with cloud data lake to deliver data for self-service analytics.
    • Foster an agile and collaborative approach to self-service analytics, bringing together the best of business and IT.
    • Integrate data cataloging into your Tableau environment for data discovery and crowdsourced governance.

    Join us to learn how you too, can grow your business when embracing a data-centric approach!
  • Informatica Hero Session - Data Governance
    Informatica Hero Session - Data Governance Anand Ramamoorthy, APJ Segment Leader, Data Governance at Informatica Recorded: May 2 2018 42 mins
    Governance Session.

    Are you hearing about Governance and compliance in your business? With the onset of GDPR it certainly is a hot topic.

    Informatica is spear-heading Data Governance in a whole new way. We want to ensure that if you are hearing about this in your business, you are able to shape the conversation and drive value of your skills.

    In this one-hour webinar, learn about:

    How you can extend the skill-set you have now to master these new initiatives
    What does ‘true’ governance look like
    What Informatica is doing around compliance and governance with our latest releases
    Why it is imperative to be able to effectively catalogue and govern data to provide compliance

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