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Optimizing Security & Performance Monitoring

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  • Large Scale, High Performance Visibility Plane for Cloud and Web Service
    Large Scale, High Performance Visibility Plane for Cloud and Web Service Gordon Beith, Director of Product Management Recorded: May 21 2015 48 mins
    This webinar will describe the challenges faced by cloud and web service providers when attempting to monitor, manage, and troubleshoot across large data centers and networks, whether fully owned or hosted. It will describe the benefits of using a unified visibility plane as the solution to address these challenges, in a cost-effective and streamlined manner, whether it is for security, performance, and/or troubleshooting purposes.
  • Layered Security Infrastructure: Enterprise Case Studies
    Layered Security Infrastructure: Enterprise Case Studies Icaro Vazquez, Senior Product Line Manager, Security Recorded: Apr 29 2015 36 mins
    As bad actors relentlessly continue to take advantage of the many innovations and trends in our current world, network security professionals are realizing that the passive mode of checking for threats is no longer adequate. As BYOD is now the norm rather than the exception in the corporate world and most organizations have a significant presence in the cloud, bad actors are more than happy to take advantage of the new conduits into the corporate network. Therefore, the need to catch, repair and eliminate security threats as early as possible has never been greater. With this in mind, VSS Monitoring has been helping various enterprise customers to deploy an inline layered security infrastructure that provides multiple lines of defense against the bad actors.

    This webinar will present some of the use cases we have been involved in, what were the motivations that led to the deployment of layered security and how a layered security architecture, anchored by VSS Monitoring, allowed enterprises to become more nimble in their never ending fight against bad actors. Join us for a safari tour of an exciting and evolving space!
  • High Performance, Cost Effective Visibility Plane for Enterprise Networks
    High Performance, Cost Effective Visibility Plane for Enterprise Networks Sarah Banks, Director, Product Management Recorded: Mar 18 2015 29 mins
    As data centers grow and adopt virtualization technologies, service-assurance tool costs and security system costs can sky rocket. In pursuit of increased scale and savings, some web-scale enterprises have attempted to go the DIY route. While this approach might work for the 1%ers of data-center networks, these hand built systems aren't available to everyone else. With a staff of software engineers, some have attempted to build out large-scale management switches, but these systems prove costly and require network packer brokers for many services.

    In this webinar, you will learn about:
    - The dynamics driving the need for more cost-effective monitoring infrastructure
    - The challenges of silo'ed network monitoring
    - The cost and performance advantages of interconnected packet brokers
    - The benefits of a unified visibility plane
  • Scaling Your Network: What You Need to Know for Advanced Attacks & Big Data
    Scaling Your Network: What You Need to Know for Advanced Attacks & Big Data Tony Zirnoon, CISSP – Sr. Director Security Strategy VSS Monitoring Recorded: Feb 12 2015 38 mins
    Even as network data has exploded in volume, velocity and variety, network security and monitoring solutions have been behind the curve in adopting new technologies and approaches to cost-effectively scale, and accommodate continuous monitoring in consolidated physical, virtual and cloud based datacenters. The network’s increasing speed and rapidly growing complexity (e.g. virtualization, and tunneling with encryption), pose challenges for IT network and security professionals trying to manage and secure network infrastructure. How does one architect a scalable security & monitoring architecture to withstand the test of time while ensuring adaptability to evolving business needs? The IT organization as a whole needs to ensure end-to-end visibility and data access to meet and exceed business, network and application performance SLAs while keeping their infrastructure and data secure against continually evolving advanced and targeted attacks.

    Join Tony Zirnoon, CISSP – Sr. Director Security Strategy VSS Monitoring, as he discusses:
    1. Monitoring gaps and security vulnerabilities in today’s traditional network security and monitoring architecture
    2. How to address those gaps and vulnerabilities without defaulting to a rip and replace approach
    3. Proven best practices in architecting a future-proofed physical or virtual DC monitoring fabric for total network visibility
    4. Learn how you can architect a defense-in-depth network security model that scales across converged networks (with real production deployment examples)
    5. Future proofing your security infrastructure design and investments against the ongoing barrage of advanced security threats while maintaining high availability and agility to keep up with Big Data flows.
  • Optimize your trading infrastructure - See, understand and act fast
    Optimize your trading infrastructure - See, understand and act fast James Wylie, Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Corvil; Gordon Bieth, Product Management, VSS Monitoring Recorded: Nov 11 2014 55 mins
    Trading on the world’s markets has become highly competitive and technology driven. Traders battle for advantage where orders are processed in millionths of a second. Inefficiencies lead to poor fill rates and failing strategies. Optimizing the performance of the entire trading loop is key to success. Monitoring these systems in true real-time is key to gaining and maintaining a competitive edge.

    Join Corvil and VSS Monitoring in discussing the challenges and methodology of monitoring high volume, multi-asset markets, hop-by-hop in real-time. High quality network data is key to understanding the nuances in the trading loop, from the delivery of market data to the timely submission of orders, many components affect performance.

    Topics covered will include:
    • Analyzing Market data: The importance of microburst, gap detection, relative latency and embedded time-stamps.
    • Order-flow: Including order-ack latency, message rate, order-tracking and anomaly detection.
    • Broker and DMA: Performance monitoring
    • Foreign Exchange: Pricing Latency, Quote to order timing and currency pair visibility
    • Latency data: port stamping/tagging and time stamping of packets
    • Traffic optimization: packet deduplication, deep packet filtering, and flow-aware balancing
    • Archival & troubleshooting: PCAP & Metadata creation and spooling off to storage
  • Eliminating instrumentation complexity in the high-density data center
    Eliminating instrumentation complexity in the high-density data center Gordon Beith – Director, Product Management, VSS Monitoring Recorded: Oct 8 2014 53 mins
    Enterprise, including particular Financial Services networks, poses unique challenges to monitor and manage. While performance remains a top priority to maintain competitiveness, regulatory compliance, security assurance and risk mitigation must also be addressed. Market data messages (such as FIX protocol) and, in some cases, proprietary protocols, can add to the complexity, as these may require intelligent traffic capture that performs filtering beyond Layer 4.

    At the same time, many organizations are consolidating, co-locating and homogenizing facilities, while upgrading to support increasing usage, energy regulations, and speeds of 100Gbps and 40Gbps. The result is higher density in the data center. Maintaining high performance and security on a large scale requires that the monitoring tools have comprehensive visibility across the data center and are able to keep pace with network changes.

    Join VSS Monitoring to discover how high-density visibility solutions paired with specialized traffic capture capabilities—including packet optimization and DPI—can reduce per-port costs, scale performance and security monitoring tools, and eliminate deployment complexity.

    Topics covered will include:
    •Large data center monitoring challenges for enterprises
    •Addressing tool port contention and specialized applications
    •Increasing tool coverage without increasing rack footprint
    •Leveraging 10G and 1G tools across 100G and 40G networks
  • Type of Security Breaches and Solutions, Part 2/2
    Type of Security Breaches and Solutions, Part 2/2 Icaro Vazquez, Sr. Security Product Manager Recorded: Sep 18 2014 47 mins
    Security threats have been evolving at an accelerating speed and are now an everyday occurrence in both cloud and physical environments. Network Security professionals long for the days when the most common breach was just a DDoS attack. As more and more bad actors turn their attention to valuable data and succeed in not only penetrating the network, but also in stealing confidential information, media reports of companies losing customer data are becoming increasingly common.

    VSS Monitoring, through its experience in various security deployments with Enterprises and Service Providers, observes network threats every week. Join us for a webinar where we discuss the most common types of security breaches we have seen and the kind of solutions your peers, network engineers and security professionals are deploying to counteract these threats. We will talk about the following security threats:
    •SSL-encrypted attacks,
    •Spam-based threats,
    •Socially engineered attacks, and
    •Attacks against mobile devices.

    Miss Part 1/2 - A Day in the Life of a Network/Security Operations Engineer? It's now available for on-demand viewing in our Channel.
  • Managing the Health and Performance of IT Systems in Financial Services
    Managing the Health and Performance of IT Systems in Financial Services James Wylie, Sr. Mgr Prod Mktg and Gordon Beith, Director, Prod Mgmt Recorded: Sep 10 2014 63 mins
    For operators of complex financial IT environments, minimizing latency and ensuring “always on” performance are mandatory for maintaining relevance in a highly competitive industry. Identifying and reconciling issues across multiple systems and geographies can be a considerable challenge, especially since performance is measured in fractions of a second.

    Join VSS Monitoring and Corvil to discover how to source and make sense of the raw IT data streaming through the network. Maximizing the information available within streaming network data can enable a panoramic view of customers and business & IT infrastructure interacting together in real time—without disturbing the systems and applications under analysis.

    Topics covered will include:
    • Leveraging network packet brokers (NPBs) to provide a comprehensive, real time network visibility plane for all monitoring and security tools.
    • Applying nanosecond resolution time stamping, hardware-based filtering and line-rate packet manipulation to strategically optimize network and application performance analysis, as well as security and risk mitigation functions.
    • Using streaming IT data to discover, classify and analyze network and application behavior within complex financial environments.
    • Deriving real-time financial intelligence from streaming IT data
  • A Day in the Life of a Network/Security Operations Engineer, Part 1/2
    A Day in the Life of a Network/Security Operations Engineer, Part 1/2 Icaro Vazquez, Sr. Security Product Manager, VSS Monitoring Recorded: Aug 28 2014 55 mins
    Security Threats and Network Complexity have been evolving at an accelerating speed and are moving from lower layers to Layer 7 and finally to the cloud. As a Network Engineer and a Security Operations Engineer, do you ever feel like it is impossible to catch up to the bad actors? Do you live in a world of ever-tightening budgets where you are asked to do more with fewer tools? Do you feel like the tools we, Network Equipment Manufacturers and Security Providers, provide are complicated to setup and maintain? Do you find yourself spending inordinate amounts of time trying to setup Layered Security Defenses?

    VSS Monitoring has been involved in countless security deployments with Enterprises and Service Providers of all sizes. Join us for a webinar where we discuss major pain points we have seen in working with Network Professionals and Security Engineers (check if our list looks similar to yours) and how our solutions can help simplify your life so you can get back to what you do best: optimize and protect the network.

    Check out Part 2/2 - Types of Security Threats and Solutions, live on Sept 18th. Now available for registration in our Channel.
  • Taming the Network Data Monster: Performance and Security Monitoring (2/2)
    Taming the Network Data Monster: Performance and Security Monitoring (2/2) Gordon Beith, Director, Product Management and Chris Roeckl, VP, Global Marketing Recorded: Aug 11 2014 56 mins
    Network owners are migrating to higher bandwidth network infrastructure, supporting speeds of 40Gbps and 100Gbps. These network links must continue to be monitored and secured as before, which involves deploying multiple tool types for both performance management and security assurance.

    Unfortunately, the tools available today cannot ingest high-speed traffic, because they lack both the physical interfaces and processing power to do so. Even when certain tools begin to support 40G or 100G interfaces, replacing existing moving to new tools and systems immediately would be expensive and many products will be unable to keep up with line rate traffic at 40G or 100G.

    Watch the webinar to understand the challenges associated with current means to monitor these high-speed networks and learn how VSS Monitoring can help you optimize your current or planned 40G / 100G network monitoring.

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