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  • 5 Real Life Pieces of Advice To Make Your Cloud Strategy A Success
    5 Real Life Pieces of Advice To Make Your Cloud Strategy A Success
    Harsha Sheshapp, Senior Engineer, Metro Trains Australia & Christian Rota, AWS & Mark Bentkower, Commvault Recorded: Oct 31 2018 39 mins
    Whether you’re looking to get started in the cloud, defining your strategy or working to improve on your current cloud execution, the cloud can be complex. So how can you truly make your cloud strategy a reality?

    Harsha Sheshappa, Senior Engineer from Metro Trains Australia, shares key advice for addressing cloud data management challenges. He will provide an insight to their cloud journey and how they addressed key business challenges, while delivering practical advice you can use now.

    The webinar will address key questions including:

    How will the cloud add value?
    What data should you move to the cloud?
    How do you keep data secure when migrating?
    How do you maintain control over all your data, on-premise and in the cloud?
  • Don't Ignore Endpoint Data Protection in your Data Management Plans
    Don't Ignore Endpoint Data Protection in your Data Management Plans
    Kalyani Kallakuri and Gregg Ogden from Commvault Recorded: Aug 16 2018 25 mins
    Today, most organizations already have a practical understanding of how to manage their data center. However, they often overlook or decide not to focus on data that resides on endpoints, and walk out the door on a nightly basis.

    This session will discuss the business drivers and technical challenges associated with protecting, managing and controlling data that lives on their edge devices – endpoints. 

    We will help you the answer the question : Isn’t using a cloud file-sharing service good enough?
  • 5 Questions to Ask About Your Next Backup Software
    5 Questions to Ask About Your Next Backup Software
    Edwin Yuen, Senior Analyst, ESC and Greg Bennett, Director solutions marketing, Commvault Recorded: Aug 9 2018 36 mins
    Many companies today are considering how to replace their data backup and recovery software. And with good reason. Data volumes continue growing exponentially, organizations are digitizing more functions than ever, and most companies are implementing some form of hybrid cloud strategy that combines public cloud, private cloud, and traditional IT. Legacy and point solutions for storing, backing up and recovering data are not sufficient. And in a world where malware and ransomware attacks are rising, no company wants to be caught without backups.

    In this webinar, we’ll discuss the factors driving companies to reconsider their backup and recovery solutions and recommend five questions to ask when choosing a new solution.  
  • Time to Change: A Modern, Scale-Out Approach to Backup and Recovery
    Time to Change: A Modern, Scale-Out Approach to Backup and Recovery
    Phil Wandrei, Director Solutions Marketing and Shawn Smucker, Director Office of CTO, Commvault Recorded: Jul 31 2018 33 mins
    You need a modern solution that will scale easily, is cost effective and is simple to operate. You own Commvault and we understand it is not your only option.
    Commvault now delivers the power and simplicity of its data protection software on a scale-out infrastructure to provide greater scale, performance, and availability. Join us as we discuss how you can extend the benefits of our software through Commvault HyperScale™ Technology.  
    In this webinar, you will learn how to: 
    · Maximize your current investment in Commvault software with a scale-out infrastructure
    · Increase availability, flexibility, and resiliency to meet current and future business needs
    · Deliver predictable performance and greater scale; eliminating disruptive upgrades
    · Choose your hardware platform; either appliance or software with a reference design
    · See how Commvault software has evolved to make backup/recovery operations simpler
    Now is the time to modernize backup/recovery and unlock the benefits of a scale-out infrastructure. Register today and learn how Commvault software can take you to the next level of data protection. 
  • Data is the New Currency, Criminals are Knocking, and Your DR Plan is Outdated
    Data is the New Currency, Criminals are Knocking, and Your DR Plan is Outdated
    Dez Blanchfield, Resident Data Scientist, Market Analyst Starboard IT & David Orban, Solutions Mktg Manager, Commvault Recorded: Jun 14 2018 58 mins
    Most disaster recovery plans are sorely out of date. They were crafted before data started to double every two years, before cloud, virtual machines and containers took over, before digital transformation amplified the importance of data, and before cybercrime became a bigger data threat than natural disasters.

    What’s worse, IT shops typically have a range of DR point solutions cobbled together with bailing wire, and the limitations of these “systems” are becoming evident as companies scale to meet new digital demands.

    In this webinar we’ll examine:

    - The challenges represented by environment fragmentation (on-premises, cloud, hybrid) and system complexity How new threats such as ransomware change the calculus
    - The role cloud can play in recovery
    - The promise of orchestration/automation
  • Ransomware ! Don't Worry, Be Ready - A Real-world Story
    Ransomware ! Don't Worry, Be Ready - A Real-world Story
    Gregg Ogden, Commvault Senior Solutions Manager & Ashish Morzaria, Senior Director of User Data Group Recorded: Jun 12 2018 35 mins
    Ransomware seems to be in the news more and more these days. However, it is rare that you hear about successful recoveries from an attack.

    Join our webinar to hear a global healthcare laboratory data expert, Matthew Magbee, share how his company recovered after they were hit with a CryptoLocker virus. He will share the strategies that were employed to identify, react, and recover their data quickly and effectively.

    Commvault Senior Solutions Manager, Gregg Ogden and Senior Director of User Data Group, Ashish Morzaria, will join the conversation to discuss how Commvault provides the threat and risk mitigation solutions you need to help ensure business continuity.

    Join this webinar to learn:

    - How this global healthcare company recovered after an attack
    - Threat and risk mitigation solutions from Commvault
    - The importance of a maintaining independent data protection
  • Rethink Disaster Recovery and Drive Digital Transformation
    Rethink Disaster Recovery and Drive Digital Transformation
    Karl Rautenstrauch, Microsoft Sr, Program Manager, Azure Storage & Lorne Oickle , Senior Product Specialist Commvault Recorded: Jun 7 2018 68 mins
    Many top organizations in the world really know their data. They know what they are protecting and how they will recover it. They have defined their data by tiers and have an SLA for different application groups. Can you say the same? Don’t let data management hold your company back from reaching its full potential.

    You can simplify data management and disaster recovery with the Commvault and Microsoft solution. The powerful solution enables you to automate, orchestrate DR across on-premises and cloud locations.

    Be sure to register for our webinar and hear from experts on how Commvault and Microsoft are partnering to deliver disaster recovery in the cloud and help advance your digital transformation.
  • What Does Digital Transformation Mean to the IT Professional
    What Does Digital Transformation Mean to the IT Professional
    Robin Gareiss, President Nemertes Research & Nigel Williams, Senior Director EMEA Marketing, Commvault Recorded: Jun 5 2018 40 mins
    Digital Transformation (DX), the reinvention of organizations as digital enterprises through technological innovation, offers companies the opportunity to drive growth and provide customers with exceptional experiences.

    Sounds great, but only 41% of executives believe IT is prepared to innovate and, what’s worse, only 29% of IT workers believe they are prepared, according to a survey by Quadrant. In order for IT to become a change agent for digital transformation, everyone in technology will have to become data experts, because data is the new digital currency, especially when it comes to customer experiences.

    In this webinar we’ll review what DX means to IT then dig deep on:

    - Data’s role in driving DX

    - Challenges with data management in a DX world

    - How IT can leverage data expertise to drive customer success

    - How to succeed with DX while addressing compliance at the same time
  • Achieving Consensus and Prioritising Your Steps to GDPR Compliance
    Achieving Consensus and Prioritising Your Steps to GDPR Compliance
    Andy Tomkins & Nigel Tozer, Commvault Recorded: Mar 15 2018 60 mins
    Taking a workshop approach: GDPR compliance has been described in many ways, but often as confusing, difficult and even impossible. A recent Commvault survey revealed that only 21% of organisations said they felt they have a good understanding of what it means in practice, with only 17% saying they fully understood the impact on the overall business. For many then, it’s safe to say that it needs demystifying.

    This session will show the benefits of running a workshop geared towards a greater understanding of the impact of GDPR on your organisation. By profiling the responses from key stakeholders in your security, legal, risk and IT teams, you can throw a spotlight on:
    •Where you really are with regard to GDPR
    •Areas of risk specific to your organisation
    •What the most pressing gaps are, so you can develop a plan
    Above all, for GDPR working groups struggling to set priorities or achieve consensus, this workshop approach will help you construct a path, unique to your organisation and tailored to your specific needs.
  • Data Management in the Era of GDPR and Digital Transformation
    Data Management in the Era of GDPR and Digital Transformation
    Nigel Williams, Commvault Recorded: Jan 25 2018 24 mins
    Nigel Williams presents a data management perspective driven both by GDPR together with the shift to digital business. In it, we propose an approach that takes the requirements of GDPR as a catalyst for change and seek a wider set of benefits from the investment made to meet the new privacy requirements - including deriving business value and protecting data more effectively.

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