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  • Guide to Overcoming Data Center Networking Challenges
    Guide to Overcoming Data Center Networking Challenges Tara Kennedy – Product Marketing Manager at FNT Software Recorded: Mar 27 2018 20 mins
    Data Center operators are no strangers to dealing with the pressures of a changing environment. New technologies, applications and architectures will always arise to shake things up. It’s how they respond that will differentiate those that flourish and prosper from those whose ongoing viability will be jeopardized. Today’s changes are no exception. The explosive growth in network traffic - both within and between data centers - will reach unprecedented levels. Cloud-based services and distributed databases and functions will push networks to their limits. Applications and architectures are increasingly dependent on effective network design and performance to meet service level goals. Connectivity infrastructure will be tested, as will MTDC and hosting providers’ ability to innovate and invest. This trend is shining the spotlight on data center operators, especially colocation companies, who need good visibility, control and processes to deal with fast growing, complex and often dynamic networks.

    Strategies exist that data centers and colocation providers can employ to thrive in this kinetic environment. These strategies revolve around connectivity. New connectivity products and services, such as Enterprise Connectivity, Disaster Recovery and Ecosystem Peering, are fast finding their way into providers’ service portfolios. While exciting, efficient network operation and quality service are required to successfully offer these new products. A central database is the key, as that is the cornerstone for enabling the planning, managing and integration of used resources in the data center and the network infrastructure. Learn how to use such a database to standardize infrastructures, ensure efficient change processes and secure maintenance and operation of your MTDC or colocation center.
  • How a catalog can drive business for MTDC & Hosting Provider
    How a catalog can drive business for MTDC & Hosting Provider Patrick Buech Recorded: Apr 28 2017 5 mins
    Putting the customer center-stage when defining the service portfolio is crucial in order to stay successful in a highly competitive market. However, service providers in the multi-tenant and hosting market need to leverage a new catalog-driven approach to drive their organization end-2-end: from order management, delivery and provisioning, to billing, accounting and finally, to operation.

    In this interview, service management expert Patrick Büch explains how to tackle today’s challenges and how to increase an organization’s flexibility and agility in terms of how services are offered to the customer.

    For more details, please see the further information in the section "attchments": Expert Paper and website link.
  • How to unleash hidden potentials in your service organization
    How to unleash hidden potentials in your service organization Patrick Büch; Business Line Manager Recorded: Nov 24 2016 39 mins
    The times where IT executives have traditionally been focused on cost control and managing the day-to-day running of IT are eventually gone. CIOs are challenged in refocus their priorities towards business initiatives and revenue growth. This can be a demanding task as many IT organizations still act in a re-active manner and follow a classic build-to-order approach.

    This must be changed and service management is the key to success. However just establishing an service organization is not enough. An outside-in perspective is necessary, looking at the organization from the customer’s viewpoint and using this perspective to design new services that actually provide value to business.

    This webinar examines the necessary changes in service organizations and how these will unleash hidden potentials like for example a significant reduction in costs.
  • IT Service Design for the ICT Factory
    IT Service Design for the ICT Factory FNT Software Recorded: Nov 3 2016 6 mins
    As digitization progresses, the management of hybrid IT environments is more challenging than ever before. Service managers need tools to achieve better efficiency in service provisioning and service delivery while reducing the time-to-market and time-to-deliver. How can this transformation be aligned with business needs?

    Watch our video to learn the about the two essentials for state-of-the-art IT Service Management, and how it helps you to find the right balance between costs, risk, and agility.

    The FNT approach will provide answers on how to:
    -increase transparency within the ICT infrastructure
    -standardize delivery processes and services
    -decrease costs while increasing the agility of the service delivery chain
  • Innovations Empowering a Smart World - NetWork'16 Keynote
    Innovations Empowering a Smart World - NetWork'16 Keynote Eric Brabänder, Patrick Büch Recorded: Sep 2 2016 53 mins
    During the keynote FNT presented its vision of being the engine of the ICT factory for organizations in the era of the digital transformation. FNT also presented the resulting product strategy and gave a live demo of an integrated customer use case based on FNT's products FNT Command, FNT ServicePlanet, FNT ProcessEngine, FNT Monitoring etc.

    FNT also presented in the live case how Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies will influence the discipline of data center management in the future.

    To watch the subtitled version, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4kNHlvRZD0
  • Data Center Management - Why It's Time to Automate
    Data Center Management - Why It's Time to Automate Andrè Grossmann (R&M), Claudia Lehmann (FNT) Recorded: Aug 18 2016 28 mins
    “Internet of computers” + “Internet of things” + “Industry 4.0” = “Internet of Everything.” That means huge growth in the volume of data that has to be transmitted, processed, and stored. To accommodate this growth, automated data center management systems are essential for provisioning and management of a large number of assets and connections. All activities and changes must be logged for later reference and auditing. Unauthorized changes should automatically generate alarms, thus enabling rapid fault location and correction. To optimize data center infrastructure operation and for precise capacity planning, the system needs to provide tailored reports and analysis. The combination of R&MinteliPhy expertise and FNT technology delivers unique transparency and control in the data center.
  • Tools and methods to support your colocation growth ambition
    Tools and methods to support your colocation growth ambition Soeren Juul Schroeder, Vice President, UK/Ireland & Nordics/Baltics Recorded: May 19 2016 36 mins
    The colocation industry is currently undergoing a significant change. Traditionally, it has focused solely on providing power, cooling and space at scale, but with high resilience, today’s buyers are more frequently expecting additional services to be made available.

    Join us for this BrightTALK webinar, where we’ll discuss what these additional services are and how you can enable your organisation to deliver these with the support of FNT’s market leading software suite to support your future growth.
  • Production Planning for Business Services - Thinking ahead instead of redocument
    Production Planning for Business Services - Thinking ahead instead of redocument Patrick Büch, Head of Business Line Service Management Recorded: Mar 31 2016 35 mins
    Production Planning for Business Services - Thinking ahead instead of redocument

    - modularization of services and variant Management
    - in-house production depth and Multi Provider Management
    - mind shift from silo mentality to inter-divisional production line

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