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  • Taking an Integrated Approach to IT infrastructure with Universal Smart Blocks
    Taking an Integrated Approach to IT infrastructure with Universal Smart Blocks
    Chris Spiroff, Director, Solution Portfolio, Juniper Networks and Tim Seery, Solutions Architect, Juniper Networks Recorded: Feb 26 2015 24 mins
    Federal agencies are faced with managing hybrid network, storage, and computing environments that have been implemented to meet diverse mission and performance objectives. Today, IT professionals are actively seeking practical methods to make existing and future IT assets work together in a more uniform and consistent manner.

    In response, Juniper and Interclypse formed an alliance to deliver interoperable components for networking, computing and storage that are designed to be compatible “out of the box.” This executive briefing will explain this concept and implementation strategy, Universal Smart Blocks (USB), and why it is an excellent fit for government networks.

    The USB approach addresses common challenges for Federal IT professionals, including how to:
    •Acquire non-proprietary systems designed to be interoperable
    •Optimize IT infrastructure for performance, scale, and consistency
    •Make converged systems interoperate with legacy systems
    •Streamline procurement processes for incremental purchases

    Given these business and technical mandates, the USB focuses on interoperable components built on open standards that are cloud-ready and workforce-focused. With USB, not only do new systems work well from the outset, they also are configurable for backward compatibility with installed infrastructures. USB allows users to configure up front, simplify acquisition, and buy completely configured, open systems from a single company.

    Plan to invest an hour to learn more about how you can “future-proof” your operations with technologies designed to move forward with your environment. Attendees will hear an overview of USB and how this approach allows you to acquire what you need today with the option to add capacity that will be compatible in the future.

    Register now and don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to meet your technical and business objectives with a flexible, open, and standards-based networking strategy.
  • Rethinking Secure Mobile Access to Federal Information
    Rethinking Secure Mobile Access to Federal Information
    Chris Stoddard, VP, Pulse Secure and Jay Dineshkumar, Consulting Engineer, Pulse Secure Recorded: Jan 21 2015 43 mins
    For nearly 15 years, Federal agencies have relied on Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) as the default method to provide mobile users with remote access to government information, communications, and applications. During this time frame, nearly every aspect of Federal Government networking has changed. The border between inside and outside the firewall has nearly evaporated, data and applications are migrating to the cloud, and hundreds of millions of mobile devices now require secure access to agency resources—regardless of user or data location.

    Plan to attend this Federal Tech Talk -- from wherever you are located -- to update your working knowledge of the changes required to deliver secure mobility to employees regardless of their device, location, or resource. The agenda will cover:

    · Evolving network architectures that support diverse mobile device types and user requirements
    · Why VPNs, mobile device management (MDM), mobile security, and access control must be integrated and work together effectively
    · An overview of Pulse Secure—a recently created company to optimize Juniper Networks’ Junos Pulse capabilities, as well as mobile security for the app-centric enterprise
    · How to leverage a consolidated, secure access platform to meet your agency’s mobile computing demands
    · A demonstration of how to deliver secure services that are easy to deploy and manage across multiple platforms, and a roadmap for future product development

    Following this introductory briefing, attendees will receive a complimentary copy of a recent publication by Forrester Research, Quick Take: Pulse Secure Spins Off, Immediately Acquires MobileSpaces, Good News for S&R Pros Seeking a Unified Solution for Mobile Device, App, And Data Security.

    Register today and attend on January 21st to learn how to empower your agency productivity through secure and seamless mobility.
  • Control your Network and Protect Agency Assets
    Control your Network and Protect Agency Assets
    Rebecca Lawson, Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Juniper Networks Recorded: Nov 18 2014 47 mins
    Public and private organizations are struggling to keep pace with the increasing volume and sophistication of cyber-attacks. Major data breaches surface daily and the risk to Federal agency IT infrastructure and data continues to increase. Layering in additional specialized security devices may have limited impact, or worst case, may be a risky way of responding in today’s threat environment.

    How do you respond to mitigate risk and ensure resilient, reliable networks? It’s time for your firewall to step up.

    Next-generation firewalls are going through an evolutionary advancement – they are increasingly more dynamic, automated, and intelligent. If you have not done so lately, it’s time to update your knowledge about how an advanced firewall will improve your organizational security posture.

    Plan to invest one hour and join Juniper Networks on Tuesday, November 18 for our next Federal Tech Talk where we will share the details on the types of risk to your agency network, data, and infrastructure, and most importantly, what you can do to mitigate these risks before they impact your operations. Primary focus areas for this executive presentation include:
    •The exciting advancements in firewall security—what’s now and what’s next
    •Adaptive intelligence and what it means for enterprise security initiatives
    •How to take an active role in defending your agency from cyber threats today and into the future

    Register today and become more informed on how to leverage current technology and methods for optimal, manageable, and affordable network defense.
  • How Open Network Architecture Opens Doors to the Cloud, SDN, Automation and More
    How Open Network Architecture Opens Doors to the Cloud, SDN, Automation and More
    Daniel McGinnis Recorded: Oct 21 2014 51 mins
    With all the hype around Cloud and SDN, federal decision makers are finding themselves trying to navigate through many new concepts and consequently needing to change the way they have traditionally selected their IT infrastructure. Technologies are now becoming more integrated and it is more important than ever to help your organization be agile enough to keep up with the demands of your users and your customers.

    Come hear from Daniel McGinniss to learn about how Juniper Networks MetaFabric Architecture can help guide you on this journey to embracing Cloud technologies such as automation, SDN and Orchestration platforms to help you build next-generation networks for your agency.
  • Simple and Scalable Networks for Government Agency Data Centers
    Simple and Scalable Networks for Government Agency Data Centers
    Salman Zahid Recorded: Sep 24 2014 59 mins
    A common theme for most agency IT professionals is the desire to simplify, secure, save resources, and streamline network management and operations. Fortunately, a number of services, technologies, and new computing approaches are available to make these goals a reality--and to ensure agencies are evolving from traditional alternatives to more agile computing architectures for today and into the future. Plan to invest an hour on Wednesday, September 24 at 11:00am ET to update your knowledge of what’s available, what’s new, and how to incorporate these innovations into your existing information management environment.
  • Open, Converged Wired and Wireless Networks for Today's Agency Workforce
    Open, Converged Wired and Wireless Networks for Today's Agency Workforce
    Juniper Networks and Aruba Recorded: Sep 10 2014 56 mins
    Plan to attend an overview of the technical and business details of the Juniper-Aruba partnership on September 10th to understand how the power of these industry leaders—recognized for innovative and imaginative approaches — are collaborating to offer Federal customers a practical and trusted modern network approach. Take advantage of this opportunity to understand how this engineering network integration can benefit your daily operations by providing:

    ➢Simplified network management using a common set of tools and console to view enterprise wired and wireless networks
    ➢Broader situational awareness of network activity—regardless of the access point
    ➢Unmatched flexibility designed to discourage proprietary components and the inefficiencies associated with traditional vendor lock-in
    ➢Options to maximize current infrastructures and future network investments
    ➢A roadmap focused on integration of network management and data planes
    ➢Tangible cost and personnel savings by using a single application approach
    ➢Security and operational benefits through Single Sign-On (SSO) access for strengthened network assurance and simplified network management
  • Why Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Matters for Effective WAN Management
    Why Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Matters for Effective WAN Management
    Naresh Kumar, Product Line Manager, Routing Business Unit Recorded: Aug 12 2014 60 mins
    Public sector enterprise managers are pro-actively seeking ways to ensure predictable and resilient networking environments that optimize their infrastructure, bandwidth, and resources. But doing this while reducing CapEx and OpEx continues to be a significant problem for those charged with agency network operations.

    Fortunately, innovative technologies are rapidly developing to support their immediate and longer-term requirements. Among these is Software-Defined Networking (SDN), a flexible and responsive approach that makes it possible to de-couple networking services and allow IT professionals to centralize a number of functions for the systems they manage.

    Exciting new SDN technologies are emerging, such as Juniper’s NorthStar network controller, a software platform that provides online and offline wide-area network (WAN) analysis and optimization capabilities. This infrastructure controller provides Federal networking staff with the capabilities for: comprehensive network planning, capacity, and topology analysis; run-time, standards-based network traffic engineering for Path Computation Element (PCE)-compliant devices; and graphical and programmable interfaces for network operators.

    As noted in Network World, the “NorthStar is designed to identify the optimal path within a multivendor network based on operator-defined performance and cost requirements.”

    Register today and plan to invest and hour to update your knowledge of this dynamic and innovative technology in this webinar that will address:

    · Why SDN is important for effective WAN environments
    · How to optimize network operations and supporting tools and techniques
    · What you need to know about Centralizing Traffic Engineering
    · How to solve complex network problems with SDN approaches
  • Securing the Federal Data Center
    Securing the Federal Data Center
    Paul Scanlon Recorded: Jul 31 2014 29 mins
    Today, Federal data centers are targeted for attack by the growing number and sophistication of threat actors active in cyberspace. Consequently government IT professionals must understand and focus on pro-active defense of the enterprise data they collect, use, store and share.

    In parallel, technology trends continue to add to the already complex topic of data center security, such as expanded automation and virtualization, increased data volume, and the flood of cyber-intelligence that makes defense-in-depth challenging for data center managers.

    Given these realities for most Federal data centers, it is important to evaluate the tools and techniques available to support continued fortification of agency IT infrastructures, while maximizing technology and minimizing the impact on CAPEX and OPEX.

    To advance your understanding of the options, you are invited to attend a Juniper Networks Tech Talk to review Federal data center security essentials, and how they can be applied to meet your organizational requirements, including:

    •Evolving firewall technology and how integrated, secure services gateways can improve agency data center and network security
    •Next-generation firewall (NGFW) technology, where it can be most effective, and seamless migration strategies
    •How to simplify management of advanced feature sets, security devices, and application defense
    •How to ensure high-assurance access to data centers with trusted identity management tools and policies
    •The role of policy automation, validation, and "zero-touch" provisioning for optimized data center security
    •Dynamic firewall threat mitigation and how to integrate with current IT architectures

    Register for this webinar and mark your calendar for 11:00am EDT on Thursday, July 31. Don't miss this informative overview to update your data center security expertise and to learn how your organization can leverage the latest technologies to fortify your Federal data center defenses in 2014 and beyond.
  • Insight Into the World of Hacker Economics
    Insight Into the World of Hacker Economics
    Security Experts from Juniper Networks & RAND Corporation Recorded: Mar 27 2014 59 mins
    Join experts from Juniper Networks and Rand Corporation for a fascinating overview of new research about the economics of the cyber crime market. In this research, key economic indicators show cybercrime is rapidly maturing, leading to a more diverse and challenging threat landscape for businesses, governments and people operating in the digital world. In fact, the ability to attack is outpacing the ability for many to defend themselves.

    RAND researchers will discuss:
    • Current and historical trends in cyber crime methods and tools
    • How the black and grey market for vulnerabilities shapes the criminal landscape
    • Key indicators of cyber crime market maturation

    Juniper experts will outline:
    • How organizations can use these findings to help inform a better and more active defense strategy
    • Breaking the cyber crime economic model with advanced intrusion deception technologies

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