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I.C. System, Receivables Management Solutions Since 1938.

I.C.System is a dedicated and talented collection of Accounts Receivable Management experts. We are a family and Women-owned collection agency headquartered in Minnesota. We were founded in 1938 holding a strong belief that collecting past due accounts with honesty and integrity for hard working American businesses was a noble endeavor.

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Legal Landmines: What You Need to Know About the TCPA Michelle Dove - Corporate Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer With the vast majority of cell phone users in the marketplace, understanding the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and its restrictions on calling consumer cell phones is more important than ever. . Join this informative webinar conducted by Michelle Dove, IC System’s Corporate Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer, and learn the following about the TCPA:

What does the TCPA Regulate?
What are the risks and penalties of noncompliance?
How can you protect your office?
Is your collection agency putting you at risk?
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Jun 18 2015
39 mins
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