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  • How to Incent the World one Business Unit at a Time
    How to Incent the World one Business Unit at a Time
    Andrew White, Head of Sales and Service Incentives, Telstra, Ben Gray, Program Manager of Incentives Systems, Telstra Recorded: Mar 14 2018 37 mins
    If anyone can speak to the complexities of incentivizing people all over the world, it’s Telstra. With seven different business units, 20 countries, and 9,000 payees, Telstra uses CallidusCloud Commissions to drive behaviors around the world and among all roles, from technicians to call center sales reps.

    Attend this webinar to:

    - Explore the ways CallidusCloud helped Telstra increase visibility, reduce risk, and improve payment accuracy.
    - Get suggestions for ways to start your search for a commissions tool.
    - Understand how Telstra is now able to get more insight and solid reporting from its data.
    - Learn how Telstra's implementation relates to the opening crawl of Star Wars.

    Andrew White is currently the Head of Sales and Service Incentives for Australia's largest telecommunications and media company, Telstra. He has over 20 years’ experience in various human capital roles. During this time, Andrew was a Reward Practice Manager for CSI/Hewitt/Aon, looking after a broad range of clients across most compensation and benefits areas including benchmarking, job grading, reward strategy, executive compensation, R&R and benefits. This has included most industry sectors but in particular, high-tech, telco, financial services, and NFP.

    Ben Gray is currently the Program Manager of Incentives Systems for Australia's largest telecommunications and media company, Telstra. He joined the team in 2015 to help manage completion of the 3-year implementation of Sales Incentives Plans into the CallidusCloud suite for seven major business units that pay incentives. He has over 17 years’ experience in the information communications technology Industry. During this time, Ben has managed operational teams and centers performing resource management, planning and work deployment for Telstra’s national workforce of communication technicians.
  • Implementing ASC 606- The Backlog Disclosure
    Implementing ASC 606- The Backlog Disclosure
    Tony Sondhi, David Williams Recorded: Dec 5 2017 59 mins
    Please join CallidusCloud on Tuesday, December 5, 2017 at 2:00 PM (EST), for a 60-minute webinar co-hosted by EITF Member Tony Sondhi. Tony Sondhi is an author, instructor, and one of the preeminent experts in the fields of revenue recognition and financial reporting risks. He and David Williams, Sr. Revenue Manager for CallidusCloud, will discuss backlog disclosure requirements and critical issues you need to consider to successfully implement the new revenue standard ASC 606.

    ASC 606 requires substantive new disclosures about performance obligations. Companies must disclose qualitative and quantitative information about the amount of the transaction price allocated to the remaining performance obligations, including when those remaining amounts will be recognized as revenue.

    To help you understand these requirements this webinar will illustrate the requirements using public company disclosures and provide insights into data, documentation, and system needs including:

    * Backlog disclosure requirements – ASC 606
    * Implementation challenges, system needs and key implications of the issues raised in ASC 606.
    * What early adopters and other companies have told us through their SAB 74 disclosures 2016 10K, 1Q, 2Q and 3Q, 2017 SEC filings

    Attendees of this webinar will be eligible for 1 NASBA approved CPE credit at no cost. (Pending minimum requirements met by attendee.)
  • The Evolution of Sales Operations: Making a Strategic Difference for Sales
    The Evolution of Sales Operations: Making a Strategic Difference for Sales
    Dana Therrien, Rsch Dir of Sales Ops (Sirius Decisions), Christine Dorrion, VP of Sales and Channel Ops (CallidusCloud) Recorded: Nov 30 2017 59 mins
    Are you truly making a positive difference in your workday, every day? Sales operations teams know very well what they do, but struggle to explain it to others. The best way to be effective as a sales operations team is to proactively identify the upcoming challenges in sales and put the fires out before they surface. You need to have access to critical insights.

    Easy enough-right? Not really, there is always a challenge in balancing the resources between short-term tactical demand and longer term strategic initiatives.

    Join guest speaker, Dana Therrien, Research Director of Sales Ops Strategies from Sirius Decisions and Christine Dorrion, VP of Global Sales and Channel Operations at CallidusCloud as they provide a deep dive into the challenges sales operations teams face every day by:

    -Breaking down the tactical and strategic responsibilities of modern sales operations
    -Advising you on how to categorize and invest in resources properly
    -Providing a model that explains what sales operations actually does
  • Getting Ready for a CPQ Implementation, and Succeeding!
    Getting Ready for a CPQ Implementation, and Succeeding!
    Bill Butler, Director of Solutions Marketing, CallidusCloud, Melissa Bennett, Director, Business Continuity, Total Safety Recorded: Nov 14 2017 42 mins
    After many acquisitions, Total Safety needed to standardize and consolidate processes and their business offerings. Melissa Bennett led the transformation of Total Safety’s sales processes focusing on the alignment of sales technology, process and sales leadership. Hear how she selected the tools, which tools she wanted to work together, what preparations were made before implementing CPQ, how she kept the implementation on-track, how she managed sales team expectations and adoption, and the remarkable business benefits she delivered. Anyone contemplating a CPQ project or an enterprise transformation project can gain valuable insights from a person who has “been there, and done that”.

    About the Speakers:

    Bill Butler, Director of Solutions Marketing, CallidusCloud is a veteran technology sales and marketing leader. He has focused on creating value with highly technical products including embedded computing hardware, BIOS software, IoT, inertial navigation sensors, algorithm IP and enterprise SaaS software. Born in Canada, he’s lived and worked in South Korea as well as the NY, Chicago and now San Francisco Bay areas.

    Melissa Bennett is the Director of Business Continuity and Salesforce.com at Total Safety, the premier global provider of integrated safety services and solutions for hazardous environments. She is responsible for streamlining and re-aligning the processes that touch the Lead to Order sales cycle. Melissa has worked to transform Total Safety's sales processes--focusing on the alignment of sales technology, process, and leadership. Melissa has expertise in process change, forecasting, pricing, proposal management, CPQ, and CRM. She earned an MBA from Rice University as well as degrees in marketing and communications from Boston College. She was the lead transformation agent for the implementation of the CallidusCloud CPQ and Commissions tools at Total Safety.
  • Sales Forecasting: How to Leverage Your Data to Drive Sales Success
    Sales Forecasting: How to Leverage Your Data to Drive Sales Success
    Jason Jordan, best-selling author of Cracking the Sales Management Code Recorded: Oct 4 2017 35 mins
    Data, data, data. Companies collect a lot of it, but not all companies know how to use it to improve sales performance.

    Join Jason Jordan, best-selling author of Cracking the Sales Management Code, as he shares his latest research on the topic of sales forecasting.

    During this interactive discussion, Jason will reveal:

    - Drivers of accurate sales forecasts and the fundamental ways to forecast your sales
    - Critical differences between forecasting and pipeline management
    - Key characteristics of a healthy pipeline
    - This webcast features the simple steps you can take to improve your processes and build superb forecasts and pipelines.
  • Smarter Buyers Require Smarter Sellers: The New World of Sales Enablement
    Smarter Buyers Require Smarter Sellers: The New World of Sales Enablement
    Craig Nelson, VP, Enablement, Kurt Wimmers, Enablement Manager, CallidusCloud Recorded: Sep 5 2017 51 mins
    Today's consumers come to the negotiating table with more information than ever before. They’ve researched your products online; they’ve read the reviews; they’ve scanned the social channels. For your sales channels to effectively work with these educated buyers, they need onboarding and enablement that goes way beyond basic access to marketing and sales assets. Based on more than a decade of experience deploying sales enablement software, we at CallidusCloud know that you need a dynamic solution that delivers training, content, and coaching in a prescriptive way, if you want to generate consistent revenue growth.

    Attend this session to learn how to:

    •Close deals faster and increase deal sizes and win rates, while reducing time-consuming enablement efforts.
    •Establish a repeatable onboarding process that reduces new staff time to productivity.
    •Deliver content in a prescriptive way that advances today's more informed buyers through the sales process.
    •Improve communication with buyers as well as internally across product management, marketing, sales, and service roles.
    •Apply a ready-to-use sales enablement maturity model that we’ll provide as a take-away to attendees.
  • Creating Customer Value & Seller Profitability: How the B2C buying experience is
    Creating Customer Value & Seller Profitability: How the B2C buying experience is
    Nancy Nardin, SmartSelling Tools and Bill Butler, Director of Solutions Marketing, CallidusCloud Recorded: Aug 17 2017 49 mins

    The B2C buyer experience has profoundly changed over the past five years. B2B sellers are learning how to translate many of the same lessons and successes to improve the buying experience for their customers and to improve their own profitability.

    Learn the 4 trends driving the evolution of CPQ in B2B Sales and what to look for and expect from your CPQ solution.
  • How to Improve Sales Productivity and Effectiveness
    How to Improve Sales Productivity and Effectiveness
    Bob Kelly, Chairmen – Sales Management Association and Kevin Mannion, GM North America (Datahug) – CallidusCloud Recorded: Aug 10 2017 58 mins
    Salesperson activity is an important indicator of organizational productivity and effectiveness, but presents significant data collection challenges. Join us during this first look webinar as we investigate how sales organizations account for salesperson activity, and the nature of the insights they gain through such efforts.
    Topics addressed include the nature and quality of salesperson activity tracking, the methods utilized to collect information, the types of activities considered most important to track, and the various ways management applies activity data.
  • Sales Performance Management Technology: Building a Case for Investment
    Sales Performance Management Technology: Building a Case for Investment
    OpenSymmetry: Jon Clark, Director Strategy Services and Ray Wells, VP EMEA Recorded: Jun 20 2017 47 mins
    Investing effectively for the best possible benefits and increasing return on investment creates competition among priorities for investment spend. Research shows that investment in SPM technology improves sales productivity and increases top line revenue, alleviating the competition between priorities. However, 85% of European companies still rely on manual, error-prone processes to manage sales performance. In this webinar we will set out the case for prioritising investment in SPM Technology, identifying the financial and non-financial benefits that SPM technology delivers.
  • Sales Enablement: Making the Pain Worth the Gain
    Sales Enablement: Making the Pain Worth the Gain
    Panel: Christine Dorrion, CallidusCloud, Tim Geisert, Tamara Schenk, Penny Dakhil Recorded: May 3 2017 60 mins
    In a changing market, ensuring sellers are effectively enabled is key to success—often easier said than done. While many companies have instituted a Sales Enablement function, they struggle through its execution. The disconnect between those with high expectations for Sales Enablement and those performing the role has made the whole process extremely painful. Only 1/3 of organizations have met or exceeded their Sales Enablement outcomes in the last two years. So what are you waiting for? Watch and learn as our experts talk about how to:

    - Align the expectations and execution of your Sales Enablement function
    - Ensure your sales leaders and sales enablement roles are in lock-step
    - Apply the Sales Enablement Performance Model in your own organization
    - Place the customer at the center of your sales enablement efforts

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