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  • 与专家面对面:良好客户关系需要优质数据 与专家面对面:良好客户关系需要优质数据 Thomas Brence, Director of Product Marketing, Informatica Data as a Service Recorded: Dec 15 2015 29 mins
    Customers make choices based on the experience that they have with a brand. The better the experience, the more likely the customer is to choose your brand and stay with you for the long haul. But this better experience and better relationship requires that you have the best data possible.
    In this Meet the Experts webinar, learn how you can confidently connect with every customer and prospect using only accurate data. In addition, discover how you can easily learn more about your customers than you ever thought possible. By using this great data, you can dramatically improve the relationship that you have with your customers - and ultimately create lifelong fans.
  • Informatica PowerCenter 10 全新功能 –  深度技术培训及演示 Informatica PowerCenter 10 全新功能 – 深度技术培训及演示 Lalitha Sundaramurthy, Director, Product Management and Saeed Khan, Principal Product Manager Recorded: Nov 24 2015 60 mins
    In this webinar, learn about the new capabilities in the Informatica PowerCenter 10 editions and how they will increase your development agility.

    Through the eyes and daily routine of typical developers and business analysts you will discover how this new release:
    . Enhances the collaboration between IT developers and business analysts
    . Delivers more powerful visualization for data profiling
    . Delivers a new monitoring dashboard to view service health and system usage
    . Increases your productivity with up to 50X faster data lineage rendering
    . Enhances your project reach with new connectors and real time capabilities
    . Includes new capabilities for parsing semi-structured and unstructured data

    Watch this webinar to accelerate your deliver of data integration-based value to your organization.
  • 数据安全智能 数据安全智能 Paul Garstang, Steve Holyer, Rob Boden (Data Security Group) Recorded: Nov 23 2015 43 mins
    In recent days we have heard from CEO’s about the challenges they face when a breach occurs in determining what data has been lost. Was it sensitive customer data? If so, how many customers are impacted? Not knowing this information immediately causes further damage to customer confidence and significantly increases the cost of dealing with the breach itself.

    In this webinar Informatica will introduce a new generation of Data Security Intelligence capabilities which will provide insight into exactly where company and customer sensitive data resides, how it is moving through the organization and what security measures are in place to protect it. We will also look at some of the proactive measures that can be quickly put in place at the database layer to prevent even authorized staff credentials from making unusual data requests, which are often the precursor to a costly breach.

    We hope you can join us for what promises to be an informative and highly topical webinar.
  • 主数据管理技术和实施的16个最佳实践 主数据管理技术和实施的16个最佳实践 Ravi Shankar,Informatica主数据产品市场部副总裁 Recorded: May 6 2014 32 mins


    • MDM技术的十个最佳实践,确保成功
    • 来自成功MDM客户的六大最佳实施经验
    • 应该注意并避免的雷区
  • Informatica数据集成解决方案 Informatica数据集成解决方案 Informatica Recorded: Apr 25 2014 3 mins
    随着新技术的出现,众多数据源所提供的巨大信息量可谓史无前例,而数据碎片也成为阻止成功的最大障碍。如今,各大企业和机构都面临着数据以多种格式呈指数增长的局面。观看本视频,详细了解 Informatica 解决方案如何在企业层面、部门层面或云端为您提供帮助。
  • PowerCenter 9.6: 数据集成无灵敏性即意味着业务没有灵敏性 PowerCenter 9.6: 数据集成无灵敏性即意味着业务没有灵敏性 Todd Goldman,Informatica 副总裁兼总经理和 Ash Parikh,Informatica 资深总监 Recorded: Mar 20 2014 56 mins
    想了解贵企业即将上线的PowerCenter 9.6版本的全新功能?机会来了!无论您目前正在做的是数据量小、基础设施并不复杂的初步项目,还是发布整个企业范围、需处理海量数据和复杂的基础设施的企业级项目,您都需要确保数据集成的灵敏性。全新PowerCenter系列产品可助您大力增强灵敏性并增加运营信心。观看本网络研讨会了解PowerCenter 9.6版如何助您处理海量数据、改善数据治理并支持日后扩展。

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