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  • Migrating SharePoint to Azure IaaS: Proven Strategies for Success
    Migrating SharePoint to Azure IaaS: Proven Strategies for Success
    Nitin Agarwal CEO, Motifworks Recorded: Dec 17 2014 45 mins
    Understand the benefits, cost savings and operational streamlining potential of migrating SharePoint to Azure. This presentation will provide a practical overview of the hallmarks of successful SharePoint migration, featuring two case studies as well as offer up pro-active advice advice and proposed methodology to ensure success related to SharePoint to Azure migration.
  • Cloud Governance and Management -  Challenges and Success Strategies
    Cloud Governance and Management - Challenges and Success Strategies
    Nitin Agarwal CEO, Motifworks; Jay Chapel CEO, Ostrato Recorded: Oct 29 2014 42 mins
    Inability to predict costs, lack of control and governance are among some of the pressing concerns companies considering moving to the cloud are facing today. Companies already in the cloud are wondering how to improve management and control across multiple cloud platforms company-wide relative to usage and cost?

    Join Nitin Agarwal, Chief Cloud Strategist and Founder of Motifworks and Jay Chapel, a leading Cloud Management industry expert and Founder & CEO of Ostrato to gain a better understanding of front of mind issues related to Cloud Governance and Management facing IT, finance professionals and business decision makers today, and how to mitigate them.

    This educational presentation will cover the 4 top concerns related to cloud governance including:
    - Access management
    - Workflow and chain of command processes
    - Cost Management
    - Automation for provisioning of cloud environments

    By sharing best practices, case studies and advanced industry knowledge; our experts will address each key issue and how it can be effectively addressed through proven tactics designed to address their potential impact, prevent challenges and insure effective management and ongoing continuity of services. Participants will also enjoy a demonstration of the innovative Ostrato platform to automate and streamline their DevOps processes.
  • 4 Strategies to Move On-prem Products to a Cloud-based model Faster Successfully
    4 Strategies to Move On-prem Products to a Cloud-based model Faster Successfully
    Nitin Agarwal, CEO, Motifworks Recorded: Oct 1 2014 47 mins
    4th in a series of Ongoing Professional Education Opportunities for IT Professionals and Business Leaders

    - Have you wondered when will migrating.Net Applications be the right option and time for your organization?

    - Are you curious what the implications and impact on your business goals may be, as well as the overall potential benefits and business case for cloud migration?

    To cloud or not to cloud is no longer a question any innovative software vendor is considering.

    The forward thinking professional is more concerned with how and when to move an on-premise software product to a cloud-based model avoiding massive downtime, conversion challenges or additional changes to the product itself unnecessarily.

    Our upcoming informative, technically driven and educationally focused webinar will explore four different, effective strategies and approaches to consider to allow you to benefit from offering a cloud-based model using Microsoft Azure for your on-premise product in ways that won't require a big re-architecture project, and allow you to stay on budget.

    During this educational web event, Motifworks CEO & Founder, Cloud and Azure migration expert, Nitin Agarwal, will discuss the range of choices and options available so you can make an educated decision about migrating your product to Microsoft Azure cloud.

    Participants will also learn:
    * Key criteria for migrating applications to Azure using IaaS, Azure Web sites or using Azure PaaS
    * The pros and cons of each approach
    * Changes required within your application to run your apps on Azure
  • Best Practices for Designing Cloud Applications on Azure PaaS
    Best Practices for Designing Cloud Applications on Azure PaaS
    Nitin Agarwal, CEO, Motifworks Recorded: Jul 30 2014 48 mins
    One cannot leverage all the elastic infrastructure in cloud if your architecture is not scalable.

    Whether you are developing new applications or migrating an existing application to cloud, you must design your application to maximize the benefits of the cloud.

    There are several key differences in designing highly scalable applications running on Microsoft Azure cloud.

    Join Motifworks' Nitin Agarwal to learn how to design for Azure Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) platform, not against it - to deliver large scale cloud applications. We will discuss key cloud concepts and highlight various design patterns and best practices for designing cloud applications running on Azure PaaS.

    Attendees will learn:
    * Azure PaaS platform capabilities, features and limits
    * Key design patterns that are useful in cloud applications
    * Architectural guidance for design and implementation
    * Reference architecture based on real-world customer applications built on Azure PaaS
  • Transform your Enterprise with SharePoint Apps and Azure
    Transform your Enterprise with SharePoint Apps and Azure
    Nitin Agarwal, CEO, Motifworks Recorded: Jun 4 2014 41 mins
    SharePoint 2013 introduced the SharePoint App Model that allows you create easy-to-use and lightweight line-of business and collaboration apps. We will discuss how SharePoint apps will extend your SharePoint beyond content and collaboration.

    In this session we will explore the various options available for creating SharePoint apps and building your SharePoint apps in the Microsoft Azure cloud. We will discuss the pros and cons of each approach, delve into the technical aspects of Azure cloud development, and provide real-world guidance for creating your app strategy.

    Attendees will learn:
    - Real world examples of transforming your business with SharePoint apps
    - Different type of SharePoint apps
    - Development of Azure powered SharePoint apps
    - Develop SharePoint apps in technologies like Java, Ruby or PHP - not just .NET
  • How to accelerate your SaaS development using PaaS
    How to accelerate your SaaS development using PaaS
    Mark Eisenberg, Cloud Thought Leader and Strategist; Nitin Agarwal, CEO, Motifworks Recorded: Apr 23 2014 44 mins
    As more and more software product companies are looking to migrate their traditional on-premise software to a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering they are discovering it takes longer than first expected and comes with many challenges.

    Platform as a Service (PaaS) provides a great way to create highly scalable applications. PaaS accelerates application development, testing, deployment and maintenance of your SaaS application.

    Join Mark Eisenberg, a thought leader in cloud and mobile, and Motifworks’ Nitin Agarwal to learn how to accelerate your migration to SaaS using PaaS. This webinar will feature a review of the Windows Azure PaaS platform and Motifworks SaaS development framework to further reduce your time-to-market.

    Attendees will learn:
    * The benefits of Platform as a Service over Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
    * How PaaS accelerates development and delivery of SaaS
    * Azure Cloud Services (PaaS) overview
    * Best practices for great cloud application on Azure PaaS

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