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Salesforce Canada- Canadian Innovators Series

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  • Salesforce for Oil & Gas: From the Ground to the Cloud
    Salesforce for Oil & Gas: From the Ground to the Cloud Derek Cooling, Irving Oil. Kristie Knox, Weatherford. Martin Leach, Salesforce. Recorded: Jul 26 2016 48 mins
    Oil and Gas is a competitive business: commodity pricing, seasonal demand, supply availability, inventory costs, and delivery logistics can reduce margins to fractional cents.

    Join us on July 26th at 11:00 PST for a special webinar featuring Derek Cooling, Irving Oil, and Kristie Knox, Weatherford, as they share how they've digitally transformed their businesses to respond to industry challenges.

    Attend this live webinar to learn how Irving Oil and Weatherford have:

    · Accelerated commercial / wholesale product sales, account & contract management
    · Delivered powerful automation and apps to focus on the right opportunities
    · Built stronger relationships with their entire supply chain including rig and terminal management
    · Connected sales, service, credit, pricing, and back-office operations
  • The Predictive Pipeline: How to Drive Smarter Sales
    The Predictive Pipeline: How to Drive Smarter Sales Julien Sauvage, Salesforce. Dr. Cindy Gordon, SalesChoice. Dinesh Kandanchatha, Macadamian Technologies. Recorded: Mar 29 2016 60 mins
    Did you know that high performing sales teams are 3.5x more likely to be currently using sales analytics?

    The amount of data available to sales organizations has grown exponentially in recent years. Amid the data explosion, however, companies have struggled to make sense of it all.

    Join us for an exclusive webinar featuring SalesChoice and Macadamian Technologies to understand how they use predictive sales analytics to make data-driven decisions that accelerate their revenue growth and win rates.

    Learn how sales analytics will help you:

    * Identify which deals are most likely to convert
    * Gain complete visibility across your pipeline
    * Drive smarter sales insights and faster decisions
    * Share real-time dashboards with your entire sales team

    See why 74% of sales leaders are using or will be using sales analytics in the next 18 months.

    (1) 2015 State of Analytics - http://sforce.co/1QciSIX
  • How Salesforce uses Culture + Technology to Win the War for Talent
    How Salesforce uses Culture + Technology to Win the War for Talent Jody Kohner, VP Employee Marketing & Engagement | Jennifer Johnston, Sr. Dir. Global Employer Branding Recorded: Dec 16 2015 46 mins
    Attracting great talent and keeping employees engaged is getting tougher by the day. At Salesforce, we're using culture plus technology to transform employee engagement and win the war for talent. In this webinar, Jody Kohner, VP Employee Marketing & Engagement, and Jennifer Johnston, Sr. Dir. Global Employer Branding, will:

    • Explore the importance of employee engagement in today's climate
    • Walk you through our four step approach to building culture
    • Show you how we use the Salesforce Customer Success Platform for Employee Success

    You will walk away with actionable ideas you can start using to start transforming employee engagement at your company to win the war for talent today.
  • How A Small Canadian Business Grew Revenue by 258% with Salesforce
    How A Small Canadian Business Grew Revenue by 258% with Salesforce Victor Ng, CEO, EXOCLOUD. Marc Gaudett, Account Executive, Salesforce. Omar Zaibak, Marketing Manager, Salesforce. Recorded: Nov 26 2015 42 mins
    Technology has changed the game for small businesses. For decades, being “the little guy” has been a disadvantage, but not anymore. The right technology can turn an SMB from a niche player in an industry to a major threat to established enterprise players.

    Join us for a special webinar featuring Canada-based EXOCLOUD to learn how they’ve quickly grown their business by finding, winning, and keeping more customers with Salesforce.

    Learn how one of Canada’s fastest growing small businesses:

    · Developed a repeatable, winning sales process that grew revenue by 258%
    · Created a complete 360-degree customer view
    · Brought in 79% more qualified sales leads
    · Resolved customer issues 75% faster
  • Mastering the Retail Omni-Channel Experience with ALDO
    Mastering the Retail Omni-Channel Experience with ALDO Omar Zaibak, Salesforce. Mike Bogan, Traction on Demand. Serge Rose, ALDO Group. Recorded: Aug 26 2015 40 mins
    The retail industry has gone through a massive transformation driven by changing consumer behaviors, new channels, and emerging technologies. According to Forrester, most retailers now cite mobile and omni-channel efforts as their two top priorities.

    Retailers must ensure that in-store and digital channels are supported and integrated with each other to ensure a consistent customer experience and stay relevant in an increasingly competitive landscape.

    Join us for a special webinar featuring ALDO to understand how they’ve approached integrating the Salesforce platform into their business and how they’re looking to develop their own omni-channel strategies that keep the customer experience at the center of everything they do.

    Learn how one of Canada’s leading retailers:

    · Created a single and complete 360-degree customer view

    · Participates in conversations about its brand on social networks

    · Streamlined inventory operations to get products to customers faster

    · Reduced the time to resolve customer service issues by 50%
  • Improving Sales Productivity: An Exclusive Peek Inside Salesforce
    Improving Sales Productivity: An Exclusive Peek Inside Salesforce Lauren Parker, Salesforce Recorded: Apr 14 2015 50 mins
    In today’s competitive world, companies are constantly trying to find ways to gain an ‘edge’. What’s encouraging is that companies need not look further than the walls, or virtual walls, of their own organization, particularly their sales and marketing departments.

    Join us for a special webinar and live demo on April 14 at 11:00am (ET) and get an exclusive peek inside Salesforce. Learn how Salesforce is using their own cloud-based products, increasing the productivity of their sales and marketing teams, and improving the performance of their own business.

    During this 45 minute webinar and live demo, we will walk you through a day in the life of several Salesforce users. You’ll learn how Salesforce uses their own products to:

    - handle inbound leads and track prospect engagement from start to finish
    - maintain a single and complete 360 degree view of the customer
    - log activities; convert leads; create, manage and close opportunities
    - manage call activity, forecasts, pipeline and overall sales

    Hope to see you there!
  • Accelerate Sales Growth with Digital Transaction Management
    Accelerate Sales Growth with Digital Transaction Management Priya Patel, Docusign. Chris Peacock and Hans Vedo, Traction on Demand Recorded: Mar 3 2015 50 mins
    Today's world is complex. Multiple stakeholders, manual processes, disconnected systems. You already have Salesforce to help you. But, do you want to amplify your Salesforce investment?

    With DocuSign for Salesforce you can further streamline your sales processes. By implementing digital transaction management, you will further reduce the cost of every transaction and interaction in your organization - and have more time for the valuable activities, like spending time with customers.

    Join Salesforce, DocuSign and Traction on Demand on March 3rd @ 11am ET to find out how companies are leveraging DocuSign for Salesforce and you can accelerate sales growth and reduce costs in your own organization.
  • Understanding CASL: Is your CRM ready to sell, service and market?
    Understanding CASL: Is your CRM ready to sell, service and market? Sylvia Kingsmill, Enterprise Risk Services, Deloitte Consulting & Thuan Nguyen, Lead Systems Engineer, salesforce.com Recorded: Oct 2 2014 52 mins
    If you are a Canadian organization or have Canadian customers with whom you communicate electronically, you are undoubtedly familiar with Canada’s newest Anti-Spam Law (CASL) that was brought into effect July 1, 2014. But, are you comfortable with the legislation and do you know how your organization’s practices need to adapt to be compliant?

    We’re here to help.

    Join us for this upcoming webinar, and learn how you can prepare your organization to sell, service and market to your customers in a CASL world. Hosted by salesforce.com and Deloitte, we will summarize the legislation and share CRM implementation best practices. We will also demonstrate how, using salesforce.com, your organization can:

    •Collect your consent data from your customers and prospects
    •Track and manage this data
    •Communicate with your customers with email
    •Report and analyse your CRM data
  • TouchBistro serves up thousands of customers in CRM style.
    TouchBistro serves up thousands of customers in CRM style. Toan Dinh, CMO, TouchBistro and Charlie Locke, RVP, Salesforce Recorded: Aug 19 2014 39 mins
    The hospitality industry is nothing short of ruthless. With about 40% of restaurants declaring bankruptcy in their first few years of operation, those who supply and service the industry can expect a wild ride.

    Enter TouchBistro. This Toronto based startup has become a global leader, providing an iPad point-of-sale solution to cafes and restaurants around the world. In just three short years, and despite industry economics, TouchBistro now boasts a customer base of thousands and has emerged to become the top-grossing Food and Beverage app in 28 countries.

    Join us for this webinar, and hear about how TouchBistro has become a sales and marketing powerhouse. Specifically, you will learn how TouchBistro has been able to:

    •Increase their monthly sales by 40%
    •Shave their sales cycle down from 8 weeks to 6 weeks
    •Generate a 5% lift in sales appointments and customer renewals
  • Ross Video:  Live Production Experts to the World
    Ross Video: Live Production Experts to the World David Jeffrey, RVP Salesforce. Sheldon Speers, Director of Sales Operations, Ross Video Recorded: May 28 2014 38 mins
    What would you do if you scored a backstage pass to the hottest concert of the year, got to walk down the infamous Oscar red carpet, or sat on the 50-yard line of the Superbowl? Well, if you are Ross Video, you make sure that the billions of viewers around the world get an equally amazing experience.

    Learn how this 40 year old company with humble beginnings has grown into a technology powerhouse and a dominant force, manufacturing innovative technology used in live production by the largest television stations, sports stadiums and live events around the globe.

    In this webinar, Sheldon Speers, Director of Sales Operations at Ross Video, will tell you how they, despite their size, have emerged to become to a major disruptor, delivering real time business insight to a network of globally connected employees, allowing them to successfully compete with industry giants.

    They come a long way already, yet for Ross Video, the first 40 years were just the beginning.

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