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  • Boosting Engagement With Video: Media In The Fast Lane
    Boosting Engagement With Video: Media In The Fast Lane
    Ross McNab, Eyeblaster Recorded: Jun 26 2009 26 mins
    Ross McNab, Director of Digital Advertising Solutions at Eyeblaster is an experienced and prolific contributor to the digital media landscape, delivering thought leadership across the globe by leading conversations with high-level business, marketing and agency executives worldwide. Throughout McNab’s global experience, he’s worked closely with agencies to roll out solutions on a regional scale, helping advertisers to work in diverse markets to achieve brand impact through digital.
    With a background in mobile, online and marketing, McNab is instrumental in helping advertisers and agencies implement enhanced marketing strategies which balance across direct response and brand requirements and establish a framework that monetizes media and tracks results. Past speaking engagements include iMedia Summits, Ad Tech, Asia Business Forum and MSN Roadshow among others. Prior to joining Eyeblaster in 2005, McNab worked with Microsoft, PBL Media and Australia’s BlueSkyFrog and now resides in New York City.
  • 10 Tips For Success In Web Video
    10 Tips For Success In Web Video
    Matt Deloca - SVP Sales and Marketing - FeedRoom Recorded: May 20 2009 28 mins
    The explosion of "Web 2.0" distribution models offers corporate communicators free sharing, huge reach...and very little control over the audience or message. This session will cover how affordable enterprise video publishing systems can provide the best of both worlds: boundless distribution options with complete control over creation, approval, presentation, and measurement of video communications.

    In this session, you'll learn how a successful strategy always begins with your own Web site, including tips on how embedding video content into contextually relevant pages on a site -- together with social networking features, podcasts and other documents -- can dramatically increase viewership, relevance and brand affinity. Learn 10 secrets to success that the world's most successful brands already know!
  • Landing Page Optimization - A B2B Case Study
    Landing Page Optimization - A B2B Case Study
    Jon Miller - Marketo Recorded: May 13 2009 18 mins
    Part of the Upshot Institute Landing Page Bootcamp, this presentation showcases real-world examples of organizations improving the performance of their landing pages.
  • Integrated Marketing with Tri-Messaging
    Integrated Marketing with Tri-Messaging
    Erick Mott - Lyris Recorded: Apr 20 2009 27 mins
    Marketers today are required to find and connect with target audiences in real-time, wherever they live, work, play and learn. In order to boost ROI and campaign effectiveness, marketers should consider applying "tri-messaging" best practices - a catalyst for conversations and marketing ROI across three dominant channels. Tri-messaging is essentially marketing messages that are written, packaged, orchestrated and unleashed for email, social and mobile experiences. Through this method, marketers can essentially understand and reach end-users where they prefer to engage and interact. In turn, this facilitates conversations, commerce and loyalty that can subsequently be managed, measured and monetized.
  • Double Your Sales Without Spending Another Dime on Marketing
    Double Your Sales Without Spending Another Dime on Marketing
    Landon Ray - CEO, OfficeAutopilot.com : SendPepper.com Recorded: Apr 15 2009 25 mins
    You're probably spending time and money to drive visitors to your website. Maybe it's a pay-per-click campaign, direct mail, or print ads. Maybe you spend a bunch of time on twitter, or flying around to trade shows. Whatever you do, if you're not testing everything, measuring your results, and optimizing over time... you're leaving a TON of opportunity on the table.

    In this 10 minute presentation, you'll see how one small business lowered his cost per lead 80% with 3 hours of work. You'll learn not just WHY to test your marketing but HOW to test anything and WHAT kinds of changes are most likely to improve results.
  • The Urgency of Marketing Automation
    The Urgency of Marketing Automation
    Christopher Doran - Manticore Technology Recorded: Apr 13 2009 20 mins
    Marketing Automation technologies – including lead nurturing, lead scoring and lead management are critical today more than ever. During this webinar, Manticore Technology's vice president of marketing, Christopher Doran will provide insight into how your peers are adopting marketing automation and the business impact they are seeing. He'll offer insights on marketing processes and share best practices necessary to get the most out of marketing automation.
  • 5 Ways web activity tracking can improve your B2B lead generation
    5 Ways web activity tracking can improve your B2B lead generation
    Kevin Miller - SalesFusion Recorded: Apr 10 2009 31 mins
    If you have researched a product or service either for personal or business use in the last 12 months, ask yourself how your search began. It’s a good bet a significant percentage of your pre-purchase research occurred online. As a B2B marketer, you can rest assured; the vast majority of your sales pipeline in the next 12 months will come from prospects that began their search for products and services on the web – probably through some combination of Google, association websites or via direct organic research.
  • Marketing SuperPlatform Summit Introduction
    Marketing SuperPlatform Summit Introduction
    Chris Ross - Upshot Institute Recorded: Apr 8 2009 10 mins
    10 Minute introduction to the Upshot Institute Marketing SuperPlatform Summit.
  • Marketing Automation 101
    Marketing Automation 101
    Malcolm Friedberg Recorded: Apr 7 2009 33 mins
    Marketing automation has become an even more critical opportunity for any business with a marketing budget as the pressure to ensure ROI for marketing campaigns increases. As part of the Upshot Institute Marketing SuperPlatform Summit, this presentation provides an overview of marketing automation basics and how to apply these ideas to your organization.
  • Aligning Marketing & Sales through Real-time Marketing Automation
    Aligning Marketing & Sales through Real-time Marketing Automation
    Scott Mersy, Senior Director of Products - Genius.com Recorded: Apr 3 2009 23 mins
    In today’s world, Sales and Marketing needs to be aligned to ensure that no lead is left behind and that every opportunity receives the right service at the right time from the right team member. In this informative session, you’ll learn how new technologies are eliminating the Sales and Marketing disconnect, driving more qualified leads into Sales for a more efficient pipeline, better customer service and ultimately faster sales.

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