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Join Christine Crandell - Blogger, Speaker, Consultant and Customer Experience Evangelist - each month as she gives you inside access to the world's most innovative companies and their secrets for success. Executives from B2B and B2C disruptor brands will share marketing, sales and leadership stories, insights and best practices on how they became a ‘most watched’ company.

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Marketing’s New Frontier: Omnichannel Christine Crandell, President, New Business Strategies & Mark Lancaster, CEO, SDL Group Traditionally an advertising strategy, Omnichannel marketing is rapidly eclipsing all modern marketing concepts by delivering impressive revenue conversion by leveraging micro-segmentation coupled with hyper-personalization that includes all channels. Sounds simple, right?

Join Christine as she interviews SDL founder and CEO Mark Lancaster about what omnichannel marketing really means, how it differs from other marketing models and what it takes for a brand to adopt it and have it drive revenue.

This 25-minute video interview with 5 minutes of audience Q&A will explore what drove the market to shift to omnichannel, how their customers have made the transition along with the ROI, and best practice advance on how every marketer can leverage this new marketing approach.
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Sep 18 2014
37 mins
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