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  • MYTH VS. REALITY: How Integrations Unleash the Real Value of DCIM
    MYTH VS. REALITY: How Integrations Unleash the Real Value of DCIM
    Andy Lawrence, VP of Research, 451 Research; James Sherrin, Director of, Customer Experience, iTRACS/CommScope Recorded: Nov 18 2014 61 mins
    There's a lot of hype about DCIM these days, but here's the reality - in today's complex data centers, no DCIM can afford to be an island. To unleash the true business value of DCIM, your solution must be able to share information with a plethora of other systems that already exist both inside and outside of your data center. Join us on November 18 as experts from 451 Research and iTRACS/CommScope break down the myths and discuss what's real and achievable in the world of DCIM integrations:

    · Hear from Andy Lawrence, 451 Research, about integrations as "the new mandate" for the broad-based DCIM platform

    · Meet pre-built, off-the-shelf integrations that link DCIM to third-party systems including real-time monitoring, ITSM, asset management, and more

    · Explore current realities about which integration strategies work and which do not
  • Is Convergence right for you? – 4 questions to ask
    Is Convergence right for you? – 4 questions to ask
    George Crump, Storage Switzerland Recorded: Oct 21 2014 58 mins
    Data centers of all sizes are looking for ways to increase the return on investment on their virtualized (desktop and server) infrastructures. Converged infrastructures propose to increase ROI by reducing the number of layers, essentially combining compute, storage and networking into a single tier. But are these architectures right for you? In this webinar, join experts from Storage Switzerland and Scale Computing to find out.
  • Predictive Modeling for the Data Center Lifecycle
    Predictive Modeling for the Data Center Lifecycle
    Sherman Ikemoto, Director, Future Facilities, Inc. Recorded: Sep 17 2014 32 mins
    Data centers are a key component of modern companies. Senior management in these enterprises assume that future IT related changes demanded by the business can be accommodated within their data center infrastructures.

    Alas, this demand for operational flexibility introduces risks (and costs) into the data center itself and hence to the business as a whole. Unfortunately, most companies don't systematically assess such risks inside their data centers, nor can best practices and rules of thumb adequately address them.

    This presentation is about computer modeling of the data center to analyze and quantify the risks of operational flexibility within data centers, with the goal of moving IT operations from being a cost center to becoming a cost-reducing profit center. The approach will be illustrated with a two year case study from a global financial institution.
  • Flash Storage vs SSD: Measuring Storage Performance
    Flash Storage vs SSD: Measuring Storage Performance
    George Crump, Storage Switzerland; Len Rosenthal, Load DynamiX Recorded: Aug 23 2014 9 mins
    Flash storage is on top of every IT professional's mind; however, how much flash do you really need? Are you in need of an all-flash or a hybrid solution? Which workloads and applications see most return when used on flash?

    In this interview, George Crump, lead analyst with Storage Switzerland, and Len Rosenthal of Load DynamiX engage in a lively discussion to to uncover strategies and the latest technologies available that can help you make the right vendor selections, decide how much flash storage you need, evaluate and assure performance and optimize the cost.
  • DCIM’s Anatomy: Cutting It Open
    DCIM’s Anatomy: Cutting It Open
    Salvatore Cimmino, VP of Technology, Claridion Inc. Recorded: Jun 26 2014 36 mins
    DCIM, standing for DataCenter Infrastructure Management, is an overused and very generic term. It has, however, proven hard to replace it in referring to all aspects of the data center that have to be managed.

    We'll attempt to separate the wheat from the chaff by identifying the different areas of responsibilities, taking into account that those are just lines in the sand and constantly shifting.
  • There's no "I" in DCIM
    There's no "I" in DCIM
    David Quirk, PE, Vice President and Principal, DLB Associates Recorded: Jun 25 2014 37 mins
    Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solutions have been around for several years now, but the adoption rate has been slow. This presentation will review the challenges with the “Integration” of DCIM solutions and why there is no “I” in DCIM.

    Participants will learn:
    - The integration parts and challenges associated with DCIM solutions
    - An overview of the control strategies used in today's data centers and the challenges with their integration into DCIM
    - Discuss end-user expectations and cost expectations related to DCIM
    - Discuss Integrators role in the program management of DCIM
  • ACE: A new approach to scoring data center performance
    ACE: A new approach to scoring data center performance
    Sherman Ikemoto, Director, Future Facilities Recorded: Jun 25 2014 47 mins
    Business requirements are changing continuously which drives change in the data center. The data center is meant to be a flexible, blank slate upon which IT services are quickly built, dismantled and reconfigured continuously to enable business agility. But how agile is your data center? Can you quantify the cost and risk of changing the data center roadmap to accommodate business needs? Are you able to factor into business decisions the risks from change?

    In this presentation learn about a new data center performance/risk score called “ACE” (Availability, Capacity and Efficiency) that:

    - Quantifies the risk and cost of change in the data center
    - Consolidates tracking of three interrelated performance metrics that together capture the very purpose of the data center
    - Also learn how ACE calculations are made practical by computer modeling of the physical data center
  • DCIM: Going Beyond Power Management
    DCIM: Going Beyond Power Management
    Mark Harris, VP of Marketing and Data Center Strategy, Nlyte Software Recorded: Jun 25 2014 47 mins
    Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) often tends to focus solely on power management. Today's DCIM has advanced to include active management of the entire lifecycle of the data center’s physical infrastructure. Why? Because the costs involved over an asset’s lifetime go well beyond its purchase price and power consumption, into its maintenance, warranty, service and lease costs. In this session, learn how some of the world's largest data centers use today's DCIM to manage the entire lifecycle of their assets, improving cost, internal work processes, compliance, and corporate responsibility.
  • Top 7 Storage Performance Gotchas: IO acceleration
    Top 7 Storage Performance Gotchas: IO acceleration
    Eric Siebert, vExpert and proprietor of vSphere-Land.com Recorded: Jun 18 2014 46 mins
    Storage performance can have a real impact on your IT costs and user experience. This webinar series will help you understand how to manage and maximize storage performance for your vSphere environment. vExpert and author Eric Siebert will cover practical, technical tips and best practices to help you meet the challenges of storage performance in today's virtualized datacenter.

    In this session you'll learn:
    - how storage performance affects the overall performance of your vSphere environment, and how latency is the silent killer of storage performance.
    - about I/O acceleration technologies that help improve the performance of your storage

    This is the third installment of the Top 7 Storage Performance Gotchas series - missed the first two webinars? Watch them on-demand now:
    Part 1 - Why architecture matters :https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/8609/112139
    Part 2 - Latency the silent killer: https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/8609/112141
  • Vendor Panel: Comparing the Value of All-Flash Storage Solutions
    Vendor Panel: Comparing the Value of All-Flash Storage Solutions
    Mike Matchett, Taneja Group; Josh Goldstein, EMC; Ivan Iannaccone, HP; Ritu Jyoti, Kaminario; Vaughn Stewart, Pure Storage Recorded: Jun 11 2014 63 mins
    Join us for this informative 60 minute roundtable as we discuss how organizations should measure/compare flash solutions. Is all-flash suitable for all workloads or is a hybrid approach enough? Is a scale-out flash approach superior? Hear from the following panelists:
    EMC: Josh Goldstein, VP Marketing & Product Management - XtremIO
    HP: Ivan Iannaccone, Product Manager - HP 3PAR
    Kaminario: Ritu Jyoti, Chief Product Officer
    Pure Storage: Vaughn Stewart, Chief Evangelist

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