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Oracle Marketing Cloud

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  • Simple Ways to Significantly Increase Content
    Simple Ways to Significantly Increase Content
    Rob Heerdegen, Manager, Marketing Cloud Success Program, EMEA & APAC Recorded: May 19 2015 44 mins
    Ideas for managing high-volume content across today's most important channels.
  • All Marketing Leads Are Not Created Equal
    All Marketing Leads Are Not Created Equal
    Sylvia Jensen, Director of EMEA Marketing, Oracle Marketing Cloud Recorded: Apr 23 2015 33 mins
    Are problems with lead quality damaging the relationship between sales and marketing? It’s up to marketing to ensure that only the best marketing leads get passed to sales, and lead-scoring is a must have for successful marketing teams. In a study of B2B organisations using lead scoring systems Oracle Marketing Cloud found that on average:
    - Close rates increased by 30 per cent.
    - Company revenue increased by 18 per cent.
    - Revenue per deal increased 17 per cent.

    Join this session hosted by Sylvia Jensen, EMEA marketing director at Oracle Marketing Cloud, to get a better understanding of lead scoring and how it can benefit both the marketing department and business overall.
  • [Etude de cas] Comment SCC a pu mieux comprendre ses clients avec Eloqua
    [Etude de cas] Comment SCC a pu mieux comprendre ses clients avec Eloqua
    Catherine Pernet, Responsable Marketing Solutions et Services, SCC Recorded: Apr 9 2015 43 mins
    Connaitre ses clients, leurs centres d’intérêt, mieux adresser les contacts cibles, le tout pour obtenir les meilleurs leads et disposer d’un retour sur investissement optimisé.

    Découvrez comment au travers de la mise en place d’Eloqua, SCC a pu faciliter, fluidifier et assouplir la mise en œuvre de ses campagnes et transformer son approche du client.
  • Metrics that Matter
    Metrics that Matter
    Abdul Hamid Ebrahim, Marketing Advisor – Strategy and Planning Recorded: Mar 19 2015 44 mins
    Marketers often say that they want to be more metrics-driven or that they want to be able to show marketing’s value. In this session we will discuss the ways you can collect the metrics that prove the value of marketing, so you can regularly review and take action on the data. We will also cover the value of benchmarking in order to refine your processes and improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.
  • Tivoli’s Journey from Swings and Roundabouts to Geo-targeting
    Tivoli’s Journey from Swings and Roundabouts to Geo-targeting
    Thomas Erichsen, Head of Marketing, Tivoli, and Martin Bochineck, CEO, Magnetix Recorded: Feb 19 2015 37 mins
    Winner of several awards, including DIA Omni-channel and Global Markie award for best Cross-Channel Marketing Program, Tivoli Gardens, Denmark’s number 1 tourist attraction, will share in on its lessons delivering customer experience across all channels.

    Even after 170 years, Tivoli Gardens is still gearing up for the future. Tivoli Gardens aim to deliver a personalised, omni-channel visitor experience: Internet, mobile, email, social – as well as the physical park experience.

    Hear Tivoli Garden’s vision for tomorrow’s digital marketing, which they, together with their agency Magnetix, aim to bring to life: Current strategy, roadmap, results and their take on key success criteria.
  • Leveraging the power of Marketing Playbooks and Marketing Automation
    Leveraging the power of Marketing Playbooks and Marketing Automation
    Frank Geldof, Senior Marketing Communications Professional, Exact Software Recorded: Jan 22 2015 45 mins
    The deployment of Marketing Playbooks have support Exact’s efforts in generating more impact with their marketing campaigns as they are opening up their SaaS portfolio to new markets. With the use of Modern Marketing techniques like the playbooks and Oracle Marketing Cloud Exact increased Sales Qualified Leads by 35%.

    Join this session to learn more.
  • The CMO Content Marketing Show
    The CMO Content Marketing Show
    Moderator: Lindley Gooden, Sylvia Jensen, Oracle Marketing Cloud, Nadia Barmada Getty Images, Simon Lees, BrightTALK Recorded: Dec 10 2014 57 mins
    It's the word of the moment and not by chance. If content was always king, the digital era has brought it under the spotlight of a global audience. Content became democratised, easily accessible, shareable and trackable. And filled CMO's nightmares everywhere.

    Join this live panel of experts for a recap on what were the biggest transformations on the industry and what CMO's should be looking for next year.
  • Change the Game - Bringing Customer Data Together When and Where it Matters
    Change the Game - Bringing Customer Data Together When and Where it Matters
    Jon Stanesby, Strategic Services Director, Oracle Marketing Cloud Recorded: Nov 19 2014 44 mins
    Data is the foundation for improved targeting and personalisation of customer marketing communication. Making effective use of the data you have can result in some significant and immediate uplifts.

    Learn how to audit your current data availability and hear how GAME have put their customer data to use to drive their digital strategy forward.
  • Social Marketing: Listen To, Convert, and Engage Customers
    Social Marketing: Listen To, Convert, and Engage Customers
    Benjamin Kolp, Oracle Marketing Cloud Recorded: Oct 23 2014 44 mins
    This session is designed for Modern Marketers who understand the demand for a fully integrated, personalised customer experience across all channels, including social media. This webinar will outline the key elements of Social Marketing including the ability to listen, convert and engage your best advocates that spend more and drive a greater lifetime value.

    You will learn:
    · How to Identify social trends and opportunities through listening to your audience, advocates and competitors
    · The components required for an integrated lead generation campaign across traditional and non-traditional channels that mirrors a landing page created in Eloqua
    · A method to promote a campaign across multiple social channels simultaneously via SCAPP integration
    · How to measure a campaign in social channels via Campaign ID & Dynamic Link Tracking integrations
    · How to create a cost-effective, hyper-targeted paid media campaign in Facebook via Custom Audience integration
  • Panel Session: Death by Content
    Panel Session: Death by Content
    John Sweeney, DemandGEN, Sebastian Zentgraf, Oracle, Katy Howell,Immediate future, Neil Stoneman, Velocity Partners Recorded: Sep 25 2014 64 mins
    Once upon a time there was a brand that produced high quality content, informative and entertaining that was a success amongst prospects and clients alike.

    And then came the content marketing boom. With countless brands pumping out infographics and blog posts at a rate never seen before, customers became more skeptic towards branded content. Posts remained unread, infographics never made it to LinkedIn.

    Aiming to give an insider's view on the status of the industry, this panel will look into the major developments in content marketing, the challenges marketers are currently facing, and what the future for content marketing is -- and whether there is one.

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