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  • Today's Multi-Cloud Reality: Data that’s Protected and Recoverable wherever it l
    Today's Multi-Cloud Reality: Data that’s Protected and Recoverable wherever it l
    Chris Gondek, Commvault Recorded: Jul 10 2019 29 mins
    As the move to multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud accelerates, it’s vital that data protection strategies progress and that on-premises data management and protection take on cloud characteristics of agility, flexibility, and scalability. 

    Join us to hear how one of Australia's leading Universities leverages the Commvault and Cisco UCS solution in transforming their hybrid cloud strategy and data center environment, allowing them to better serve students and academics, and keep research data safe.
  • Commvault and Cisco: Combining Modern HCI with Complete Data Protection
    Commvault and Cisco: Combining Modern HCI with Complete Data Protection
    Forrester, Commault, and Cisco Recorded: Jun 13 2019 52 mins
    Learn how two industry leaders, Cisco and Commvault, are working together to help customers achieve data center modernization, and overcome the challenges of implementing hyperconverged infrastructure and hybrid IT. ​

    Please join Naveen Chhabra, Senior Analyst at Forrester; Vijay Venugopal, Cisco Senior Director of Product Management for HyperFlex; and Jonathan Howard, Commvault Director of Technical Alliances to learn more about why an integrated Cisco-Commvault implementation addresses data centers' key challenges.
  • Managing Multi-Cloud Data Protection
    Managing Multi-Cloud Data Protection
    Ned Bellavance, Ned in the Cloud LLC and Matt Tyrer, Commvault Recorded: Jun 13 2019 46 mins
    Data protection for on-premises workloads isn’t anything new in IT. The same cannot be said for data protection in the cloud. Managing a single cloud service seems manageable, but how do you protect your data across multiple clouds and services? With the increasing prevalence of data regulation, how can you embrace multi-cloud and meet your SLAs, while staying in compliance? What specific features should you be looking for in a potential cloud-native data management solution?

    In this webinar you will learn:

    Common misconceptions about cloud data protection
    Why cloud-native data protection is essential for a successful multi-cloud strategy
    The real-world implications of cloud data protection
    Requirements of a modern, consolidated data management solution
    The business, operational, and risk management advantages of cloud-native data protection
  • How to Migrate Legacy Backups to the Cloud with Commvault
    How to Migrate Legacy Backups to the Cloud with Commvault
    Matt Tyrer and Paolo Iacoviello - Commvault Recorded: May 22 2019 33 mins
    Time to turn off your legacy backup! Commvault moves that old data to the cloud.

    Are you still paying maintenance on old backup systems just because you aren’t sure what to do with those backup and archive data sets that still need to be kept for compliance or retention requirements? What if you could migrate those backups and archives directly to the cloud while preserving the important metadata such as the original retention date stamps and times?

    Join Commvault to learn how to move backups and archives out of legacy systems – and store those datasets and workloads directly in cloud storage.

    Our technical subject matter experts will explain how the Commvault platform can automatically capture legacy backups and archives for cloud migration. Learn how to move backups to the cloud from any of these systems:

    Veritas NetBackup
    Veritas BackupExec
    IBM Spectrum Protect, previously called Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM)
    Dell EMC NetWorker
    Dell EMC Avamar
    Microsoft Data Protection Manager (DPM)
    Microfocus Data Protector, previously HP Data Protector

    You don’t need to keep that old system running in the corner “just in case.” Learn how to streamline your IT workload, provide better data availability, and include your legacy backups in enterprise search.
  • Building a Data Strategy for GDPR Compliance
    Building a Data Strategy for GDPR Compliance
    Ray Ford, GDPR Institut and Nigel Tozer, Commvault Recorded: May 20 2019 69 mins
    A year on from the start date, many organisations are quietly admitting they still don’t consider themselves to be compliant with GDPR. Surveys are coming out that confirm this, all at a time when the regulators seem to be getting serious about enforcing this regulation. The question is this – are GDPR plans failing, or is gaining control of data the real challenge?

    In many organisations the main challenge is still data:

    Avoiding a breach and dealing with its consequences
    Dealing with data on laptops and in the cloud
    Finding and erasing data

    This webinar will help you build a data strategy for GDPR and beyond, and as well as dealing with the topics above, we will also take a look at how good data controls can provide financial and business benefits beyond mere compliance. The session is suitable for Chief Data Officers, Data Protection Officers and IT teams responsible for data management.
  • Multi-cloud data management: 5 steps to streamline the work.
    Multi-cloud data management: 5 steps to streamline the work.
    John Burke, Nemertes and Penny Gralewski, Commvault Recorded: May 8 2019 45 mins
    Multi-cloud environments can drive agility, but only if cloud data management and data protection are part of the strategy. How can today’s IT leader manage data assets across clouds and on-premises environments? With demands for data to be readily available, how do IT professionals know what data should live in which cloud region or cloud storage option? What are the rapid recovery options for data and workloads stored in multiple clouds? With new cloud regions opening every few months, how do teams keep up on global cloud storage options? In this webinar you will learn:

    - Ideas to move, manage and use data across multiple clouds

    - Suggestions for pre-planning multi-cloud data protection to save time, effort and stress around data availability

    - Insights on new country-specific data handling regulations

    - Best practices for maximizing flexibility in a multi-cloud environment
  • Data protection’s role in cloud migration and IT modernization
    Data protection’s role in cloud migration and IT modernization
    Robin Gareiss, Nemertes Research and Penny Gralewski, Commvault Recorded: May 2 2019 40 mins
    IT leaders looking for flexibility and cost savings may be surprised to learn data protection has a role in both cloud migrations and IT modernization efforts.  Combine the goals of your cloud data migration, IT modernization initiative and data protection plans and you can potentially move more data and run more applications in the cloud. 

    You can create a cloud migration plan that includes automation and orchestration to speed moving applications, databases, virtual machines and more to the cloud. Consolidating multiple data protection products can mean risk reduction in downtime, data loss, recovery speed, and litigation support.  

    Join this webinar to learn:

    Where data protection fits in an IT modernization strategy
    How to speed cloud data migration initiatives
    When it's time to turn off an aging backup platform
    Why old backup and disaster recovery products won't meet your needs
    What industry changes make data recovery a critical priority
  • The 5 Ws of Office 365 Backup and Recovery
    The 5 Ws of Office 365 Backup and Recovery
    Penny Gralewski and Mary Ellen Cavanaugh - Commvault Recorded: Apr 24 2019 232 mins
    You have questions about Office 365 backup and recovery – we have answers. Learn what you need to know about Office 365 data protection.

    One big question: do I need Office 365 backup and restore? Answer: yes, yes you do.

    We’ll explain the details and provide tips to help your Office 365 data strategy.

    Learn the answers to these common questions:

    Who is responsible for Office 365 data protection?
    What should I know about Exchange Online backup and restore?
    Where can I store SharePoint Online backups?
    When should I plan OneDrive for Business backups?
    Why is backup important for Office 365 data migration?
    Join Commvault for this new and informative webinar.
  • Don't Be Boxed In By Your Scale-Up Data Protection Solution
    Don't Be Boxed In By Your Scale-Up Data Protection Solution
    Scott Lowe, AcutalTech Media and Phil Wandrei, Commvault Recorded: Mar 14 2019 39 mins
    Traditional scale-up architectures for secondary storage use a plethora of expensive, single purpose servers, storage and gateways for duties that range from media control to supporting services such as data protection, storage management, deduplication and encryption.

    These complex environments are hard to manage - costly and limit options and agility - which has given rise to new scale-out alternatives. But some of the new tools come with hardware limitations. What you need is an approach that uses standard servers and a common layer of software that can easily adapt to your changing needs. In this webinar we’ll examine what to look for in a scale-out architecture for secondary storage that can:

    Improve operational efficiencies
    Provide proactive monitoring and central policy management
    Reduce storage cost and drive greater utilization
    Improve data resiliency and availability
  • Cloud Usage in Healthcare: Preparing for the Next Wave
    Cloud Usage in Healthcare: Preparing for the Next Wave
    Janet King, HIMSS Media and Mike Leonard, Commvault Recorded: Mar 6 2019 62 mins
    Cloud Usage in Healthcare: Preparing for the Next Wave
    New HIMSS Research Reveals Latest Cloud Trends in Healthcare
    Once a laggard, the healthcare industry – specifically healthcare providers - are now leveraging cloud computing more than ever. Healthcare providers are looking beyond private cloud deployments to hybrid and public cloud environments. This expanding usage is introducing new questions and challenges for today’s cloud stakeholders as they seek to manage and protect rapidly growing volumes of data.

    In this session, Janet King, Senior Director of Market Insights for HIMSS Media, will lead a discussion that draws on the latest HIMSS research to explore what the next wave of cloud migration will look like in healthcare. More specifically, as the healthcare cloud footprint grows and organizations move beyond private cloud to public and hybrid models, how are organizations moving, managing, and using data effectively across these environments?

    Join the conversation to learn more about: :

    What the cloud footprint looks like for healthcare providers. How are workloads distributed across private, public and hybrid models?
    The common challenges faced by healthcare providers that are moving to the cloud. How are data protection challenges, compliance concerns, backup/recovery concerns impacting cloud decisions?
    The steps hospitals and health systems are taking to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data in the cloud.

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