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  • From Good to Great: Injecting Science into Sales Coaching with Data & Analytics
    From Good to Great: Injecting Science into Sales Coaching with Data & Analytics Tim Sullivan, VP of Business Development at SPI & Michael Schultz, VP of Sales & Marketing at ClearSlide Recorded: Feb 6 2018 43 mins
    Exceptional coaching makes a big difference in sales. According to research from Sales Performance International (SPI), reps who receive “exceptional” sales coaching are 3X more likely to achieve quota than their peers who are coached less effectively.

    SPI’s research also reveals that exceptional coaches know not only how to coach but when to coach. The best organizations now use data and analytics to provide sales managers better insight on how to focus their coaching efforts on what matters most--at the right time.

    Join the SPI's VP of Business Development, Tim Sullivan, and the VP of Marketing at ClearSlide, Michael Schultz, in a dynamic discussion on injecting science into the art of sales coaching with data and analytics, and how investing in a sales engagement platform can be the game-changer.

    By attending the webinar, you’ll gain actionable insights to:

    -Identifying and prioritizing sales coaching opportunities
    -Improving the quality and depth of sales coaching dialog
    -Driving continuous improvement of the most crucial sales behaviors
  • Mastering the Sales Pipeline
    Mastering the Sales Pipeline Sales Expert and Author, Jeb Blount Recorded: Jan 16 2018 24 mins
    Top earning sales professionals are relentless, unstoppable prospectors, and obsessive about keeping their pipeline full of qualified opportunities. Renowned sales expert, Jeb Blount, teaches his secrets - real techniques that work with real prospects, in the real world. With insights from Jeb's latest book, Fanatical Prospecting, you'll learn how to keep your pipeline and bank account full.

    By attending this webinar, you'll gain actionable takeaways including:

    -How to target a specific prospect and create a compelling message to get them engaged
    -Key strategies to effectively carry out discovery conversations
    -How engagement data directly affects deal outcomes
  • Unlocking VPs of Sales Secrets to Pipeline Management and Forecast Accuracy
    Unlocking VPs of Sales Secrets to Pipeline Management and Forecast Accuracy Jeff Schmidt, VP of WW Sales at ClearSlide & Marc Silberstrom, VP of WW Sales at Clari Recorded: Dec 12 2017 33 mins
    Very few teams have an easy time calling the number, let alone actually hitting it…or beating it. In fact, CSO Insights and Accenture report that nearly 60% of forecasted deals never close.

    Many teams struggle to execute during the critical opportunity-to-close process, including forecasting, which is far more than just rolling up a number -- It’s an integrated effort that involves all sales team members and leaders effectively managing their pipeline and confidently projecting where they're going to land.

    Listen in to a dynamic discussion among two top VPs of Sales of fast growing organizations, laying out their secrets to success and how they drive forecast accuracy and the sales process rigor required to scale and hit their revenue goals quarter after quarter. Spoiler: it's got everything to do with deal visibility and engagement data.

    By watching, you’ll gain actionable insights, including:

    -How to drive visibility into the true health of the pipeline
    -How to change the conversation and drive accountability
    -The fundamentals of accurate forecasting
  • How to Effectively Leverage Email Throughout the Sales Cycle
    How to Effectively Leverage Email Throughout the Sales Cycle Email expert and Salesfolk CEO, Heather R Morgan Recorded: Dec 6 2017 29 mins
    For high performing sales teams, there is continuous measurement on email open rates, engagement, and response rates. How do you ensure a sales conversation keeps moving along?

    Join cold email expert and Salesfolk CEO, Heather R Morgan, to learn how you can effectively leverage email at every stage of the sales cycle with leading sales engagement platform, Clearslide. Here are some of the sales email best practices that will be covered in this actionable webinar:

    -How to employ email personalization techniques intelligently and at scale
    -How to maximize the readability of your email and significantly increase your odds of getting a response
    -How to leverage sales automation technology to shorten your sales cycle

    We’ll also be sharing some examples of real email templates to show you what to do and what to avoid in your own email outreach.

    More about the presenter:
    Heather R Morgan is a former economist, and founder of SalesFolk. SalesFolk has helped more than 550 B2B companies scale their outbound sales efforts and set more appointments through leveraging persuasive copywriting, data science, and game theory. Heather also has a column with Inc Magazine and Forbes, and has also had her work featured on NBC, Entrepreneur.com, Harvard Business Review, Salesforce, Hubspot, InsideSales.com, and many others sources.
  • Secrets to Creating Amazing Sales Experiences
    Secrets to Creating Amazing Sales Experiences Jim Benton, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at ClearSlide Recorded: Nov 14 2017 23 mins
    Whether you are a company with 10 or 100,000 employees, when it comes to meeting with customers there's just one professional representing the great work of the whole. Learn how to bring your company's best to these critical interactions by creating a 'WOW' experience, and leverage innovative approaches to break through the noise.

    Join ClearSlide's Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Jim Benton, as he outlines the trends currently seen in the sales enablement and engagement space. Learn best-in-class approaches and researched tactics to create truly amazing sales experiences.

    You'll gain actionable insights into:

    -The evolution of sales experiences, from hope to visibility to actual impact
    -Data-backed logic on how to create a 'WOW' Discovery Experience
    -Leadership guidance into enablement tactics to improve seller productivity
  • What Sales Leaders Need To Know About Sales Asset Management
    What Sales Leaders Need To Know About Sales Asset Management SiriusDecisions Research Director, Peter Ostrow Recorded: Oct 10 2017 25 mins
    Once upon a time, managing the content used to support b-to-b salespeople was purely a marketing function, and Sales Enablement practitioners were asked to do little more than house materials in an accessible location for reps to find.

    Today, high-performing sales organizations have to act far more holistically, leaning into the best practices of Sales Asset Management as defined by SiriusDecisions:

    -Understanding the heavy impact of sales-centric content on winning deals
    -Delivering activity-based-enablement environments where the content finds the rep
    -Anticipating what “good, better, best” look like in a world-class SAM deployment
    -Leading the way regarding SAM vendor selection, deployment, and ROI analysis

    Join ClearSlide and SiriusDecisions’ Research Director, Peter Ostrow, in this informative webinar.
  • How Sales Leaders Can Empower Their Teams to Deliver Amazing Sales Presentations
    How Sales Leaders Can Empower Their Teams to Deliver Amazing Sales Presentations Author and Sales Leader, Julie Hansen Recorded: Sep 26 2017 47 mins
    Today’s prospects and customers expect a custom experience - whether they’re investing in a pizza, a car, or a sales solution. Generic presentations don’t stand a chance. But tailoring a sales presentation or crafting a targeted message for each opportunity is difficult. Sales leaders must be sure they’re equipping their teams with the solutions that tell you exactly how a prospect is interacting with your content, so communication can be personalized for the next best action. Tracking engagement enhances customized, guided selling in personalized sales presentations. These solutions provide the features that sellers want with the analytics that sales leaders demand to effective run their sales organizations.

    Join sales presentation expert, Julie Hansen, for this webinar where you’ll rediscover why the right sales enablement solution with enhanced engagement features and analytics provide maximum and measurable results. You’ll learn:

    -How sales engagement data provides insight into personalized content
    -How to leverage engagement data in an ideal sales presentation sequence
    -How to maximize follow up potential to move deals forward
  • Winning New Opportunities with Sales Engagement Data
    Winning New Opportunities with Sales Engagement Data Anthony Iannarino Recorded: Sep 12 2017 42 mins
    Forrester reports that less than 10% of sales leader have confidence in their sales activity data...that is a BIG problem for sales organizations. Sales leaders must be sure they are equipping their organizations with the proper tools to effectively measure the impact of their interactions with prospects in order to increase pipeline and close more deals.

    But how can sales teams be sure that the content and communications they're using with prospects is landing in a way that will garner next-step commitment and progress deals? In this webinar, sales leader Anthony Iannarino will demonstrate how to leverage sales engagement data to gain more commitments from prospect interactions to move deals forward.

    You'll gain actionable insight from this webinar, including:

    -How to uncover new decision makers and bring them into the conversation
    -How to effectively craft compelling follow-ups to gain prospect commitments
    -How to measure the efficacy of your content during outreach

    About Anthony Iannarino:
    Anthony Iannarino is a renowned speaker, author, and sales leader. He travels the world educating people on sales best practices. He was named one of Forbes' Top 30 Social Salespeople in the World and is continuously shaping the conversation of what works and what doesn't in sales.
  • Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Drive Sales Effectiveness
    Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Drive Sales Effectiveness Sheryl Kingstone, Research Director at 451 Research Recorded: Aug 15 2017 50 mins
    Join Sheryl Kingstone, Research Director at 451 Research, to hear how innovative sales teams are exploiting tools powered by new data sources and artificial intelligence in their daily practices. You will leave this session with an understanding of:

    · The evolution of AI in Sales – how to move beyond systems of record to systems of intelligence and engagement
    · Applications of AI in Sales – from smart assistants to sales intelligence
    · Putting AI into practice – how to prioritize top use cases for sales content management, sales prospecting, and sales conversion

    Join us as we discuss the value that sales leaders, sales operations, and sales enablement are deriving from the latest advancements in AI and machine learning to improve sales engagement and success.
  • 7 Social Selling Must-Dos for Sales and Marketing Leaders
    7 Social Selling Must-Dos for Sales and Marketing Leaders Chris Badger, Sr. Director of Partner Alliances, ClearSlide & Kevin O’Nell, Executive Vice President, FRONTLINE Selling Recorded: Jun 29 2017 47 mins
    Most sales teams are incorporating social selling into their overall selling process. The challenge for Sales and Marketing leaders is that empowering the organization for social selling is not a quick-fix or one-time training exercise. Teams that are successful define processes, establish consistent messaging, provide coaching, and measure program success.

    This impactful webinar features ClearSlide Sr. Director of Partner Alliances Chris Badger and FRONTLINE Selling EVP Kevin O’Nell. Both have helped developed successful social selling programs for a variety of organizations. Chris and Kevin will share best practice examples to establish social selling as an integral part of your company’s sales efforts.

    In this webinar we’ll cover:
    * The “nuts and bolts” needed to implement social selling
    * How to establish appropriate social selling KPIs
    * The best ways to reinforce (and coach) social selling activity
    * Ways for marketing teams to establish guidelines and play an ongoing role

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