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  • Increase Your Contact Center Performance Increase Your Contact Center Performance Max Ball, Ryan Morrissey Recorded: Oct 4 2016 46 mins
    More productive agents improve customer relationships and make a more productive contact center. And training, coaching, and feedback make more productive agents. Quality Management for 8x8 Virtual Contact Center is the easy way to monitor, measure, and evaluate agent performance. It integrates smoothly with your 8x8 Virtual Contact Center, so it’s easy to setup and use. And you can manage agents wherever they are located: in the contact center, a remote office, or at home.
  • UCaaS: Do You Really Need a Hybrid Cloud Strategy? UCaaS: Do You Really Need a Hybrid Cloud Strategy? Angela York, Director of Marketing, 8x8, Irwin Lazar, VP & Director, Nemertes, Jerry Howard, VP of IT, Irving Materials Recorded: Aug 16 2016 59 mins
    Enterprises are increasingly considering Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) as the basis for their communications infrastructure strategy going forward. But some have been reluctant to commit to a pure cloud approach from the start, so they pursue a hybrid strategy—with some users migrated to the cloud while others remain on legacy premises systems. Is this really the best strategy? Or does hybrid offer the worst of both worlds—partial outsourcing while still requiring significant internal resources to manage legacy gear and its integration with the UCaaS service?

    This webinar will lay out the advantages and the industry trends toward UC in the cloud, and will feature expert opinions on the issues that a hybrid approach may add to a UC strategy. You’ll come away with an understanding of why hybrid cloud isn’t necessarily the safe or easy choice, and whether a migration to 100% UCaaS can be a better option.

    Join industry experts & a seasoned IT VP as they explain and debate:
    Hybrid vs. UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service)
    Potential issues and trade-offs of a hybrid approach
    Best practices for moving 100% to a UCaaS solution
    Real-world feedback from an IT executive on moving to UCaaS
  • UCaaS: Skipping Hybrid and Moving Directly to the Cloud UCaaS: Skipping Hybrid and Moving Directly to the Cloud Bryan Martin, 8X8 - CTO, Diane Myers, IHS - Senior Principal Analyst, Paul Patti, RPM Performance Coating Group - Recorded: Jul 25 2016 64 mins
    This webinar explores moving UC to the cloud, the advantages of a full UC-as-a-service (UCaaS) deployment, and the issues a hybrid approach injects into the mix. Join us and learn how companies that have moved 100% to UCaaS have benefited.

    Key Topics for Discussion
    -Business drivers for migrating to the cloud for telephony, UC, and contact centers
    -Why a hybrid cloud approach isn't necessarily the answer for alleviating security, reliability, and control concerns
    -Best practices for moving 100% to a UCaaS solution
    -Hear directly from an enterprise that went directly from on-premises to cloud UC, as well as the benefits it gained by going all in
  • 8 Criteria for Enterprise-Grade Cloud Communications 8 Criteria for Enterprise-Grade Cloud Communications Max Ball Recorded: Jun 6 2016 56 mins
    What does it mean to have an enterprise-grade cloud communications solution? Many providers may claim to offer it, but not all can deliver. And if always-on, reliable and global communications are mission-critical for your business, you need to ensure your cloud provider is making the "grade".

    In this complimentary webinar, we will discuss 8 standard elements that all companies should look out for when exploring a cloud communications solution, including:

    The flexibility to extend international services and global reach
    Potential risks of downtime and non-compliance when solutions are not enterprise-grade
    The ability to integrate with contact center, CRM and productivity applications

    Who should attend:
    CIOs, Directors of IT or Infrastructure
    Anyone interested in unifying their communications and collaboration infrastructure onto a single, secure, reliable platform – simply
    Those seeking a way to replace outdated or disparate legacy systems across multiple locations.
  • Where the Customer Journey Meets the Agent Journey Where the Customer Journey Meets the Agent Journey Max Ball, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, 8x8 & Aphrodite Brinsmead, Ovum Research Recorded: Mar 17 2016 62 mins
    Your customer’s experience with your support organization has a huge impact on their impression of your brand, their loyalty, and on how much they will spend with you through the years. Most companies are aware of the need to improve their customer journeys but they don’t have the information they need to know what to do.

    In addition, your agent’s journey impacts your customers as well. How efficient is your agent? How much time do they spend looking at the wrong screens, trying to keep the customer busy while he scrambles to find the right information? What is the mindset of your agent when they talk to a customer? Are the focused on helping the customer or scrambling in the background to get to the information they need?

    Businesses should be tracking and managing both journeys in order to become more successful. But this is easier said than done.

    Join Aphrodite Brinsmead of Ovum Research while she share insights into the customer journey from her new research looking into the customer journey, what causes trouble and what has less of an impact. Max Ball from 8x8 will join to share some new innovations that make it easier to track the customer journey and to help ensure your agents are as efficient as possible.
  • Communicating patient data? Don't get caught with your BREACHES down Communicating patient data? Don't get caught with your BREACHES down Stephen Wu, of Counsel - Silicon Valley Law Group and Max Ball, Manager, Contact Center Product Marketing, 8x8 Recorded: Feb 18 2016 46 mins
    If your phones and other communications services lack proper security you may be exposed to the threat of fines, or worse yet, a serious breach. Don’t get caught off guard. Make sure you are fully compliant with HIPAA rules and regulations.

    •Learn why communications security is an increasing concern for healthcare organizations
    •Learn what to look for in a secure unified communications system
    •Learn why a business associate agreement from your communications provider is important

    Did you know it's your responsibility to verify the compliance of your communications vendors as well as yourself? Find out what this entails and much more during our live webinar.
  • Going Global with Cloud Communications Going Global with Cloud Communications Tina Liu, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Virtual Office, 8x8 Recorded: Feb 18 2016 45 mins
    Done right, expanding your organization internationally can be a boon to your business. Done wrong, it becomes a minefield. To expand across borders, your communications infrastructure must be global-ready. This webinar will guide you through which pitfalls to avoid and what to look for in a global-ready communications system. In this eye-opening webinar, experts will discuss:

    · Creating a local presence in your target countries
    · Ensuring consistently high call quality in any location
    · International regulatory and emergency services concerns
    · Number porting considerations
  • Advanced Analytics Tools for Unified Communications System Administrators Advanced Analytics Tools for Unified Communications System Administrators Angela York, Tina Liu, Max Ball Recorded: Feb 9 2016 48 mins
    You can analyze the data in your UC solution to turn up insights that lead to better decisions and strategic business moves. Learn how you can use your VoIP and unified communications system as a source for big data to find answers that enable:

    Better management of your communications infrastructure
    Expense, time, and resource reductions
    Improved customer experience
    Smart decision-making
  • Healthcare Security:  Are Your Communications Services HIPAA Compliant? Healthcare Security: Are Your Communications Services HIPAA Compliant? Max Ball, Product Marketing Manager, 8x8 Inc. Recorded: Nov 11 2015 44 mins
    New stories of massive HIPAA breaches continue to spring up almost daily. Whether caused by oversight or negligence, fines, lawsuits, and the impact on reputation represent very real threats. Join this webinar to learn the value new communications technologies can provide and how to ensure your patient data and your business remain protected and compliant under HIPAA law.
  • Customer Data: Transform Knowledge Into Profits Customer Data: Transform Knowledge Into Profits David Leach, Business Communications Consultant Recorded: Sep 23 2015 44 mins
    Learn how to use the latest advances in cloud communications to activate your customer data and call activity into profitable sales accelerators. Every day, you collect more data in your CRM and telephone call reports. 8x8 will show you how to turn that data into higher close rates and more satisfying customer engagement experiences and provide you the analytics tools required to measure the results.

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