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  • How to Build a Super Tribe in Google+
    How to Build a Super Tribe in Google+
    Martin Shervington Recorded: Sep 15 2014 36 mins
    Imagine for a second you were no longer 'selling', instead you were generating fellow tribe members who love you and what you do. You may start with 100 people, but it will ripple outwards, bring people together and helping them belong to your brand's vision.

    Whether you are part of a large business or are building your personal brand, Google+ can help you to do this too. In fact, some would say it is made for it!

    At the end of this session you will know:
    - How to use which Google products and services to build your tribe efficiently
    - How to create a shared narrative that brings people together
    - The role of humor, and how to leverage it
    - How to mobilize your tribe into a movement
    - How to play 'social games' to engage the mind of the members
    - How to brand consistently for your shared journey
    - And much more...
  • How to target the right buyers & close more deals using predictive intelligence
    How to target the right buyers & close more deals using predictive intelligence
    Amanda Kahlow, CEO & Founder, 6Sense & Matt Heinz, President, Heinz Marketing Inc Recorded: Jul 9 2014 61 mins
    You know that big data can help you radically target your B2B marketing and sales efforts, but where do you start? And what should you know before you begin? Join Matt Heinz, Heinz Marketing and Amanda Kahlow, 6Sense, for a conversation on how big data + predictive analytics can give you a layer of predictive intelligence essential to growing your B2B business.

    During the interactive webinar, you'll come away with insights to help you create a data-driven organization including:
    - The fundamentals of big data as it pertains to predictive intelligence. Which types of data (external vs. internal; attribute vs. behavioral) will uncover coveted business-growing insights?
    - The potential of big data and predictive analytics. What kind of results—conversions, time-to-close, revenues—can you expect to see? What have early adopter companies, like Cisco, seen?
    - Differences among predictive analytics solutions. How do you choose the right solution for your company's specific objectives?
    - How to integrate predictive analytics into your CRM and marketing automation systems. (How easy is it, really?)
  • Facebook Metrics: Measuring Your Content's Performance
    Facebook Metrics: Measuring Your Content's Performance
    Richard Beeson Recorded: Jun 4 2014 22 mins
    This webinar will cover the latest Facebook engagement trends and best practices.

    In less than one hour, you will learn:

    - The Facebook Metrics That Matter (and the ones that don't)
    - What Each Metric Can Teach You (and what to do to improve them)
    - How to Benchmark Your Metrics
    - Page vs. Post Metrics

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