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  • Webinar: Innovate and maintain governance in a multi-cloud world
    Webinar: Innovate and maintain governance in a multi-cloud world Iskandar Najmuddin Recorded: Sep 5 2018 23 mins
    Want to reduce risk in a multi-cloud world? Here’s the space where you’ll get answers – in under 15 minutes. Join Rackspace Specialist Architect Iskandar Najmuddin, to learn how to take full advantage of the value and features cloud platforms bring.

    Register now to learn:

    •Strategic approaches and solutions to tackle multi-cloud challenges – today and into the future

    •The benefits of rethinking infrastructure and processes as software, and how this can reduce friction and risk

    •How to make space for iteration, innovation, and launching with confidence, while maintaining control over costs, governance, security and compliance

    •Vital tips on building a shared vision of a multi-cloud world throughout your organisation, to encourage buy-in, efficiency, and the means to scale at speed

    Join Iskandar at 11:00 am BST, 5th September by completing and sending the form on this page.
  • Microsoft Azure in a Multi-Cloud World
    Microsoft Azure in a Multi-Cloud World Nick Henry, General Manager, Microsoft Practice EMEA Recorded: Sep 4 2018 9 mins
    How do we work with Microsoft? Join Nick Henry, General Manager of the Microsoft Practice at Rackspace EMEA, to learn all about Microsoft Azure in a multi-cloud world.
  • Webinar: Vulnerabilities and rapid detection in the cloud
    Webinar: Vulnerabilities and rapid detection in the cloud Rob Russell Recorded: Jul 19 2018 11 mins
    Need to stay on top of the latest security risks and how to counter them? This is the space to get answers in 15 minutes. Join Rackspace Cybersecurity Specialist, Rob Russell, to learn how to close the gaps in your security.

    Register now to get:

    •Updates on the biggest threats facing companies using the cloud

    •Real-life examples of attackers going undetected for hundreds of days

    •Insight on the vulnerabilities of your organisation’s security set-up

    •Tips on achieving a proactive, cloud-first security stance

    Join Rob at 11am BST, 19 July by completing the form opposite.
  • Case Study and Best Practices for Protecting Customer Data
    Case Study and Best Practices for Protecting Customer Data Daniel O'Neill, Director of Global Security, Rackspace Recorded: Jul 16 2018 24 mins
    People HR® helps companies manage their employees, which means handling high volumes of personal information – just the type of data criminals wants. They required support to protect critical customer data and reach an exceptional standard on compliance and security; a need emphasized with the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

    Given the sensitive nature of the data, People HR required effective security controls to be put in place to ensure adherence to regulatory requirements. Implementing new technologies can be costly and filling the cyber security skills gap has become increasingly difficult in today’s evolving threat landscape. The set and forget, controls-based strategy of the past will no longer adequately protect organisations against more sophisticated cyberattacks.

    In this session, Rackspace will discuss how the provision of proactive monitoring, intrusion detection and incident response in addition to data encryption enabled People HR to protect customer data and create clear policies around the data governance and protection regulation with an approach that is both platform agnostic and cloud-centric.
  • The 3 Steps to Application Management in Azure
    The 3 Steps to Application Management in Azure Gerry Le Canu and Peter Petley Recorded: Jul 5 2018 62 mins
    Experts share best practices and insights on running applications on Azure.

    The average enterprise runs more than 300 applications - all of them with unique requirements for optimal performance. Rackspace specialists have deep experience migrating, managing and optimising diverse applications on Microsoft Azure for businesses of all sizes. We've combined our collective expertise on managing applications on Azure into the Application Management and Migration with Azure webinar.
  • Are You Next? Cyber Threats Landscape and Best Practices in Security
    Are You Next? Cyber Threats Landscape and Best Practices in Security Rackspace & Alert Logic Recorded: Jul 29 2015 61 mins
    Cyber attacks are daily news, and yet security and compliance are often not considered as a fundamental requirement when adopting hosted & cloud strategies – something that would be unheard of in a physical infrastructure environment.

    In this webinar, a security expert from Alert Logic will discuss the latest trends in cybercrime, and the motivation and methods currently used by hackers, and their impact on cloud security, including:

    •An expert profile of today’s evolved hackers and threat landscape
    •What attackers are really after, why, and how they’re getting what they want
    •How hackers monetise stolen data
    •Common methods and tools hackers use to exploit vulnerabilities
    •How to integrate security & threat intelligence capabilities into your cloud and on-premise environments

    The webinar will also cover how fully managed security services can secure the application and infrastructure stack across your infrastructure – whether dedicated, hybrid or the cloud. Managed security services such as intrusion detection, vulnerability assessment and log management coupled with deep security content, and 24x7 continuous monitoring helps Rackspace customers to reduce risk, increase application availability, and reduce the cost of running in-house teams and technologies to manage their security and compliance outcomes.
  • Discover Solutions to Your Biggest Technology Challenges
    Discover Solutions to Your Biggest Technology Challenges John Engates, CTO, Rackspace Recorded: May 20 2015 20 mins
    Check out this video for a taster of what's to come at Rackspace Solve::London. Join us to hear how industry experts—including our most innovative customers and partners—are solving problems using the managed cloud. Whether you need to scale your business, tackle big data, or respond to a sea of change in your industry, you’ll walk away with proven solutions to your biggest IT challenges.

    Solve is a series of free one-day events hosted by Rackspace, which so far have taken place in San Francisco, Atlanta, Mexico City and New York.

    Rackspace::Solve London will be hosted at the Emirates Stadium on June 4th 2015, and later in the year we will host the event in Sydney and Hong Kong.

    Reserve your spot now!

  • Big Data Solutions: Simplifying Data with Hadoop
    Big Data Solutions: Simplifying Data with Hadoop Chandra Salem, Senior Enterprise Data Architect Recorded: Apr 23 2015 49 mins
    Data is now the driving force behind business success. Embrace it and the rewards can be an ever-increasing competitive advantage, significant revenue growth and bottom-line boosting profit margins.

    What is your big data challenge?

    · Is your existing infrastructure too small to go big?

    · Are you facing ever sky-rocketing capital expenditure just to support your infrastructure?

    · Is there an expertise gap in your business that you are struggling to fill?

    · Are you finding that your external options are limited by vendor lock-in?

    · Are you struggling to move on to the next phase and embrace innovative technologies, such as Hadoop, to capture the insights you need?

    Hear from Rackspace, Data Store experts to understand how to take your business to the next level in the data age.
  • The Need to Know eCommerce Tips & Trends for 2015
    The Need to Know eCommerce Tips & Trends for 2015 Linus Gregoriadis, Research Director at Econsultancy Recorded: Apr 16 2015 43 mins
    Are you looking to start an online business and wondering what technologies you should be using to accelerate growth or are you an existing business looking to get ahead of the game?

    According to the recent Neoworks & Econsultancy Technology for eCommerce survey, 34% of companies said that multichannel services and conversion rate optimisation are most likely to drive eCommerce growth. But just what other tips and trends should you be paying attention to in 2015 and how will these trends affect your online business?

    Join this 30-minute webinar on the 16th of April to get your need to know eCommerce tips and trends for 2015 as identified in the Neoworks & Econsultancy Technology for eCommerce report. Linus Gregoriadis will take you through the key findings of the report, discuss the impact of each trend on online retailers, as well as compare these to 2014.

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